Saturday, December 25, 2004

Whenever I'm down, I call on you my friend

My circle of friends is shrinking.
Three weeks ago I lost the man I love, and today, I think I just lost a good friend.

Ok, so I'm never there when a friend needs me, I don't call just to see how s/he's doing, don't return e-mail, I don't remember birthdays, I don't recall why s/he left his or her last job... But I swear I do love and care for every single one of them.

I admit I can be a bitch sometimes. One of my best friends is going through an ugly divorce, and what do I do? I either avoid or judge her.

Somebody shoot me!

I think this confessional post was inspired by

Oh, and I missed the Oman/Qatar game last nigh.. I was busy eating chestnuts with my cousin.

Good night,


Armani.Lab said...

you know what the problem..when time passes by n there r many things u missed about ur friends..the more time passes by..the more gap there z..try to give a little time for each..n provide care to whom who deserve it..sorry to hear about ur they say a journey ends..n a whole new adventure beginz..sweet dreams..!

Shurouq said...

Thanks, Armani.Lab
I know I will miss them.. I already do.

C'est la vie.