Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Because this blog can use some color..

And because I can't post what's on my mind.


Judy Abbott said...

I totaly understand :)

Anonymous said...

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Hanan said...

aaawww. your favorite old cat and your snail meet. how sweet :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Muhammad Aladdin said...

انا بموووووووووووووووووت في جارفيلد.. ساعات بحس انه انا شخصيًا
بس اعتراف: انا مش قط لذيذ زيه

Muhammad Aladdin said...

يا شروق صحيح انتي ما ردتيش عليا
وصلك الكتاب بتاعي؟
انا بعته علي عنوان شغلك(سلسلة عالم المعرفة)، لأنك قلتي انك عايزة تقريلي حاجة
اتمني ان الكتاب يكون وصل

kuwaitigirl said...

LOL! soooooooooo cute.........

The Don ® said...

Shurouq, was that a poker junk add on your comment section, are they following us over here as well ?? damn.. when would it stop.. :(

دندول said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shurouq said...

You do??
So, what do I do?
Any suggestions?

Isn't it? :)

فعلا أتمنى اقرا لك.. بس الكتاب لم يصلني
شكرا مقدما :)

The Don,
I'm afraid so.
I've been spending more time deleting junk than posting or replying to comments. Frustrating!

Muhammad Aladdin said...

غريبة جدا! انا بعته علي عنوانكم في الصفاة.. (عنوان المجلس الوطني للفنون و الآداب).. طيب انا ممكن اسيب لك الميل بتاعي و انتي --لو تحبي--تكتبي لي أي عنوان ممكن ابعتلك عليه الكتاب--مع الاسم الثنائي طبعا: انا كتبت علي الظرف اسم : شروق مظفر

Jazz Central said...

cute :) I love garfield...but hated the new movie.

kwtia said...

Shurouq, try blocking anonymous comments..a lot of this spam is automated..see if that works..

Shurouq said...

Haven't seen the movie, but yeah.. no one recommends it :/

Thanks for the tip :)

Jewaira said...

funny, Shurouq :)