Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ciao Amici

Zaydoun, Aya, Jambino, Sheba, Q, Nano, Tata, Mrs. Baker, Bu Jaij, ShadyQ80, Kwtia, Jewaira, Jelly Belly, Bu Maryoum, Wasma, Mubtadi', Rasheed, Purgatory, Wallada, N, iDip, Jandeef, Flamingoliya, Eva, Eve, Chan'ad, Shosho, Jackie, The Don, NyChick (are you still off?), Mohammed, Ala', Mistletoe, Chill Girl.. I miss reading your posts and your comments.

Everytime I want to drop a hello here, some hot Italian passes by, I automatically log off to follow! (Kidding, people.. I've only done that once.. Ok, twice)

So, al Jasem's site was blocked earlier? Sad and very shortsighted!
Of course it got me curious I had to read his article on 'corruption'.. Kinda liked the first half, laughed at the second..
Oh well, I'm on vacation.. to hell with politics.

I hope you're all in good health, having a good time.



Tata Botata said...

Wallah wallah we miss you like hell

Were you able to stuff a hot italian chick for me in your bags?

take care sweet thing and stay safe.

shosho said...

So there are no hot Italians passing by this time ;)

I still can access aljasem's site, not sure about the others....

Screw politics and go shop for bags and shoes - for heavens sake it's Italy - get your priorities right girl!!!!!

We miss you :(
Bas nabee sou'3a :P

Purgatory said...

OK am listed as number 18 on the list, so I will file an offical complaint. Also, shosho is way down the list.

Eve said...

aywa, aywa, Italy w Italian hot guys!
إيّامك! كما نقول هنا ;-)))
I'll deal with Russian hot guys next week and tell you how it'll go ;)

Jacqui said...

No Shurouq :P I am still on :P Hehehehe the switch hasn't experienced any electricity failures :P LOL Kidding hehehehe We miss your posts.. At least I believe I haven't read any.. I've been umm in and out of the blogging world for a week now.. but everything will change next week ;r And it's nice to be right next to Donny Boy :P Yay

Q said...

Hey Shurouq! We miss u too here, and its great to hear ur having a good time ;)

I have a request -

Eat, drink, and party for me plz !

Jandeef said...

6awwaltay :(

iDip said...

Ciao Shurouq,

You’re extremely missed, it’s so pleasant to 'read' from you overseas :)

nazzal said...

محمد عبده يقول

نسيتيني مثل ما تنسى الأمطار الصحاري :(

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Have a good time in italy , and to show it , u should put on 3 kilos .. minimo necessario .. Salute

بومريوم said...

لكى وحشه

الله يحفظك فى حلك و ترحالك

Luckybellybuddha said...

Bint a9el wallah.
likki wa7sha & you are very much missed & I am sure am speaking for all.
Take good care, enjoy it to the maxest.
Safe trip home :-)

Muhammad Aladdin said...

شكرا يا ست شروق، و اتمني ليكي رحلة جميلة مليانة رجاله طعمة
ليكي وحشة يا بنتي و الله

Mohammed said...

تروحي و تيجي بالسلامة يا شروق :)

shady q80 said...

So this is how one gets around posting an individual reply to all previous comments. I PROTEST THIS SENSELESS ACT OF MASS-COMMENT-REPLY-WITH-INSTANT-GRATIFICATION.

(watch where you stumble ;)

AyyA said...

I miss you terribly sweetheart; I’m in a small village and no GPRS, but lots of goapo Spaniards descendent from the Italian origin so I got my hands full as well LOL

Ms.Baker said...

We miss you too! Just have a good time and eat some wonderful pasta (in between the ogling of gorgeous Italian males).

Missing you,

jambino said...

Ciao bella! :)

Flamingoliya said...

miss you too! :) and please don't think of politics! just enjoy your vacation.

W. said...

يختي انبسطي ولا تفكرين بولا شي

يلا انا ان شالله مشواري يبدا من باتسر

Wish you an amazing summer!

and everyone else too

kwtia said...

I've been resisting the idea of telling you to get the hell back here...because you should take your time and have a beautiful summer...but really, lady, we miss you...vey nice to see a post up..enjoy very last bit of your time away!

SheWrites said...

Yaaaa! Shurouq! I think you've had enough time to enjoy your summer.

I demand you come back and spend the rest of the summer holed up in a small cubicle in a small office where the AC may or may not work, depending on how hot it is outside.

No, I kid. Enjoy yourself! And enjoy a little extra for me. ;)

Ciao :***

UzF said...

That's odd i thought you were off to lebanon.
Anyway lebanon italy abo fatira enjoy the holiday wherever you spend it.. and come back soon with a fresh agenda lol *wink*
ok tc.

Jelly Belly said...

Sun Shine...have fun in Italy and get me a cute man while you're there just make sure he's at least 6'1 PLZZZZZZZ...hahahhaha.
miss you girly :*

ZORT said...

I promised myself never to drink and blog again..I'm making an exception now..we miss u!

Shurouq said...

6alabatak awamer ya beih.

Uh.. don't remind me of the hot hot Italians I left behind

And yes, the site was only blocked for a few hours i think.

Afa!.. I also forgot to mention some bloggers and i don't see them filing complaints :(
o ba3dein you know you're number one in my heart (3achaf)

Good luck with the Russians :)

What are you on, babe? ;)

Sorry to disappoint you dear. This was one weird party-free family trip!

Kani Radda :)

thank you dear :)

Inta sa7er?..
I gained exactly 3 kilos. Blame it on the pasta and the vino rosso

Bu maryoum,
o y7afthek 7ag maryoum o omha o okhoha :)

Merci :)

I left the "rigala 6e3ma" behind.. in Italy.. and now i'm headed back home where the "rigala" are even a63am

Thank you :)

OMG Shady!
Here. I'm replying to every single comment.
Shlonik babe :)?

Enjoy and come back soon :*

la twa9een 7aree9(a)

Ciao Jambino :)

:) thank you

Enjoy your trip babe
o la tga63een :)

I'll be home Friday :*

7ubbich khanoogi girl!

lol Uzf,
Shfeek 3alai?

And no Lebanon for me this time :'(

Jelly Belly babe,
You know what line pops in my head everytime I see one of them hot italians? "7ubi o mustaqbal ghairi"

Lol Zort,
I'm flatterd you passed by.. wallah!

nazzal said...

Waiaiai3 back to work :))

well come back and tomorrow is my time to vacationing and tripping !! :)

Tara said...

الك وحشة يا شروق

الحمد لله عالسلامة

ولاّدة said...

اشتقت لكِ أيتها الصديقة

اليوم بالذات شعرت بحنين شديد لكِ أنتِ بالذات وللصديقة رباب
فقررت أن أزور مدونتك وأوقل لكِ بببساطة

أشتقت لكِ...ولزياراتنا المتبادلة الجميلة

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there :D

glad to hear from you dear :} ,,, 3ad tdrein AMS knti eb bali!! I was reading "Ruwaq" ;)

Any how miss you too :* be well :> & have fun

Muhammad Aladdin said...

Then GOOD LUCK with those men, dear! :)
btw: didn't ya receive something on yr work address?