Tuesday, December 28, 2004

On natural and personal disasters

I remember watching a Japanese movie that tells the story of a city hit by a devastatig earthquake.. I was around 7 or 8 and it gave me nightmares. Now imagine walking through a city where every person you meet had suffered losses.. human or material..

The death toll should stop here for crying out loud.

But isn't it amazing how people, despite their griefs and their sorrows, reach out to help others?

On a lighter more personal note, If I had gone to that National Democratic Alliance Conference earlier tonight, I would've seen my ex. I should've gone!

Life is tough, but it sure goes on, don't you think?


Armani.Lab said...

just always remember..today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday...n life just goes on..

minime said...

You are right, very very right, life does go on..but in the process of going on, it beats the living daylight out of us. Sometimes the grief is so immense wo Allah yesabbir galb elwa7id :-(

On a lighter note, you spoke about seeing a Japanese film when you were 7 & was scared. I remember me being about 5 or so & seeing Saba7 (the singer) on TV.(B/W them days) & I cried...lol.

Shurouq said...


And I'm sure Sabah still gives you nightmares lol but you gotta appreciate her resiliency!