Tuesday, August 09, 2005

You don't know what a "turba" is? Go to Najaf.. Ask around

How's life treating you all?

Where do I begin..? Vacation Highlights?

Munich/Germany - Gay Parade: The colors! The music! The outfits! The fun!
(I was in Munich when I got the London explosions news. The fact that I couldn't get a hold of a 'friend' who was there on business made it even more devastating.)
Salzburg/Austria - Dinner at Monchberg32: A breathtaking view of the city.
Not to mention the food!
Verona/Italy - Guy in Navy Shirt: I do.. I totally do!
Florence/Italy - H's call: Nerve wrecking to say the least. But I suppose I asked for it.

(And that's where I heard about the Sharm al Sheikh explosions! الله لا يسامحهم)
Rome/Italy - Masked guitarist at Piazza Navona: Strumming my pain with his fingers.. No kidding.
Venice/Italy - Lucian Freud's gallery: Bliss!

هذا كل ما أسعفتنا به الذاكرة.. وسلامتكم وتعيشون

On another level..
A's still in Beirut and won't be back till end of August. I miss her wayed.

M says he’s dumping me soon. Heartbreaker!
Only he’s not sure when, and I’m not sure what to wear for the occasion.

What’s with the dusty weather?
I swear I taste like a “turba”!
Maybe it’s time I got my eyes “Lasiked”.

Back to work.
I see colorful piles of paper on my desk.. and I think to myself.. what a wonderful August.
I better snap out of this vacation mood and start reading today.

And people, no matter how broke you are, no matter how confused about your love life, no matter how bored and tired of Kuwait, no matter what “medication” you’re on.. Think twice before you say “yes” to family trips.
What was I thinking!

I’m adding the
discussion stirred by Zaydoun’s 2/8 post to my vacation highlights… Kaifi.


رحـّــال said...

الحمدلله على السلامة
اشتقنا لكتاباتك ومواضيعك المميزة

kwtia said...

Welcome Back!!! How nice to have have you with us again...sounds like a beautiful endless trip...you guys must have a lot of energy...7mdilah 3la l'slamah...did you not like Florence? I hear the museo Correr was indeed showing girl with a white dog...Did you get to the Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice too?...there were a couple of paintings by Boccioni tucked away in a small room on the side that just knock you off your feet when you're in the same room with them.

مبتدئ said...


Im only commenting on family vacations ehehe

"And people, no matter how broke you are, no matter how confused about your love life, no matter how bored and tired of Kuwait, no matter what “medication” you’re on.. Think twice before you say “yes” to family trips.
What was I thinking!"

Now thats a literary masterpiece..

And why did u come back so early..:|

ولاّدة said...


قرت عيني بالكويتي

بومريوم said...

حمد الله على السلامة:)

السفره مع الاهل حلوة...بس لا تزيد عن 5 أيام:)

نورت الكويت

Bo Jaij said...

الحمدالله على السلامة

سأغادر غدا صباحا لزيارة نفس المدن التى زرتيها تقريبا

Papillona ® said...

glad to have you back :)
nawwartay il blog world

Devilish said...

I visited Italy twice in the last two years. I loved it ! It’s country side is more like Gods artistic portrait on Planet Earth.

Ms.Baker said...

Oooh! Welcome back Shurouq :) 7amdillah 3ala assalama. Glad to hear you had a great time. But you should have held out for a few more days and avoided the dust storm from the depths of hell. If it's any comfort, I taste and feel like a sandbox myself.

Good to have you back!

P.S. Here, here, Bumaryoum on the 5-day family vacation limit (God bless the fam).

iDip said...

Welcome back Shurouq,

you've been missed.
I hope your friend in London is all well :)

BLUESMAN said...

علي السلامة

Jelly Belly said...

7emdallah 3ala salamtich ya sunshine...we missed you :*

Shurouq said...

هلا رحال
الله يسلمك :)

I missed the Guggenheim Collection :(

I came back coz I had to :/

بوجه نبيك :)

الكويت منورة فيكم :)
وعلى قولتك.. 5 أيام معقولة، بس شهر مثل الحكم المؤبد

bo jaij
بالسلامة انشالله، ولا تطول الغيبة

Thank you babe :)

I love Italy too, I'd go there anytime :)

Thank you :* o alla ysalmich

My friend is still alive and kicking.. (lil'asaf) :/

الله يسلمك، ريحان :)

Jelly Belly,
Missed you too babe :*

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Funny...this year I decided to be a good girl and spend it with the family...and the funny thing is..I basically knew that 5 days had to be it...it was actually 4 and half to be fair..it turned out perfect..short and sweet..and just right...any more I would've needed lots of meditation and probably therapy...so I know exactly what you mean...

The Don ® said...

nawwar the blog o'sphere.. :)

I see you have been busy ;)

Jandeef said...

yay :D

bora bora said...

الحمدالله على السلامة
ولهنا عليك

Brava Valentia said...

hehehe shorouq
loved ur post
welcome baQ to the blogsphere

by the way
are u any how a relative to Dr.hanan muzaffar ?
shes amazinG.

Brava Valentia said...

my baD

*shurouq =)

Shurouq said...

Welcome to my blog :)
How come no one ever told me about the 5 day rule?!

The Don,
Mnawwer billi fee babe :)

Double yey :D.. Welcome home.

Bora bora,
That picture of yours is a killer!
والله يسلمك حبيبتي :)

Mother Courage,
Hanan's my sister, and I think she's beyond amazing :)
Welcome to blogland.

Spontaneousnessity said...

LOL I LOVE GAY PARADES!!!! good laugh :P

and I didn't get this part, so people now give you heads up before dumping?! I didn't get the "soon" part, ya3ni okay tara we're breaking up but wait for my sign? seriously I don't get it.

I don't know I hope it's a joke!

Shurouq said...

:) Mornin', Spontaneousnessity,
The 'dumping me' part might be a joke..
But gay parades are not.

Spontaneousnessity said...

I sure hope the joke part is the dumping part and not the gay parade part :P they truely are fun!

Anonymous said...

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