Saturday, August 27, 2005


عندي شغل قد اليهد
بس مرات الواحد يطلع عن طوره وإذا ما تحلطم ممكن تحوشه السكتة
عمال شركة التنظيف اللي بمكتبنا ينتهي عقدهم آخر هالشهر.. اليوم واحد منهم يشتكي لي ان الشركة عطتهم خيارين.. إما يسافرون (بنغلاديش) ويرجعون بعقد جديد.. أو يظلون بالكويت مع نفس الشركة بس على شرط انهم ما يسألون عن المعاش
آنا ضد عقوبة الإعدام بس الظاهر راح أغير موقفي قريبا
وصباح الخير
ما أدري يعني شنو يهد.. بإمكانكم الرجوع إلى موسوعة السعيدان


Zaydoun said...

اليهد شيء ثقيل بس مادري شنو هو، دايماً يقولون مثلاً الصندوق ثقل اليهد، ولا فلان دمه ثقل اليهد

أو كما قالت سعاد لحسين: تأدب يالله عاد ويهد، تراني أكرهك يا ولد

AyyA said...

Saba7 elful ya 3asal, and what is it with these ads since early morning?

Jewaira said...

Good morning :)
Sad news about the workers'contracts.
The owners of these companies are only continuing to give Kuwait a bad name and they don't care. If you care about this country, don't bring in these unfortunate people and then leave them to scavenge off of others' goodwill. How can people like that sleep at night?

Papillona ® said...

shay mu bas y7irr
wallah 7araam 3alaihom
you know inna ma3ashat'hom bas 20 kd? imagine that the company doesn't provide all their needs. bas mokan ynamoon feeh
shino 20 kd? ishbitsawi? bit3ayesh'hom or bet3ayish ahalhom?

Spontaneousnessity said...

we had a thing like that 2 early summer, these people shfeehom ya3ni mo shayfeen khair? I don't get it! sij some people don't understand the idea of be good get good!

Shurouq said...

lol Zaydoun,
Your definition definitely beats S3eidan's.

Shifti shloon
And girl, what did you mean you have your sources??
We've never met, have we??

It's pure slavery.

Alla kareem.. or so I hear

Obviously all they care about is making more money.

samboose said...

That's so sad.... I just don't understand how they have the heart to do these things...

What's the point? Don't they know what goes around comes around. Karma!!!

Jandeef said...

Do we have laws to protect whistle blowers?

Ah i guess it doesn't matter anyway!

kwtia said...

There really needs to be training in ethics and compassion, these company owners don't have it naturally..Allah ysami7hum..since I certainly can't.

AyyA said...

That’s for me to know and for you to find out ;)

Peach said...

That's so sad! I've always hated this face of Q8! ;(

q80_demon said...

على كل حال الله مايطق بعصا، والدنيا ماتستمر لاحد، وخصوصا اهل الشر.
بالمناسبه: ال"يهد"=ال"جهد" بعد تحوير الجيم الى ياء، كما نقول "ديايه" بدلا من "دجاجه"، والله اعلم؟

NuNu™ said...

Poor thing =(

Shurouq said...

Does it really?

Shlonek? :)

Couldn't agree more.

You're a teaser :) but I love you anyway.

Peach dear,
I hope things will change soon.

Q8 Demon,
تعريف منطقي :) شكرا

Indeed :(

A3sab said...

hathi likwait 9al 3ala innibi!!