Thursday, August 18, 2005


A much needed, long chat session with a friend earlier shifted gradually from dating tragedies to the Gaza pullout.

Her thoughts: The Israelis (and him) are doing the right thing. The Plaestinians (and yours truly) will indubitably mess things up.

Mine: When's my next vacation?

“Remove for a moment the biblical imagery and with it the argument over who has the historical ‘right’ to the land, and free yourself from the emotions of the holocaust: Israel then begins to look much more like European settler colonial regimes established elsewhere in the world. Had Herzel succeeded in founding the Jewish State in Uganda in 1904, would it have turned into a Jewish South Africa, with a white population resorting to military and administrative oppression to keep the restive natives at bay? Or would it be considered an island of liberal democratic values in a dark continent?”

Anton La Guardia - Holy Land, Unholy War
Song of my Thursday night.


cwoo2005 said...

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kwtia said...

well that didn't work...(spammer problem i mean)
Also sorry about the conversation...If it's any consolation, I think you're right..

MissCosmoKuwait said...

well at least somebody had a conversation about Gaza!...check out my blog and you'll notice most comments about my poem brought in abit of ill feeling that I can't believe still exists...too bad..

Shurouq said...


Very interesting blog :) Keep it up

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Shurouq said...

:) Spontaneousnessity,
Sorry I made you go :|
Whatever it is, I take it back