Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dedicated to the Hottest Kuwaiti Chick in NY

Had to settle for Pizza Hut.. And boy do I regret it!


Expatriate said...


OH yeah .. You should always regret it whenever you order from a fast food restaurant. Well, in terms of the quality of food preparation, it's kida like gambling somehow.

Yaryoor said...

heheh sorry to say that but it doesn't look that tasty..;P :(

Shurouq said...

Welcome aboard :)

That's probably coz it didn't! :/

رحـّــال said...

والله اللي يعيش في بريطانيا يعرف جيمة البيتزا..درست في مدينة سانت آندروس 4 سنوات قبل قدومي لمانشستر
سانت آنندروس.. مدينة صغيرة جميلة عيبها ان ما فيها مطعم يفتح بعد الساعة 12 الا مطعم واحد

pizza express

والله عشنا عليها سنين

nibaq said...

Did you goto the Jabriya one? I went there once and was shocked at the strange people that go there. It was just one big mixing pot of all sorts.

The pizza also sucked, way to oily for my liking.

Ms.Baker said...

God, do I hate diets...

Shurouq, all I have been craving is pizza, pizza, no end, and now its on your blog...Lord give me strength...and its 1:30 am...what am I to do?

I can't help it, ba-YIN...aarrgghh..


Jacqui said...

I had pizza hut yesterday or the day you posted it up.. Also pizza hut they really have a problem, either they burn your pizza or they make it delicious 1 out of 100 pizzas :r Ours was a cross-over I can say the cheese wanted to burn itself but remained nice and not burny for the rest.. Dammit I 'm going hungry again :/ I should stop :/

nazzal said...
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nazzal said...

Shurouq , this looks awful ..
i hate fast food .. junk
t9adgeen almost 5 yrs in the state and i had
one or may be two macs

Sheba said...

1. Istegfer Allah. Next time you crave pizza go to the Italian restaurant at the Courtyard.

2. MsB, i thought u weren't into diets!

3. Nazal, McD's is fast, but not junk food in Kuwait & Saudi. You'de be surprised at the choice of ingredients the franchisees here have. I don't know if they were obliged to (by the authorities) go for higher grades of 'yidam' (meat/chicken/fish) or it was their own choice or a mix of both.

Babby said...


pittza ?? meat ? mashrom ? cheese ?? OIL !!!!!!!! @@


that's unhealthy :(( CALORIES CALORIES CALORIES :s:s oh GOD !!

tara 3asa ma sheft 6abaq jedamy lazim a3awer ras eley jedamy bel calories o0 el mo7a'6arat :P hehehe

am VEGI anyways .. fa am not interested with these MEALS .. at all !!! :))

am a bif fan with BISCUITS ("v") YAAAAAAY !! bs ham not any biscuits !! :P o0 the way i eat it .. must stipulated by specific ones .. !! LESS OIL o0 LOW FAT !! :)) heheh .. my favo is actually mal el chay :$ heheh o0 '3eeera SORRY ma aqbal :p HEHE

bel 3afya anyways ;)

Q said...

Alla ikhally subway!

Q said...

laa o a7la shay about subway inna open 24 hours ba3ad, in Khaldiya!

NYchick said...

:) bel3fyah
why did u go to Pizza Hut?
Thanx for the support ;)

NYchick said...

mine looks better :):)

Shurouq said...

آنا ما عندي مانع أعيش عالبيتزا بس إذا كانت بيتزا أوادم، مو بيتزا هت والعياذ بالله

I had it delivered, but yea I've been to the jabriya one and I know what you're talking about lol

Sooo sorry, babe :*.. but believe me, you're not missing much, This pizza sucked!

Jackie Onassis,
I'm boycotting Pizaa Hut, are you with me?

It was awful indeed.. I'm not into junk food myself.

They don't deliver! :(

No meat.. I don't eat meat, nor chicken.. But your point still stands :)
And welcome here :)

Subway is not Pizza :(
And June 6th was declared Pizza Day by her highness NyChick!

Now about your comment on the previous post (too lazy to go back there), you did quite a lot more than just "attend".. Why are you being humble? :P
Seriously, you got us all proud of you and your friends back then, son.
Inshalla next "dag o rags" gig I'll save you and your wife a seat :)

Alla y3afeech.. and we know yours looked better, you don't have to rub it in ya shirrira.

NYchick said...

wallah ana 6yba 7ade ;) bas I had to say it

Ms.Baker said...

Sheba - ya3ni sha sowee ballah 3alaych? Eventually I just had to give in and realize that those 8-10 kilos are not gonna float off my backside within the next two months through philosophising about healthy eating alone! Also my patience seems to have withered away. I had to eat crow and just bite the cold, hard, tasteless diet bullet.

Bummer !

Sheba said...

*sheba shwaya metdodha ilyom, ilma3thera itha khert-ha

ashwa ma 6e3t kalamich 3eyal :p