Friday, December 17, 2004

الأرض بتتكلم عربي

ضاق خلقي يا صبي.. شو ما بتفهم عربي
You've guessed it.. Just checking how Arabic would look like.


Anonymous said...

like we need more kuwait blogggers

Shurouq said...

I am officially jinxed this month..

Thanks anyways, Anonymous.
You are my first and only visitor after all.

Rampurple said...

shurouq ignore anonymous......
i'm glad to finally see u blog... so far i have had to glue ur comments together to get a feel of who u r :P

ihath said...

اهلا بك في عالم المدونات العربيه واتامل ان تقرري الكتابه بالعربي.
نعم نحتاج المزيد من المدونين...من الكويت...وغيرها من الدول

Tata Botata said...


I was really waiting for this, your comments (on my blog and others') show what a 'blog-worthy' person you are.

Enough checking now and get down to some serious posting.

NYchick said...

jabriyah za7ma? allah uhadach bas, tbadleen? :)

Shurouq said...

Merci beaucoup cheri.. hope I don't disappoint you :)

شكرا على التحية
سأكتب بالعربية والإنجليزية.. أتصور ان كل موضوع يختار لغته
"ولو إن العربي أقرب لي وزي العسل على "ألبي

You're a sweetheart. And 'serious posting' is what I'm planning to do.. At least for the next couple of days :)

Lol yep.. that's me, you can call me "mother badliya".. but I swear my accent is geting better with practice (if I only stop hanging out with our block's "Khabbaz")
Naa.. I just thought the "al" would be uncalled for.

Thanks for visiting, everyone

Gigi said...

Heyyyy Look who's got a blog!
Welcome to blogging, sweet shurouq :)

Gigi, neighbourly

Shurouq said...

Thanks babe :D

Shurouq, still-waiting-for-chapter-sevenly