Thursday, June 09, 2005

What Have We Done, Maggie, What Have We Done..

I said some nasty stuff to the one man I really love (loved?) and care for.
Totally immature & uncalled for.
Still trying to figure out what ticked me off.

I have nothing to post about really.. I'm blank!
Absolutely blank, guys, and I think this will last for a while.

Therefore the old, old painting to fill up the expected gap in my blog.
Hope you like it.. And see you around.


Did I mention my best friend thinks I'm being used?

Good night.. or morning.


ana said...

عجيبه ماشاء الله
تحياتي شرووووقه:*

kwtia said...

Don't go threatening us with blank days to come...Glad that you gave us another beautiful painting though:)...Feel better Shurouq..

Ms.Baker said...

We all do it Shurouq. It happens to us all. Things will just fly out of our mouths, and then we cringe as we remember the angry words we didn't really mean. But how to repair the damage ? *SIGH*

I know it will all be ok for you in the end, you will see. You haven't lost him.

Here's sending you lots of positive thoughts and energy..

Take care,

Jewaira said...

lovely painting, Shurouq :)

AyyA said...

I have learned some years back Shurouq to keep quite when I’m mad, irritated or sad. It’s much better to ignore, and don’t say a word than say something that I did not mean, or may be meant but not in the way it was perceived, and regret it latter. The best way to release my anger was through my writing, anything, I’d just write it down, and when the dark mood is over then I would act accordingly. Sometimes it would be too late to act, yet for me it’s always better to do that than to react and carry the quilt burden or may be loose a good friend. And most importantly, I would save myself from apologies later.
I advise you dear to vent in your drawings, you obviously have a special talent, express your swinging moods in your pallets, you will find some solace there, and believe me, some of the best works come out of the darkest times.
Being used is a general term, which basically means you are a giver, otherwise how else would you be used. And that in my opinion is a noble trait, so don’t feel bad about it, this is the way you are; a noble person, just learn not to be fooled.
And as for writing blockage; we all go through that, it’s really an agonizing feeling, at times more than one subject pops to mind, and at other times none. Well, when you are in the writing mood write whatever comes to mind and keep them for the times of blockades, this is what I usually do and it had worked fine with me so far.
Your painting is awesome, you have such a way in portraying expressions and that’s a gift.
Sorry dear for the long lecture, but I meant every word I said, otherwise I would not have bothered, I just hope you take it seriously

Jelly Belly said...

Sunshine remember the saying "lesanak 7e9anak in 9onto 9aanak...wen khonto khanak" well ana ilsani kila khayeni bas..sometimes our emotions takes over so don't beat yourself over it...and I'm sure he'll understand :)

beautiful teth7kain 3alay bas this song came to my mind looking at it "3ala khadee a7e6 eedee wa7aseb roo7ee eb roo7e"

Purgatory said...

of course you will be used, you are a nice person.

shosho said...

Wallah Ehimmich

The good thing is that you got things off your chest - priceless feeling.

Flamingoliya said...


SheWrites said...


There must have been - at that moment, anyway - a reason for you to have said what you said. That in itself is justification enough. You may look back now and feel guilty, but 'what ifs' are just that... 'what ifs'. Don't beat yourself up over it, and just as Shosho said - what a priceless feeling it is to get things off your chest.

Take care of yourself and come back to us soon.


rayhane najib said...


Shurouq said...

الله يحييك :) شكرا

3ash min sema3 soutich so to speak :)
At least I've been active for the last couple of months.. ;)
What do you have to say for yourself, girl?

I'm not sure he was ever mine to lose babe.. But thanks a million :*

Not as lovely as you walla :)

I can't thank you enough for this reply.
The thing is I don't know what I was angry at to begin with!

My writing plockage might be temporary, but my painting blockage isn't.

Jelly Belly,
واقول بيدي جرحت ايدي وزدت جروحي بنوحي.. والله خوش أغنية

I'm not that nice and gullible I swear!

It's like I took it off my chest before getting a chance to realize what it was about.. and now I'll never know :'(

Sorry I made you go :/
Killa wala flamingoliya :)

You're right I should stop beating myself up over the whole thing..
To hell with him and his likes.
(see Purg, not so nice, am i?)

شكرا ريحان

Jewaira said...

What a coincidence! I was at Starbooks bookstore this evening and while browsing my eyes fell upon the cover of a book with your painting! I can't recall if the title was Ashyaooha AL-sagheera or not but it was a story by Mais Al-Othman. Amazing I saw your it on your blog and in the bookstore on the same day.

مبتدئ said...


Is it the same pic on ashya'oha isughra as Jewaira said?

حاقد عليكم يالعجم said...

فيج عقدة من الأجانب
حاطة رسمة بنية شعرها أشقر وعيونها ملونة ؟ ليش ما رسمت وحدة عيمية ياعجمو لا يكون عيونج خضرة وشعرج أشقر؟؟
والله إنتو عجمو ماكو فايدة منكم فيكم عقدة من الكويتيين .
ولاءكم للحسينية اللي تمدح إيران
وخمس معاشكم حق قم..قم ..قم عمايم قم في إيران يا الحاقدين
ماكوا فايدة فيكم يا عيال مزفر ياعجمو وين ما رحتوا والا رديتوا قلوبكم على إيران إيران إيران
عجمو عجمو عجموعجمو
مزفز مزفر مزفر مزفر مزفر
شيعة شيعة شيعة شيعة
حسينية حسينية حسينية
أقول بنت مزفر الزفر ، ليش ما رسمتي رفيجج بوعمامة اللي ساكن بقلبج ؟؟
باي عجمو مزفر إيران شيعات
أقترح عليج تفتحين مرسم بعنوان
تعال شوف عجم بنت مزفر شنو يرسم لوهات ؟
لوهات واجد حلو ...واجد حلو

Shurouq said...

Jewaira & Mubtadi'
Yes, it is my painting on Mais al Othman's book.
We're colleagues :)

سلم لي على الوالدة

Babby said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !! nice painting .. is it painted by u ?? IF YES .. than am graetful wallah coz we're in common bel rasim .. :)))))))))))))) and that makes me delightful .. :)))))

ya36eech el 3afya :))

Tara said...

عاشت ايدج على الرسمة التحفة

جربي امسحي كلام الحقد اللي فوق
خلينا نرتاح
جربي بس تجربة

فيلجا said...


really i love it so much

رحـّــال said...

ماشالله عليج

صدق ان ريشة الفنان تقدر تعبر عن الكثير من المعاني

!وصدق من قال إن الحقران يقطع المصران

Papillona ® said...

I love your work :)

Shurouq said...

I'd love to see your work dear :)

ماكو فايدة راسي يابس :)

مشكورة حبيبتي :)

شكرا جزيلا

I'm so glad you do :D

Anonymous said...

7abeebti shurouq, what do you mean "rasich yabis" ???

if you can erase the filth please do us all a favor and erase it now.

beautiful painting, please post more :)

Shurouq said...

It's great to come home to a sweet comment like yours :)
Thank you.

W. said...


I've always appreciated artists who used water colors.. I donno why.. something about the layering of colors.. It's been such a long while since I've painted.. I donno why I haven't done it.. or more like neglected it...


Anti_Reason said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I wonder if your paintings are available in poster sizes? I’d love to take a few of them back home!

Shurouq said...

Coming from someone who appreciates and practices art, it's very encouraging. Thank you :*

Poster size? Wow.. I'm flattered.
(Home being Austria? hmmmm!)

You guys are too nice to be true.

Kuwaiti_Man said...

حلوة اللوحة, ماشاء الله عليج عندج موهبة, حاولي تنمينها أكثر

أحيي فيج برودة أعصابج وعدم إلتفاتج للنكرات سكان البواليع والمجاري


zeecu said...

I thought the painting looked familiar :D very nice, shurooq!

on a side note:
7aqid, enche3em.

Alia said...

hey you .. this is your best friens..

i know i can tell you this face to face since we're living in the same house .. but i'd rather say it here .. now..

p.s: I created my own blog just to tell u this

u know i didn't mean the words "you're being used" ....
i feel guilty for saying it the other day .. you're a big heart person .. " inty taiba w ana astahil" .. and again you know the reason of my dissapproval.. ummm ... or don't u...?????

Shurouq said...

Kuwaiti Man
مشكور وما قصرت :)

Thank you, Zeecu :)

What are you doing here, girl?

Seriously, I'm not holding it against you ya ba3ad chabdi.. Don't feel bad :)

(And don't say anything negative about "the user" coz he occasionally reads this blog and I'm already in trouble lol)

:* luv u

Alia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Alia said...


since "the user" is reading this blog .. a message for him: i'm not that bad & i don't hate you .. i just love my friend very much .. & i don't want her to get hurt in any way .. "not that you will hurt her" but i just don't .. & i told het that if this doesn't work out you'll ruin the great relationship u guys had ........ BEFORE