Monday, January 03, 2005

Stupid, stupid girl!

Known him for over a year now.. Turns out he gave me a false last name!
Who would've thought people still do that?



Purgatory said...

hmm, interesting :)

Eva said...

want something more interesting ?

i know a girl who loved that GUY For 4 years , then she found that his First Name Wasn't TRUE !!!( He replaced only one letter, Chan Ghayyarta Killah ba3ad!!)
he was another nationality ( but she knows this thing .. )

and about stupidity, i think it's just more than that !! .. but we live and ,learn

sometimes, we live, die , learn,and live again

happy new year shrooq: )

Shurouq said...

Eva & Purg,
Interesting? More like embarrasing.. therefore the small font size

(Been singing "You Give Love a Bad Name" since mornig) :/

بومريوم said...

You want the truth
Who would think that a relation ship will last a year in these days?
You remind me of the early years of dating” late 70 -80” it was coo, to give a false first name:)

minime said...

I wish if that'd happen to me...fancy Muna turning out to be Madonna...or Jameela happens to be Angelina...that would really be interesting..lololol

UzF said...

Hey nevermind,
i bet that after not so long you won't even feel the slightest feeling about the whole thing..
he's cheap and such kind of ppl r not worth of troubling yourself over.

:: muslim artist :: said...

The fact that he deliberately concealed his true identity is not a reflection of your intelligence, or lack thereof.

You are not stupid.

nibaq said...

And people wonder why marriages currently dont last in Kuwait. They are founding the relationship on lies and mistruths.

So when the couple do get married and finally get to know the real person they find out they really aren't compatible.

Eve said...

Guys just can't get enough of surprising you!
Anyway, only few rare men deserve our trust (sorry guys :-)) and remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

minime said...

I'll be honest. I couldn't stop laughing when I read your post, not meaning to be nasty mind you, its just that I saw a couple of amusing points there, you could've played "Tennis" dear instead of getting upset:

First off, I wish being told false names was a major "cheat" & worth being upset over... boy, its baby stuff compared to what serious crap people could pull & expect you to fall for or buy.

1. This happens, then you should continue the joke & tell him that you're soooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry, but you've been lying too, but give him a heap instead, not just one.(e.g. I am divorced, I have 2 kids, I am selling my house in Switzerland next year) know, the kind of crap that'll make him feel a real puppy.
2. Never speak to the bastard(s) again no matter what or how you feel mate.
Liars STINK & lying sucks, after all, how can you tell if they are telling the truth next time they open their mouths? ...... but one request please make it exclusive not to men only.... I could tell you endless stories about both..I think ignoring a liar or showing them disrespect intentionally is the best response.

Shurouq said...

بو مريوم
My thought exactly.

I sure hope so.

::muslim artist::,
I still think I'm stupid, but thanks.

True. But then, nothing lasts.. so why should marriages be an exception?

I can't afford losing my trust in people, so I won't :)

Too bad I don't play Tennis!

Thanks for visiting, everyone

Sheba said...

Been there, bess for a 2 week thing, except he lied about his 1st name & told me his complete surname (father, grandfather, family, address, etc...)

Lessons: 1. Verify everything you hear or see from a guy by a friend who works in MTC or NMTC in first 2 days. 2. Stay away from strangers. 3. He's probably married or is in a relationship with someone you know. 4. He's a zabbal (wintow ib karamah).

Shurouq said...

1. My cousin could've gotten me all there is to know about him, but I said no. (The idea of getting a file on him reminded me of "dars khusoosi".. Remember Mariam alSaleh & Suad Abdalla going through Noo7's file).
2. Stay away from strangers?? Period?
3. He told me he's divorced.. told me he's a player (or rather implied it).. he was honest about a lot of stuff.. minus the name thing.. which I still don't get!
4. Zabbal zabbal.. I guess I can't defend him now.

Sheba said...

Tef 3elaih o tef 3ala amthala! Sheba Mayta 7ara!

Please stop the idealism, we're not in an ideal world. A dars khusoosi kind of investigation is a MUST! And yes stay away from strangers perdiod. Everyone lies hal ayam.

Shurouq said...

Sheba babe,
I'm not an idealist, but lying can't be that common! :(

Thanks for your advice..
o salamat galbich min el7arra.. ma7ad yestahel

Sheba said...


Hopeless Poet said...

girls lie about their names 2 ..she told me her name was something and then after 2 years it turned out 2 be something else .. she said she was protecting herself .. maybe that guy was protecting himself 2 :p

minime said...

hi poet,
So her first name was "something" & her full name was "something bint Else"?..just kidding bud :-)

But on a less light note, problem with liars is that they really don't think they've done their relation with you any harm by merely twisting words.
4 years ago I had a relation with a person who turned out to be so capable of looking you straight in the eye & speak a heap of "it".
One day after having realized that I hid no secrets from her & was a 100% honest, she decided to spill her guts out & went on telling the truth about everything.
As much as I appreciated her mode switch, I realized that from there on, I could never rely on a word she said & how could I? I packed that relation in right away. Not a word thereafter & guess what.. boy she turned nasty & accused me of "all the crap". But ultimately, shutting her out right away, once & for all, I think was the best thing to do. which I did. Better not to compromise in these cases even if it is people whom the sun shines out of their eyes & asses ..:-(

W. said...

Hi there,,
sorry for the late risponse

bs esm7eeli hatha gleel khatmah :|