Wednesday, October 10, 2007


her: you're spoiling her. it's a cat for crying out loud
her: what are you? A darwinist?
me: and you were saying secularism cannot provide a basis for a good society?

me: what are you? a fashionist?

her: haha

me: ditto

her: tsa7artai?

me: twice

her: tsa7artai?

me: YES. twice.

her: e ask me and you

me: huh?

me: oh

me: and you?

her: you had fool haven't ya.. twice

her: no

me: should I ask laish?

her: shno hatha your blog? i can't follow this story. i can't find one to follow

me: then don't

her: used to be serious and opinionated

her: and political. ish9aaaar feeech??!!!?!!

her: did you know he's in london already? in7ash min il3eed

me: .

her: :)

her: i love you

me: love you too sometimes. your sweet-ness is my weak-ness

her: hehehehe

her: seriously now. i wasn't saying atheists or agnostics can't be good but as a society.. I'm not talking individuals here

me: la 3afia say so

her: don't cut me off

me: are we really having this conversation? it's 2 am

her: i must be lonely

me: :) i think they have a new single out.. or album.. madri. it's about time too

her: hmmm i don't know who sings it. vertical horizon?

me: matchbox20

her: oh. cute

me: ! i know i am

her: so tell me something. do i send him a happy 3eed msg?

me: no

her: i thought you said it's ok to stay friends

me: you never send me no happy khanukkahs!

her: you don't turn me on.

me: bummer

her: inzain convince me. secularism sounds ok but what makes you trust ppl?

me: i'm no richard dawkins. and i trust in cats. it hasn't been tried yet.

her: mino hatha the physicist?

me: la weld 3amma

her: your blog is boring

me: i'm boring.. it's only reflective

her: post this my lovely

me: waiting

her: post this chat. you have my permission

me: i didn't ask for it. you're boring too you know

her: ayy!

me: :*

me: i would but it has to be edited. too long and too personal

her: inzain edit it. that's what you do

me: i'm on vacation :)

her: did you miss your musalsal today too?

me: nope. i was home before 11

her: oh oh oh i finally saw the new hijabs?!!! yogurt? lol why? when? how? and where?

me: it's a bigger mystery than the briefcase in pulp fiction

her: lol

her: do you think hisham seleem believes in god?
her: he's a hottie

me: yes

her: what makes you so sure?
her: yes to what?

me: yes i think he believes in god. and nothing

her: are you posting this?

me: choose a color

her: black

her: what for?

me: your lines

her: kaifich. blue. post it. i'll check it tomorrow warai dawam :'( nite

Sorry if it's too long.
On another note, I'm developing motherly feelings towards some people. And I don't have a clue what skans are exactly but I sing along anyway

Dirty War priest gets life term
No, her.. I'm not saying believers can't be good. I'm not talking individuals here.

Golden Skans - Klaxons


حمودي said...

شسالفة ؟؟؟
منو الطيب ومنو الشرير الحين ؟؟؟

Judy Abbott said...

thats the weirdest conversation ever.

it made me hungry and craving chocolate!

Very.Q8ya said...

ra7 t3asbeen itha gelt ma fahamt?

chikapappi said...

Holly GOD! How could you remember the whole thing!? *knocks wood*!


Anonymous said...


Alia said...

I agree ... you're spoiling her w kashta feeni :(

la w ba3ad ma triddeen 3ala el masijat .. ra7 ashtikeech 7aq wali amrich

Я said... ARE bored huh? Cute :)

HussahT said...

Ma9ereek al Nar wa bes al Ma6eer! Several days ago on fe6oor my brothers mentioned a debate that was on bbc radio with Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, and some religous heads. And they were saying that Dawkins and Harris are fundmentalist athiests. haha!

Amethyst said...

Weird. 2am? Tesa7artay twice? Not surprised.

Bad-Ran said...

Happy Hanukkahs

Hanan said...

For a minute there I thought I was reading Shopa's blog :) Chats are her field. Yours is mindless stories and wannabe politically aware posts.

Where's today's character?

kila ma6goog said...


أثنيناتكم مليقين

مسلسل الشخصيات وايد أونس

ملاحظة : الجمهور معترض على عدم ظهور كاركتر البوية حتى الآن مما يعني ان مسلسلك مو كويتي كامل الدسم

تشطري بئه ما بقى شي عالعيد

ValenciaLover said...

لا لا لا
أبي حلقة اليوم

هذا مو إنصاف منك
(أغنيلج اياها؟)

Shurouq said...

آنا الطيبة طبعا وآنا اللي راح أفوز

Judy Abbott
Did we mention chocolate?

La laish a3asseb?.. ana ba3ad ma kent fahma bes 7awalt :)

Hehe la I don't have it memorized, I have it saved.

أو نيااو

I had my reasons :*** sorry

Yes.. and sleepless

That older brother of yours! *sigh*

Hehe gluttony is one of the deadly sins.

علينا وعليك

hehe Hanan
Coming :)

Kila Ma6goog
لأني أطيب منك وايد.. قلت عني مليقة بس سامحتك وأهديتك الموضوع اللي ورا هذا

تصدقين الحلقة جاهزة بس مو لاقية الأغنية المناسبة

Annora said...

Thanks for writing this.