Wednesday, January 05, 2005


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Sorry for the bad picture quality.. got it via e-mail.
People in this photo are actually laughing!


Sheba said...

Yes, sheslafa? Is it disbelief?

minime said...

Me beg to differ, soz but this is not a tsunami related pic.
It is the seasonal wave that hits China & people actually go & stand by the beach waiting for it, then give it a good run when it rolls. Quite similar in a way to the spanish bull chase.

Shurouq said...

I'll buy that, coz it makes more sense to me, and I need some sense back into my life :S

minime said...

sense in your life...hmmmmmmm!
Tell me inich moo ga3dah tetdala3ane..:-)
You strike me as a strong minded person who knows what she wants. Thats my impression anyway.

minime said...

oh, I forgot to add..
I just loooove snails with garlic sauce on salt bread toast..:-)

Shurouq said...

Of course ga3da atedalla3 :)
I am a strong minded person who knows what she wants
That's my PLAN anyway

And nooo, don't eat them snails, they're so cute to be eaten :(