Wednesday, February 23, 2005

KAC 501

Flying to Beirut tomorrow and I'm having mixed feelings about this trip with all that's going on over there. I'm going with family (never been there with family before), and I no longer have friends in Beirut.. only acquaintances! Isn't that sad?
Plus, I've been bottling up some unwanted emotions since 2001, and I dread this visit will stir them up and bring them back to surface again.

(No, Mom.. I haven't started packing yet)

Well, I guess I have to face my fears since boycotting Liban is out of the question. It's about time I refresh my Beirutian memory anyways.

I'll pack tomorrow.


Bo Jaij said...

Good time to be there

You will witness history being

rayhane najib said...

طريق السلامة

Shurouq said...

Watch me.. I'll make Beirut's new history

Rayhane Najib,

بومريوم said...

تروحين و ترجين بالسلامه..
و لاتنسين الحلو من حلاب

Jelly Belly said...

Have a safe trip sweetie

Eve said...

Ahla w Sahla fiki in Lebanon! How long are you staying?
You stirred my curiosity: how well do you know Lebanon? :-)

AyyA said...

Have a safe trip sweetie, and hope that you won’t get disappointed after what happened.

Jewaira said...

Hope u have a great time Shurouq

jambino said...

You'll be part of history indeed. Good luck, and GO LIBAN! Our hearts are with you :)

Shurouq said...

بو مريوم
:) الله يسلمك.. كنت ناوية آخذ حلو من سي سويت آخر يوم بس الجيش سكر مداخل السوليدير

Jelly Belly
Thank you, dear :)

Thanks.. I was there from the 23rd till the 27th. I'm not sure how well I know it, but I love what I know :)

My first night there was depressing, I admit.. but the Lebanese have a special way of turning the most horrible events into joy and hope.

I had a lovely time there.. Thanks :)

I wanted to stay for another day and witness today's demonstrations, but couldn't.

Long Live Lebanon