Friday, June 24, 2005

Dear Diary...

Whether you're a Guevarist sympathizer or not, this movie is a must-see.

Now if I was to keep a diary, it would go something like this:

I overslept today, took a dip in the pool, had lunch with the family (fish was good), bumped into a fellow sweet blogger in Mishref :), attended Kuwait National Band's concert (always a pleasure), shared a falafel sandwich with K's friend, Watched The Motorcycle Diaries (Thanks for the screening, M.), and now I'm home, I can't sleep, so I thought I'd blog..

Too vain, I know
Not as inspirational as Guevara's, huh?

إي ويني آنا ووين غيفارا

Good night, people


NYchick said...

I read the book, and I saw the movie twice when it was released here last year then came the DVD, need I say more?
One of my favorite movies ever.

And hey Shrouq: chipi chipi yeaaaaaah chipi chipi yeaaaahh lol

kwtia said...

I'm so glad you recommended this, because it has been on the 'to see' shelf for ages now..I was afraid of being disappointed so I've been stalling...but now I think I'll give it a go very soon..thanks lady.

Luckybellybuddha said...

noam el 3afya, o na3eeman, o 9e7tane o 3afya, o 7amdilla 3ala elslama crossing the scary road between jabriya & mishrif & glad you enjoyed your evening. good for you :-)

Babby said...

GREAT day HA ;))

yallah ya36eech el 3afya .. hope u have fun DAILY mo bs one day .. bs 3ad mo ma eyech el noum .. ;\ laaa nabeech merta7a mestansa dayman :))

Shurouq said...

Latins sure know how to have a good time, don't they? :D
I'll read the book inshalla.
Have you seen "Before Night Falls"? It reminded me of it.

You won't be disappointed, I didn't want it to end!
I think the music got me mesmerized too :)

lol Mistletoe,
How interactive of you!
Thanks and visit again

It was a long day wallah..
And you're so sweet :*

nazzal said...

shuoruq hi ;

where can i get it from ?

Eva said...

ShouroQ Maa7bch lol !
when u said bro7 hnak ( u said somethin like that right ? :p )
3balee u were goin to the Kaifan Sunglasses Shop Or Maybe The Athelets Foot :P )

i thought elarbi3a kan aakhr yom for the music fest !

bas yalla elmohem u had fun ;*

and , Wish u A Good Friday ( i always see this 9a3ba bas let's HOPE ;P)


*i may go back to my blog hal yomain ; ) , Ya3ni Sayray 3alena :D

SheWrites said...

I read the book and enjoyed it, but I didn't really like the movie, to be honest. It seemed to be a dulled down version of that portion of his life.

However, I'd watch Gael Garcia Bernal read the phone book if given a chance, so there's always that. :)


Shurouq said...

Hala Nazzal,
I'd lend it to you, but it's not mine :(

The DVD's been out since February..
Do as I would and order it from Amazon.

Sooo sorry dear, I thought you knew about it :/

My Friday isn't so bad.. A typical family day :)

Didn't read the book, but the movie struck me as very inspirational

Plus, I really enjoyed the ride.. the sceneries, the music, the people..

(Gael's lips didn't hurt either)

Ms.Baker said...

Good night Shurouq, sleep tight, don't let the blogbugs bite

الا نبيذي said...

i watched the movie last summer ... amazing

but try pernal's new one that called -dot the i -
erotic but deep and thrilling with a lot of surprises

retank said...

Some of your posts have scribbly stuff on them, I can`t read them

The Don ® said...

Shurouq, I got it from Selfridges’ HMV couple of weeks ago, but been stalling as well.. I don’t know why.. I’m a fan of Guevara's and of course Motorcycles.. hehehe.. so I was afraid to be disappointed.. I’ll watch it with ease now.. after you giving it two thumbs up. :P

If you are a fan of foreign films, watch “
CITY OF GOD” Brazilian true story about how the drug war began.. it’ll break your heart… The amount of teenagers dying in Rio in one day more than a month in Iraq..

Shurouq said...

Good morning
& Blogbugs are gone for good ;)

Illa Nabithi,
I wanted to add "Dot the I" to my Amazon order, but it's not available :/

The 'scribbly stuff' must be Arabic text
Welcome to my blog

:) The Don,
I'm afraid the bike will dissappoint you, babe

And I absolutely loved "City of God"

Jandeef said...

Usually I don't watch a foreign/non-mainstream movie until 2 people recommend it for me. You're the 2nd person to recommend this one, so I'll rent it as soon as i'm back home.

AyyA said...

Hmmmm sounds interesting, I think I’ll join the club soon

NYchick said...

"Before Night Falls"? no not yet
I will try to get it soon, thank you

Q said...

Shurouq, I cant wait to see it! its been on my shelf for a month, just finished the starwars trilogy and will want to watch this and a movie called Kung Fu Hustle which is also supposed to be excellent (the same ppl who did Shaolin Soccer, an absolutely amazing movie!)

I really like Gael Garcia Bernal alot! Y Tu Mama Tambien and Amores Perros were both excellent too, thats why I cant wait to see this one!

Shurouq said...

Jandeef & Ayya,
I hope you two will like it

Let me know what you think of it.

I haven't seen "Y Tu Mama Tambien"
& I know I should

Kuwaiti Aseel said...

تقولين تحترمين الرأي الآخر
خلي كلامي موجودعلى البلوغ مالج
هذا إذا أنت فعلا تحترمين الرأي الآخر
ليش خايفة وتمسحين الكلام الحقيقي اللي كتبته عنج ؟ فيها شي لما يكون أصلج إيراني ؟ وفيها شي لما تكونين شيعية ؟
عادي Take it easy Shoruq
See you soon

Shurouq said...

كويتي أصيل
خليت هالتعليق لأنه ما فيه شي

حياك الله

Kuwaiti Aseel said...

طيب جاوبني إنت ليش تحترين لما نكشف أصلج الإيراني وأنج شيعية؟ فهميني أبي افهم بالفعل أنت فيج عقدة من الكويتيين الاصيلين من أثول عربية وقايل عربية عريقة؟
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Kuwaiti Aseel said...

تدرين صرت معجب فيح شوي بس اللي قاهرني فيج إنج متعصبة للايرانيين ومتعصبة للشيعة وتحاربين عيال الأصل ليش فهميني ليش ؟ يعني عيشتكم في الكويت ما كونت لكم ولاء للكويت ولعيال الأصل ؟وشكرا على ترحيبج فيني

Shurouq said...

آنا ولائي لجزر القمر

منو عيال الحمايل اللي حاربتهم؟
ووين أدز لهم اعتذاري؟ جامعة الكويت؟

Q said...

فهميني أبي افهم بالفعل أنت فيج عقدة من الكويتيين الاصيلين من أثول عربية وقايل عربية عريقة؟

Freudian slip? LOL!

Shurouq, Juzur il Qamar agda3 naas ;)

مدى said...

صباح الخير الفيلم اللي تكلمتي عنه بالفعل عظيم و اذا تحبين هالنوعية من الافلام انصحج بالتالي:

the sea inside
like water for chocolate
city of gods