Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why need those who don't need you?


جبريت said...

الحياة تبي جذي


ممكن الي ما يحتاجونج يوم من الايام يحتاجونج بموضوع

بس الاسباب كما الباقي اجهلها ليش اصبحنا مصالح وكل شي مبني على مصلحه

Deema said...

because they might need us later?

needing is a relation that i don't think reflects a need back right at the moment.. mo?

Anonymous said...

In life, it's very wise and far more spiritually liberating not to "need" anyone. To "want" "desire" or "love" someone is entirely a different matter. Emotional 'need' implies or entails a surrendering or squandering of personal power and independence, which is a terrible thing.

Loving and wanting from a place in oneself that is separate from the emotionally void concept of "need" is a much more powerful, pure, and generous form of love and loving.

Of course, need for one's children is the only deal breaker and exception.

Yours in great introspection,

Mrs. Dalai Lama Baker

White Wings said...

because they're not makes them so attractive and ...need-worthy

Fahad Al Askr said...

اللي ما فيه خير تركه أخير

Shurouq said...

زين المصالح المشتركة والمتداخلة شي إيجابي والا سلبي؟

Right. But a big part of it does reflect the possibility or hope of a need back at some point.. For the sake of mental balance.

I saw you in Awan the other day. You should've seen the grin on my face :)

Guru Baker
Agreed. Guilty as charged.

White Wings
Of course..
بس شنو الحل؟

That was a rhetoric question by the way :)

Thank you, ladies :***

Fahad AL Askr
وإذا فيه خير، بس مو حقك؟

جبريت said...

يعتمد بالمصالح المشتركه
اذا كان فيه امور ايجابيه بعد المصلحه وتقدير ام كان التمصلح وبس وبعدها التنكر للمصلحه السابقه


انا محتاجج بشغله وسويتيها لي

وييت لج مره ثانيه وسويتي لي شي ثاني

بعدها انتي احتجتي لي وانا تنكرت للذي مضى من مصلحه عندنا كنت محتاج لج

اما اذا كنت حافظ لج حقج عندي وساعدتج فهذا شي ايجابي وما ذكر قبله سلبي

ممكن تفكيرج شي ثاني ممكن تبين تقطين حزمة مشاعر وليست معامله لكن المثل ينطبق على جميع الاشياء ان شاء الله

ووفقنا الله واياكم لما فيه مصلحه للبلاد

انفع اصير مفتي للنواب المطاوعه؟؟؟

راعي تنكر said...

للحفاظ على التوازن العاطفي

اجار الدين كشمش said...

لاننا نحبهم

واذا عمل


واذا الابوين

ارضاء الخالق

وثلاثتهم من ضعفنا

اما ضعف الشخصيه او سنة الحياة

شششدي اشويه لاترخين جنج ايسكريم
لا يلحسسسون حقوقج
ترا ماكوا اجذب من ريايل الكويت
بعد الغزو


ولاّدة said...

جُنِِّنا بليلى وهي جُنَّت بغيرنا
وأخرى بنا مجنونةٌ لا نريدها

هذا باختصار حال البشر

حتى في الأطفال أجد نونو يحب صديق وهالصديق يحب صديق ثاني ما يعطيه وجه والمسكين اللي من أول السنة وده يصادق ناصر نصوري ما يبيه

Fahad Al Askr said...

إذا يا ستي يصبح عندها العناد تجربة جديرة بالعيش

well_serviceman said...

because sometime you have to sacrifice, its all about the large theorem of teamwork and how life goes.

Anonymous said...

toughen up girl. where's stewie to cheer you up?

Ali said...

Take it easy on yourself and check your inbox.

عادل الكويتي said...

أحسن شييء هو أن لا تعادين أحد وخلى علافتك مع الكل طيبة.ماعدا إلى يثبت لك الزمن أنة مو كفؤ

Anonymous said...


Anonymous Farmer said...

The hell's up with this post, sweetheart?

You tryin' to be cute or you tryin' to be cute?

In any case, here's your answer.

I'm no good on my own, so are you.

And this applies to everybody else.

Nasser99 said...

عندما تحتاج لشخص ما فأنت تحتاجه
لمصلحه ما سواء كانت ماديه او معنويه

و تستطيع ان تتسامى فوق حاجتك عندما تسمو فوق مستوى انسانيتك .

تحياتي للجميع :)

The Simper said...

because we think that needing them is needed!

Shurouq said...

I like that, Simper :)

The Simper said...

i know :P

Shurouq said...

شلون أسمو فوق إنسانيتي؟؟ وين أروح يعني؟

stewie said...

المخرج عاوز كده يا شوشو


stewie said...

ygolon the fun is in the need, not possession.


stewie said...

Deema what are you saying :<

well-serviceman what are you saying :<

عادل كويتي شقاعد تقول :<

Nasser99 @@ go on

ستوي said...

because we think that needing them is needed

because we think that needing them is needed

بطتنا بطت بطن ام بطتكم تقدر بطتكم تبط بطن ام بطتنا مثل ما بطتنا بطت بطن ام بطتكم

شروق كمشت خشم خميش يقدر خميش يكمش خشم شروق؟؟؟؟؟

stewie said...

i hate exams :<

why take exams that don't take us? :<

Deema help me

Shurouq said...

Your comment got deleted by mistake. Apologies :)
Please repost it for Stewie.

well_serviceman said...

aghh shorouq, apology not accepted :P, no need to apology there...

Stewie, i'm talking about the whole team work theorem which states that we might not need someone but someone might need us, and on the other hands, we might need someone but they might not need us, but afterall, once something is accomplished, everyone gets benefits, from both sides that is, and thats compromising, i hope i made it more clear rather than complicating.. :P

best regards to both you and shorouq..

stewie said...

Shosho my comments too got deleted by mistake where are they?
Please repost them for stewie :(

Shurouq said...

That's because you swear all the time, Stewie.
Salamat gulbek by the way.

stewie said...

well serviceman حبيتك مؤدب خلوق.. من ولده انت؟ وين بيتكم؟ اي مدرسه تروح؟

play with me final fantasy xii been trying to finish it since 2007 :<

Ysalmech shosho, wala 7abetech entay ba3ad :<

o Deema :<

stewie said...

I can't focus cant focus 3endi emt7aaaaaaaan

kela minute Ali @12:33 am :<

Shdazlech shdazlech :< check your inbox now

stewie said...

well serviceman 3ajbetek the noun "theorem".. a7esek kel yom etgolha , beldawam, 3al qada

YOU HAVE TO STUDY now stop commenting stewie minute 9iji :(

well_serviceman said...

stewie, lol, you got that almost right, i'm the son of my mind, and the father of my studies, i study at a university my beloved "newbie" friend, getting a degree somewhat in the "Theorem" field, you do the guessing, as far as the Xbox goes, am very bad with those new world gadgets lol, so just study hard my friend, and concentrate on what you have infront of you :P

7assesni eni faylasof lol

error said...

why do you think you need them?

if one can think otherwise, one's problem is solved. if one cannot think otherwise, one's problem still exists.

i would assume that your problem still exists. in any case your question wrongly assumes that need is to be earned while being needy.

thats wrong..

what one should be thinking is something else.

and if you stop thinking thats even better.

stewie said...

NSAIT and i swore again :< what can i do? i am an underpaid employee of my mind :<

WAIT i write it again :O

stewie said...

Serviceman you are the son of your mind and the father of your studies? can you be Stewie's brother? :O

Error gam yshel o yshdakh baih baih baih :O

Shosho jamalech shay 3ajeb o 3omra ma 7asal.... wailah :O

Maximilian said...

اللي يبينا عيت النفس تبغيه واللي نبيه عيا البخت لا يجيبه

عدل قلت المثل؟

ستوي said...

اي عدل قلتيه

يا حلاتج والله ويا حلات امثلتج

Mozart said...

daf3at mardi

stewie said...

ugh, you are darn lucky I didn't get that fire-balls weapon for christmas, SHUROUQ

stewie said...

Shosho you are a bug-eyed alien from neptune :@

stewie said...

Anonymous farmer DEAR

I was reading your blog ok, when suddenly i collapsed! I felt myself rising up and up OK, and i could see my crumpled body on the floor! yala alhawl! I drifted up in a shaft of light and i entered the next world :( but PHEW thank god thank god my heart started again!

never again reading your blog :( i actually died of boredom.

stewie said...

see shosho? no bad words :O

Stewie's Step mother! said...

Stewie, have you seen my cat?

aL-NooR . said...

what to do !!
you just said that we need them !! not even want them!!
needing is something Wider !

الله يستر :)


Stewie's Step mother's Cat said...

Meaw Meaw

help me, Stewie ate my tuna fish

I'm starving to death

stewie said...

I have a step mother? :O

shosho help me help me shofehom :(


i don't have step mothers

Once I find your cat i will squeeze her spine into an accordion and play a polka on her

Does it answer to the name "flatfoot?" :O

shosho shofehom please :(

stewie said...

Shosho fathya wila busy? :(

Shurouq said...

Sorry, Stewie. Busy day.

stewie said...

ok ok :(

Stewie's Step mother! said...

Listen stewie baby

hiding my cat in the dish washer
طوفتها لك

but eating this little creature's food is TOTALLY unacceptable!

you are grounded for two months from now

and by the way, don't (ethaddedny) by you daddy cause he i've already put him in my (mokhba)

stewie said...

Stewie is movin' on up in FarmVille!
Stewie attained the level of Lord of the Plow in FarmVille!

stewie said...

elyom ba3ad busy? kila busy kila busy

Shosho have you ever noticed how when people get older they also get slower? it makes me think :(

I would think that the less life you have left, the faster you would want to do things in order to be able to pack more into the remaining years. Do you think i will be like a maniac when i'm older? :( or just like the rest?

Too many questions, no answers :(

stewie said...

Shuoruq alooo :< shofeha who is this person? :O

I don't have step mothers, saway shay, leave your work for a minute and do something useful :(

stewie said...

ifffff, it's just going to be one of those days. I'm hating it before even getting out of the hay.

I'm in such a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad mood.

stewie said...

منو ماله ال


الي طايح فوق يم انونيمس فارمر؟


جبريت said...

الهمام الهمام

يا بنت الجابريه

تحرك رسمي من الرمز احمد السعدون لإعادة نادي الاستقلال كما وعد وان شاء الله يأتي بإنجاز

والا سيعود بقوة القانون كما صرح السعدون

Stewie's Step mother! said...

Stewie baby

your daddy and I are going to attend an Opera concert this evening

I'm asking you to baby sit my little cat!

please please please, DO NOT come near it's tuna fish can

or else :(

stewie said...

Shosho i'm bored.

do animals go to the same heaven that people go to?

In heaven everyone is supposed to be happy right? So will there be tigers and lions? if yes, wouldn't they bite people? People wouldn't be happy if they were in danger.

And if lions wouldn't eat people then they, the lions, wouldn't be happy! :/

and if there weren't any dangerous animals in heaven, i know a friend who loves lions, he wouldn't be happy without them...

stewie said...

PING! < /red ink>

AyyA said...

Cause you tend to need the wrong people!

stewie said...

You are not my stepmother


your cat is a mangy flea-ridden furball. Yekh.

stewie said...


anonymous farmer, do you agree with me?

ستوي said...


ليش بعض شباب لمن يوجهون كلامهم حق بنيه يقولون لها

"تروحون عند المكتب ويعطونكم الورقه"

بدال لا يقولون

"تروحين عند المكتب ويعطونج الورقه"


Shurouq said...

ما أدري، ستوي

بس اهم نفس الشباب اللي إذا تزوجوا يقولون "طالع مع الجماعة"، مو "مع زوجتي". ليش مليقة؟ شسويت؟

Anonymous Farmer said...

Discourse more on that certain topic, sweetheart. I value this kinda priceless input.

What else bugs you gals.

Shurouq said...

I don't know about other gals, right now I'm bugged because my car is broken. And because Stewie called me maliqa.

stewie said...

واي شوشو تعرف كل الاجوبات

فديتها فديتهااااااااااا (هابين فيها الكلمه ليش؟) يه

عرفتهم عرفتهم خلاص.. ولمن يوديها الجمعيه يناديها جذي
ش ش ش ، هي ش

لانج كله بزي بزي بزي :(

شوشو كنت يوم اليمعه عل غدا مع نانا (ام ابوي) قلتلها اني ابي اتبنا شاذي بس ابوي ما يرضى

يبيعون واحد اب سوق الحمام تخيلي

جان تقول انت شاذي


You relate this story when reporters ask you how I went bad :(

Deema and AyyA want a new post shosho, 7aram 3alich

Anonymous Farmer said...


You are an attendant of God. You put the A in adorable, angelic, alluring, and downright awesome.

Ditch the car; I'll place you on my shoulder and carry you around wherever you wanna go.

I regret posting my initial comment; you bewitched me with your response and attentiveness and now you're all I'll be thinking about in class.

No joke. No fricking joke.

stewie said...

anonymous farmer don't regret posting your 'initial' sarcastic comment. That was only an example of how freedom of expression is always squelched. The authorities *ka7a*anonymous farmer *ka7a* always try to silence any view, style, beliefs contrary to their own.

You know what bugs me? knowing that i will probably come up with a much sharper retort than this, later tonight when i'm in bed :(

stewie said...


you think about shurouq in class? :O

stewie said...

how on earth can this bewitch you

"I don't know about other gals, right now I'm bugged because my car is broken"

i don't see anything special in that! :O

Anonymous farmer, the way your brain is wired, i can almost hear the fuses blowing :(

stewie said...

shosho are you going to let him "place" you on his shoulder and carry you around?

Can I come and watch? :( pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

stewie said...

And what exactly to do you think about in class?

Anonymous farmer to shourouq: "who could make my heart feel woozy woozy woozy? only thou, my sweetheart shoshy"

ستوي said...

shourouq are you an attendant of God? :D

Anonymous Farmer said...

Come on, sweetheart, post that last one for me, will ya. It's been bursting to get out and he can rebut the hell out of it.

There ain't no worse turn off than censorship.

ستوي said...

Deema انا :(

Anonymous said...

The case might be that they let you feel this way because they need to feel needed. 'Needless' to say, that makes them as needy as you are.

My two cents.

Anonymous Farmer said...

I've come to a realization.

If it weren't for you girls, blogging would probably turn into cussmania, with terms ranging from "how dare you" to "I can't believe you just said that".

You'll make an excellent mother.

Cut the freak off, though.


Fatima said...

Awaiting your next post, lat6awleen