Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Because My Life Took a Bad Turn

Dear friends,
I quit.

Blogging was great while it lasted.
Love you, all :*


jambino said...

You will be missed by many.

My best wishes..

LiL Alien said...

ليش ؟؟؟
شصاير بالدنيا ؟؟ الكل قام يختفي الكل قام ينسحب

nazzal said...

;(( all the best , and the right turns are bound to come .

We do love you too ..

Zaydoun said...

Come on!

Ma 3endech salfa!

مبتدئ said...

إلا جابرية زحمة!ـ

على العموم:
معاك قلباً ووجداناً وين ما تروحين


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

why? don't, we'll miss u

Jandeef said...


Hanan said...

:( wish I could help

Jewaira said...

We love you too, Shurouq. Wish we could help.

Papillona ® said...

you are my sun shine, my only sun shine :(

Anonymous said...

i will miss ur blog :(

Q said...

Shurouq! It will never be the same without u here!! Plz reconsider :(

U were the first person to ever comment on my blog, so mukaaanich more special to me!

Delicately Realistic said...

I hope everything turns out for the best dear. Every grey cloud has its silver lining. I know you'll be back. But we'll all miss you until then.

Alia said...

love you girl

i'm sure you'll get over it ..
& you know that i'm always here for you ..

but you have to come back .. come on guys/bloggers don't let her quit ..insist ..

Anonymous said...

I don`t have a blog nor ever commented on any blogs, however Ive been checking your blog among others for the past year or so and got so attached to you and the other blogers. Its so sad to hear that. Anyhow I just wish u the best and if you ever go into an email list or some other New thing count me in. shloon madree.. love u;*

Tara said...

!!!!شنو ؟؟؟
لا الله يخليج لا تسويها صدك

شروق ،لك مكانة خاصة في نفسي

و بعدين تعالي ما انا طول عمري عايشة
Bad turn في ال
!شنو خو ما نسد بلوجاتنا ونكعد؟

يللا عندج اجازة قصيرة و ارجعي لنا بعدين

AyyA said...

How could you leave without a worming? How could you have the heart?
When the only reason why I visit Jabriya is to see your pretty self. Life is full of turns; some up and some down, but friends can’t be replaces. Go into your shell for a while, bas redilna, and that’s an order. :*

shosho said...


Purgatory said...

I knew this day would come, you will learn from it and move on.

UzF said...

That's bad news
I hope things get better for you before you know it.
.الله يسهل

And I wish to see you return soon too. :)

Anonymous said...

blogging will help you get over the bad turn in your life, you just have to keep walking i mean blogging.
am certain will see you soon, perhaps under a different identity

Anonymous said...

i am dissapointed

kwtia said...

What? Shurouq, no. I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through something bad..I wish it would go away really quick..Feel better..
Are u seriously stopping?
This sucks.
We love you lady, and we are ready to fight your demons with you if you want.

Babbler said...

Shurouq, how can a bad turn be that bad for ya to leave blogosphere?

Wishing you well..

رشيد الخطار said...

Ay Shay!
Please reconsider..
لجمهورك عليك حق.. تخيلي أم كلثوم بطلت تغني وهي بعزها.. مايصير

طائر بلا أجنحة said...

شروق يعني إذا مشيتي بتخف الزحمة بالجابرية ,, ردي و لكي مني Grey Goose

Flamingoliya said...

you can't be serious, are you?!

have a break, but don't quit.

Purgatory said...

She is quitting nothing will bring her back, do not try.

bo_ghazi said...

Wish you the best Shurouq...

بومريوم said...

we will miss you..
بس ما راح نعتبره أعتزال..
راح نعتبرها أجازه طويله
ان شاء الله ظروفك تتحسن و ترجعين

بالتوفيق وين ما كنتى

iDip said...

It's with no doubt the worst blog entry you ever wrote, sorry but it is,

waiting till you write another one ...

still waiting ...

Muhammad Aladdin said...

انتي بتتكلمي جد؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
انتي مهمة جدا يا شروق، ده اللي ممكن اقوله. انتي اديتيني صورة جميلة عن بنت عربية مثقفة و قوية و بتفهم. دمها خفيف و ليها طريقتها اللاذعة في السخرية. انتي حد جميل يا شروق و اتمني انك ما تحرميناش منك
و ربنا معاكي في التحول "الشيء" في حياتك.. بس فيه كلمة حقيقية: من المحال دوام الحال.. يعني لو حزينة دلوقت بكرة مش ح تبقي حزينة دلوقت.. و حتي لو فرحانة دلوقت مش ح تكوةني فرحانة بكرة
علشان كده، يا رب تكون الاحوال احسن و احسن بكرة علشان ترجعي لكل اللي بيتابعوا بلوجك و بيهتموا بيه
تحياتي و اتمني--زي بو مريوم و كل الناس اللي علقوا هنا--أنها تكون اجازة مؤقتة

NuNu™ said...

Noooooooooo!!! That's really sad.

everyone, lets hope it's just a phase=(

bora bora said...

لا لا
ما أقدر أصدق ما أقدر

لابد أنها ظروف قاهرة ، نتمنى أن تتخطيها بكل قوة وتعودي لنا


Brava Valentia said...

what do u mean ?

two weeks wont be bad .. right ?

Shurouq said...

Thank you

Lil Alien,
البركة فيكم

Thanks for the support

والله عندي سالفة

هوّه ده العشم فيك :)

Thank you, dear. I'll be around


You wish you could help?
What do you call what you've been doing for the last 72 hours?

Your comments mean the word to me, and i'm not just saying that.

love you, girl

I'd still visit your blog dear :)

Delicately Realistic,
Thank you. I hope you're right

It'll take time
And i'll never have the same mindset again.

Hmmm.. I'll find my way to your e-mail :)
Thank you

حبيبتي تارا
يمكن مشكلتي أصغر من المشاكل اللي تعيشونها كل يوم.. بس آنا مو مثلكم قوية

I don't know what to say, but I hope you'd still considr me a friend.


Some lessons are better left unlearnt

Thank you, Uzf :)

My identity was never a problem. And maybe I don't deserve to get over it.

I am sorry.

I hope you never stop blogging coz i'm seriously addicted to your blog.

I'd still visit your blogs. I just won't have what it takes to keep mine going.

أشوه آنا مو أم كلثوم

ما راح ينفعني حتى تنكر
Grey goose

Ok Flamingoliya,
Let's call it a loooong break

Bo Ghazi,
Thank you

بو مريوم

That's why I'm quitting.

شكرا عالكلام الحلو

cheer up.. It's just another blogger quitting.

Bora Bora,
How about you start a blog to fill the gap? :)

Mother Courage,
Not even two months will do the trick.

SheWrites said...

I hope all end's well.



Sou said...



Well, do visit us from time to time :)

ولاّدة said...


وسنصلي من أجل عودتك
ومن أجل تحسن ظروفك أيا كانت

قلبي معك

ihath said...

All the best.
I have enjoyed reading your blog, but I also respect your right to stop blogging. Take care

kwtia said...

I am very sad about this...feel better Shurouq..We will miss you very very very much..very much. You hear that? .

Eve said...

I'll consider that I just read: "I'm taking a break". In any case, good luck with shifting this bad turn into its right track again.

q80_demon said...

Even though its your choice but I add my voice to those who have already urged you to reconsider your decision. Take a break and think it over, you do have a sizable following which means you have influenced the lives of many.
At the end however we have to support your decision even if we don’t appreciate it.

NYchick said...

I miss you already

Jazz Central said...

Ok...that was a shock! But i'm sure you have your reasons. All the best to you. We will mis...Actually I will miss you.

AyyA said...

A lot of people come into one’s life and go, but there are a few who leave a permanent mark. It’s not up to me to consider your friendship or not, YOU ALREADY LEFT THAT MARK.
Be safe and happy wherever you are, this is my true wish for you. But I’m not the type that can handle goodbyes easily, nor the type that gives up easily.
I will still have a shred of hope and will continue visiting, may be, just may be one day you would reconsider :*

Zaydoun said...

Did I seem insensitive or heartless earlier? I apologize

But seriously, it won't be the same without you and I hope that whatever it is that you're going through will be over soon

We miss you!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

ًNo one is born strong

rough times makes us strong by getting back up & dusting all that sand off of our shoulders :}

defeat/ pain are the worst reasons to leave for dear :) try to be strong as much as u can

still dear snail lover :) of all what i said its ur call, i totally respect ur opinion its up to you bs ma agdr ma a7b achofch or feel that ur in defeat!!

BUT if you wish to leave by ur own will & because simply ur not into blogging or malch 5ulg then its totally ur decission

all in all ,, be strong be well at all times dear, here or there u will stay dear .. wish you all the best & hope to have u back here :)

Shurouq said...

Thank you :*

Of course I will :)

كلامك دايما يبرد القلب

Thank you and I'll always enjoy reading yours.

I'll only miss your comments on my blog cos i'd still visit yours.

Eve dear,
I already took the turn and missed the exit :)

Q80 Demon,
Your comment means a lot. Thank you.

You won't miss me.. Like I said before, I'd still be around checking on you guys

That was sweet of you. Thanks.

How about you use your special powers and help me through this? :)

Tmoon.. Don't apologize

Q80 Chill Girl,
You're as sweet as ever.. And walla I'm trying to be strong.

nazzal said...


take a break as long as you want ..
But you can NOT quit , thats the message from all your friends .. So either you abide or

الجابريه مو بس زحمه ... إلا تثور وتنتفض


Sheba said...

NO NO NO! Please change your mind!!


رشيد الخطار said...

طالما إنتي مرتاحة من قرارك وراضية فالله يوفقك ويجعلك في كل خطوة سلامة إن شاء الله..

Missing you already..

كل الحب :*


Hanan said...

Listen to you audience girl and get back into the blogging game. How else are you getting let out steam?

AyyA said...

eI’m still visiting :)

Bo Jaij said...

لا تفكرين بالبلوج

just do what you need to do

maKoZa7ma? said...

since it is your decision, all the best, however, we're all going to miss you so manies, if you ever thought of comming back, just do, love you shosho

Anonymous said...

Me too still visiting..

Spontaneousnessity said...

aawww ={ .. one of the good ones is gone =~{ all the best inshalla.

Jewaira said...

Lots of love coming your way Shurouq :)

Devilish said...

We all learn from our experiences in life, n some of us learn the hard way.

u will be missed ! That’s for sure !

Lets all know how we may bribe u to blog again !

رشيد الخطار said...

والله كل شوي أدش أقول يمكن تهون!

يالله عاد

Mama Fusla said...

but regardless, good luck!
& rememeber..U ALWAYS COME 1st ;)

ValenciaLover said...

Unacceptable decision!!! You know how bad i am with staying in (NET)-touch, but still, i can NOT go on the net b4 reading your blog. i totally support all the comments that were thinking it could be a long break, & i will keep visiting your blog (& your room ) everyday till you come back. I already feel like S--- 'cause i wasn't here when things went bad but i really want you to know that life is not fair and you know very well that i went through worse situations but i got up stronger and i'm sure you'll even be better than i am. Wish you all the best and ... Oh bloggers, please help me get her back to us...

Jelly Belly said...

Sunshine! ma a9adeg! someone just told me you decided to quit! please don't :(
I love your blog and I love your comments...I love you as a person...I will miss you deeply walla shahed 3alay...I hope whatever the reason that made you quit will change....oh please please la e6awlain al`3aiba itha mo blogich 6elay 3alay min wagat le wagat....I love you girly and I wish you the very best :*

~ se3loah ~ said...

الله يوفقك

انتي الحين حاولي تحلين المشاكل بعدين فكري بالبلوق
وانا متاكده انك راح ترجعين له
ان كان بعد شهر او ثلاثه


AyyA said...

I'm still here :)

AZ said...


Equalizer said...

I wish it was easier for people to quit bad habits than quitting blogging! Too bad I didn't get to explore this wonderful blog earlier :) Good Luck

Tara said...

ما اقدر اتوقف عن المرور هنا كل يوم...
انا شكلي مدمنة عليج

شلون صرتِ ؟

Hanan said...

you've been tagged ... would you .. could you .. oblige

مبتدئ said...

71 :p

Shurouq said...

لك وحشة


مادري شقول

I eat. That's how.

Beitek o ma6ra7ek :*
Love you

Bo Jaij,
That's what i needed to hear
Thank you

Welcome to my blog :)
(Hmm..Do I know you?)

7ayyak/ch allah

Thanks, babe :*

:) And it means the world to me

Hehehe Devilish,
I'm cheap. A one-way ticket to Rome shall do

Mama Fusla,
It's good to see you back and rockin' :)

I'm stubborn. It runs in the family, no? :)

you won't miss me. I'm not going anywhere. Actually I'm having futoor at your blog tomorrow.
Love you :**

مشكورة :)


I'll go check your blog now. Someone told me I'm missing a lot :)

آنا زينة طول ما انتي زينة :)

No :P

شاطر.. تعرف تعد

Papillona ® said...

73 ow ma 7an galbich?

Catherine said...

I will miss your blog:-/
..It was really good!

NuNu™ said...

Now 75 o ham ma 7an galbich??!! =(

nazzal said...

Shurouq ; Guwah

Really , am not compromising the situation you are in , and i do wish you all the best .

Yet , i like this pressure lobby that all the fellow Bloggers above are creating .
So guys keep them coming , and since this comment is # 76 , i don't see any problem to break the 100 .

just tell Shurouq that , we want her back in due corse ........ :)

Alia said...


you hear me 77 girl .. that's my birth year, so come on.. reconsider ..
listen to your fans

are you waiting for the 100 # comment ...??????

NuNu™ said...

Alia, I think she is =/

مبتدئ said...



nazzal said...


قلاديين :) نستاهل مو جذي ، المهم

يالله شروق قوليها

راجعين يا هوى راجعين


AyyA said...


ooo said...

Wannaa ba3ad ma3akom


Gigi said...

Hey, folks! Ma3alaikum I noticed Shurouq started commenting on other blogs... It'll only be a matter of time now before she's back! :D

Gigi, optimistically

P.S. psst-shurouq:.. moo tadgireeni ;| !!

P.P.S. For some reason I was never around your blog much. Weren't you on Safat?? Anyway I just realized that I missed out on a lot and so you MUST return 3alashan it3awtheeni 3ammaa faaaaaaat ;'(

Ms.Baker said...

Oh Shurouq.... :(

But I understand how life is...come back when things settle down. Take care of yourself. You are a wonderful, amazing lady whom I admire greatly.

I am sad, bas I can imagine how things must be and how your energies need to be redirected towards your life.


Ms.Baker said...

...And Allah weyach, may things calm down and settle for you soon.


kwtia said...

just came by to share the love..and because I am so used to coming by here all the time..miss you well..

Alia said...



Alia said...

i'm 88 now

Alia said...


Alia said...


come on

Alia said...


Alia said...



Alia said...


Alia said...


إهئ إهئ إهئ

Alia said...


ترى تعبت

Alia said...


come back

Alia said...


Alia said...


yalla 3ad

Alia said...


ميلاد عمر .. عشان خاطره انزين

Alia said...


خلاص وصلنا ال 100 كفاية وإلا بعد

Alia said...


أذيتج مو .... هذي دعاية

NuNu™ said...

101 the dalmations? Or the baddala??!!


Delicately Realistic said...

People thought of you AT LEAST 103 times!

What more do you want? :>

I think your waiting for a specific number, wela yhimich, nwa9la afa 3alaich :P

Shurouq said...

قلبي حن.. بس هالأيام مخي فاضي ودمي وايد ثقيل
Ya3ni I'm doing you guys a favor here i swear

Thank you, that was very sweet of you :)

Bala 7an, that's why i'm still in touch :)

ما دام قمت تغني لي فيروز لازم أسمع كلامك
Just give me a little more time, i'll come around :)

77 is a cool number. I'm reconsidering already.

ما عليك.. حقوق الطبع محفوظة

Hi, ayya :*

Right.. it's a matter of time inshalla :)
I would never "adger" you, babe

Thank you so very much :*

And your visits are reason enough to resume blogging :*

Alia, Alia, Alia, Alia, Alia, Alia, Alia...
Love you :*

101 is also my extension number at work :D

Delicately Realistic,
What more do I want?
A small villa in Tuscany/Italy will do.

Khalas guys, I'm rebuilding my arsenal and will be back soon.

Anonymous said...

العزيزة الغالية جدا جدا، شروق
قبل اسبوعين طحت على هالسايت.. بالصدفة. ولو تشوفين وجهي يوم قرأت الاسم وربطت المعلومات.. صفنت

مواضيعك كلها قرأتها بجلسة وحدة طويلة.. بعضهاخلاني أحتر وحرك فضولي. ومرات كنت أحس اني قاعد قبالك وقاعدة تسولفين لي

ضحكت وايد وآنا أقرا نغزاتك على الشيعة ونصر الله واحياء التراث (ما تيوزين.. يعني لا ربعنا عاجبين ولا ربعكم).. وما استغربت صراحتك في مواضيع ثانية

انت مثل ما انتي ما تغيرتي

ودي أعرف شصاير وشاللي مأذيك.. بس متأكد لو عرفتيني ما راح تقولين لي.. آنا من الناس اللي ما حبيتيهم وما ظنتي راحتحبينهم

وما تنلامين

المهم بما اني ما أقدر اعرف أخبارك من مصادر أخرى لأني مو بالكويت وتقريبا فقدت الصلة بالأصدقاء اللي ممكن يكون عندهم خبر عنك، أتمنى تردين تكتبين بأسرع وقت وتطمنينا عليك

وإذا في أحد غلط عليك.. أو أذاك بس كتبي اسمه ووالله لأخليه يندم

وآسف طولت.. إذا تعليقي فيه إحراج لك مسحيه

Anonymous said...

One more thing.. You're not stupid how on earth did you fall for mister fake ID?

Jandeef said...

Tbee3een your extension?

nazzal said...

This is v. good news .... Now take all the time
you need to straiten those bad turns and bends :)

Mean while should you need any thing you can
use and abuse us for such a right decision and
thinking , NOT LIKE ............... :)

Hanan said...

You're softening up, aren't you girl?
At least do Alia a favor. That chick is very persistent :)

Come back and I promise I'll give you the artistic masterpiece I created last night;) (Assuming it isn't burnt by now)


Shurouq said...


The office willi feeh yours

:) Nazzal,
شايلاك لعوزة على قولة المصريين

What a tempting offer :P

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Yallah 3aaaaad

Anonymous said...

Hints: Decmber 2002. BBQ in Mishhrif. And 12+5=35

NuNu™ said...

YEY!!! She's coming back you guys!!! =D

Tara said...

هذا احسن خبر اسمعه
الحمد لله يارب

كان عندي حق اجي هنا كل يوم
قلبي كان حاس اني لازم اشوف نهاية لهالشدة

Love U so much Shurouq

Brava Valentia said...



Shurouq said...

Shopaholic Q8eya, Nunu, Tara, and Mouther Courage
Thank you :)

I don't have a clue.. sorry.

q8tyshareef said...

Roo7a bala rada. Go fuck yourself. 3balha sij

q8tyshareef said...

I meant to say welcome back :/

waterlilie said...

Shurouq, but why? I think you should reconsider...


ValenciaLover said...

you made my day when i read signs of you coming back. You don't know how much your blog means to me. i'm really addicted to it, me , the one who was always against too much time on computers. Yallaaaa, we're all waiting. i don't think anyone ever got that many comments on his/her blog. & i know i'm right you don't need to check.


AyyA said...

Knock knock, you’re there? Just came to say hello and check your returning schedule.
121, both on this vote and on my comment… wanasa :)

Eva said...

121 MOKARAR :p !!!!

raqam thahabee gabel shwi kan elmafroth ekon lee bas 7st shwi oo radet wela ruby ma5theta:p

Denya Min eLMissing Ya shouroqaa hOpe to c u soon here B New post : )

Muhammad Aladdin said...

يا عيني يا عيني
عظمة علي عظمة يا ست

NuNu™ said...

Correction; That is

133 !

NuNu™ said...

Oops!!! Sorry I mean

125 !

ishfeeni shega7t??! =/

bugs bunny said...

First time i comment here only because you said you're coming back and you di'int and im still awaiting

Shurouq, i think i saw you the other day
Would you date a younger guy? ;)

Hanan said...

It sure is taking you a long time to rebuild that arsenal of yours. And you're such a tiny creature too.

Yalla come back girl.

Would you say apple pie or brownie? As an arsenal rebuilder. Or potato soap or onion soup? Bs can't think of other dishes now.

Or how about a new dish of opmqzlju (wv for today, sounds african)

Hanan said...

Oh I forgot.

127 :)Almost your age, no?

wv: ifsaa, now that sounds even more african: mufasa like

Shurouq said...

What's your problem?

Hello Waterlilie :)
I'm always reconsidering

Happy Birthday :*

I'm here. Come in. Let's have a drink :)

Intay illi thahabiya :)
How are you, babe?

حسيييبك للزمن

Hi Nunu :)

Bugs Bunny,
Saw me where?

If I'm 127 you must be 534 :P
And "ifsaa" doesnt sound African, it sounds 3aib. How about "asifa" as in sorry, or storm

Apple Pie should do

bugs bunny said...

At the airport ;)

bugs bunny said...

and u didnt answer my q!

q8tyshareef said...

People like you are my problem. You wanna leave just leave hit the delete button and go. You wanna stay then stay. Don't work the masses for your own problems. Peace

ValenciaLover said...

Thank you, but i'm disappointed. I was expecting a new post for my birthday


snookie said...

134!! mashalla
haa shiftay?! kilna nabeech ya m3awda!

lesh ya mama :(
life took a bad turn? what, you got married or something? JK ;P

yalla.. i'll be checking every week to see if you're back..

3eedich imbarak o taqabal allah 6a3tich.. shtagnalich ya shurouq :)

Alia said...

135 ...

إي اشتقنالج

& we want you back

وإللي مو عاجبه أكو 6000000000 طوفة خل يطق راسه فيهم

shosho said...

3eedich embarak Sharouqa :)

LiL Alien said...

عيدج مبارك اختى الارضيه

Shurouq said...

Bugs Bunny,

I get it. Thank you.

Hope you liked the music :)

lol Snooks,
No, not that bad of a turn
Ayyamich sa3eeda dear :*

When are we Chocolate Barring again?

Ayyamich sa3eeda, Green fairy :*

أيامك سعيدة أخي الاكستراتيريستيال

ValenciaLover said...

I loved the CDs. Thank U. Any clue about your secret admirers?


yallaaaaaaaaaa 3aaaaad

yabeela new post, 3eedeya !!!

سعاد حسني said...

ha.. you said you're coming back.
wainich? :(

you're missed by many. bassich dala3 and 3edech mubarak :)

LiL Alien said...

Still waiting!

LiL Alien said...

شرايج ترجعين تكتبين .. وانا آخذج كوكبنا.

LiL Alien said...


هذا الرقم من نصيبي واعتقد الكل عارف معناه .. اهداء هذا الرقم الى اختي الارضيه

Eva said...

هذا الرقم السري حق جنطتي مالت السفر

The Red One :p

حق اللي ما يعرف يعني :p

Jelly Belly said...

3eedich Embarak Sun-Shine :*

ElJabriyaBa3ad'haZa7ma said...

I'm not one to comment on blogs but here goes..

You're disappointing everyone

I'm surprised that someone with your mentality can be easily defeated by whatever
Now we know it's nothing that serious since we see your comments on other blogs

How about you start a new blog, with a new anonymous identity and say what's on your mind?
maybe it will help?

Anonymous said...

If you find my previous comment to be harsh please forgive me


Kristalle said...


Healing takes time.. shorter than u think, because ur a strong person...

I haven't come across anyone who said that he/she'll quit & had such a renounced response as you've had..

I'm number 148..

Deep down i know that this is just a time of reflection for you.. I know that you'll come back..

But all u need is time.. & i'm sure seeing this mass of people who care for u is making whatever ur going through much easier..

Shurooq, in the end.. its the people that care for u that matter.. these people's thoughts & concerns for/over u are genuine.. Many people would kill to have that.. & u have that because ur special & people can see that..

Believe in urself.. believe that ALL things happen for a GOOD reason.. w 3asa an takrahoo shaya'n wahwa khairon lakom..

just dont loose out on the people whom u mean so much to..

God bless u & take care of urself

AyyA said...

On one condition, the drink is on me for the occasion of your come back and all are invited. Don’t worry guys; I also have none-alcoholic beverages ;)
149 :p

Shurouq said...

Valencia Lover,
3ediyat Eid al Adha inshalla :)

سعاد أخت القمر
You should see the look on my face when I first read your name in my mail! :)

Lil Alien,
إذا كوكبكم رطوبة مثل الكويت مابي

My travel bag is red too :)


I'm not disappointing anyone, I just quit blogging. It's that simple.
Your message wasn't harsh on me.
Thank you.

You're comment says it all. I just need a little more time.

I do appreciate every single comment I get here.. including the negative ones.
They've been nothing but helpful.

Sounds tempting ;)

kazmawy said...

شنو اخر ما وصلتوله الحين
يالله ياجارتنا بنت الجابرية علمينا

Bugs Bunny said...

Bugs Bunny sings: "I got one hand holding a carrot.. and the other one is refreshing your page" ;)

Still waiting

Hanan said...

ba3dain ma3ach? yalla come back. blogville is gloomy without your sense of humor.

nazzal said...

خبرني عن أخبارو .. شو أخبارو .. إنشالله مابو شي

آنا عندي حنين ما بعرف لمين ... ليليه بيخطفني من بين السهرانين

أنا فزعانه تكون .. عن جد تنساني

حتى إنت ياحبيبي مشكاين هيك تكون

راجعين يا هوا راجعين !!!!!!!!

سلملي عليه ... إللو إني بسلم عليه

ValenciaLover said...

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6..
...... 155
tara te3abna

Anonymous said...

missing you tons

Kristalle said...

i'm still visiting/posting.. i'm still hoping..

Tell me Shurooq.. r u still healing? coz girl we need u to be in the recovering mode here..

Good Luck 7abeebti..

ValenciaLover said...

Come on Shurouq... if someone had posted a comment for me like Nazzal's ...
i would have been melted by now...

Nazzal.. you are sooo romantic...

Shurouq ...
158 for God's sake...

AyyA said...

ya wad ya teel ;)

Papillona ® said...

aint no sunshine when she's gone


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for more than a year now. I'm one of those readers out there "not a true blogger"

Your blog was always the first that i check, don't know why but i think it's your diverse posts.

It's been a month now with no posts...

We miss you...

Fairuz said: "zorooni koli sana mara" .... and I say "zorena koli shahar mara" with one of your nice posts.

Take care and you're a lucky and loved person = 160 and still going...


Brava Valentia said...

شروق الظاهر انك حالفه ماتردين الا اذا طق الرقم 200


Shurouq said...

كل خير انشالله

Bugs Bunny,
I might need a few more hints.

أي سنس اوف هيومر؟ ماكو أثقل من دمي هالأيام

Nazzal :*
يا بختي والله يسلمك
وسنرجع يوما إلى حينا بس انت ادعي لي

Valencia Lover,
بعد الشر عليك من التعب :*

Thank you, whoever you are :)

I'm definitely recovering and thank you sooo very much :*

Hehehe Ayya
والله مو ثقل.. تناحة

Love you, girl :*

Anonymous #2,
I'm glad you read my blog.
That month's been like a whole year to me.
Thanks for leaving a comment :)

Mouther Courage,
I swear I've been reconsidering since comment number 1 :)

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Shurouq - No! We love you o ma7ad mithlich! You have to come back! I'm sorry that things have taken a bad turn but things get better, eventually. I know I'm being selfish, but I don't care! Come back! See you (soon inshalla)!

shosho said...


Papillona ® said...

Love you too



snookie said...

"wa3adteni bil fara7. tameeit sahranaaaaaaa"


Luckybellybuddha said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Luckybellybuddha said...

very popular bloggess. Hope you're well :-)

Hanan said...

don't they say الأعمال بالنيات؟
I meant to do that pie. The apples ganged up against me. Ba3dain walla walla I wanted to make it coz I thought u were coming but I knew you wouldn't believe me if I said this after big nose said what she did.

I'm getting you a chocolate barring experiece, isn't that even better than pie? yalla come back. Funny thing is that I'm posting this when you're sitting right here beside me and I could tell you this face to face. Oh well, maybe words in print would do a better job in convincing you :)

So yalla girl. snap out of it. Life's too short to be spent in grief (or guilt or fear). It's also too bitchy to allow you your grief. Use your new post as an excuse to get back into blogging.

A3sab said...

Hi shurouq ever since you announced you were quiting I've been checking your blog every now and then in hope that you would come back. I refused to comment earlier because I was somehow sure that you would eventually come back. I wanted to give you some time off to rejuvinate and be able to move on but I'm running ou of patience girl. yalla hanat inshala.

Anonymous said...

You were looking for this song once
wo ana ba3ad 'merta7 a7ibbich wala 3allamt' Shurouuq

Jewaira said...

Hi Shurouq
How's it going in Jabriya? :)

Shurouq said...

D&G, Shosho,and Pappy,
Inshalla.. intaw tamroon amer :*


Thank you :) I'm fine

Stop the food talk. I've been eating like a pig and you know it.

Thanks for dropping by, dear :*
I will write something soon inshalla

You're an angel. Next time sign your name or something :)

Going fiiine babe :)

Anonymous said...

Change your template, it will give you a new beginning and hope, sadqeeni, it works.
So where were we, I lost the count, ok 175

AyyA said...

that anony was me 176 :)

forzaq8 said...

اصير كذاب اذا قلت انا اتابع هالبلوغ كل يوم
بس اليوم دخلته و اشوف انك توقفتى
ما يجوز

شفيها الناس سريع ما توقف

كملى ما عليك امر

Anonymous said...

Shurouq! YOU LOVE ME?? WALLAH???

yoba ana meste3ed ayyeblich M7ammad 3abdo bkubra bas inty amrai

ya zeenich

NYchick said...

الجو من النافذة اجمل ما يكون
حسيت اني ولهانه عليك
ما ادري ليش

جيت اقول لك هالكلام


Shurouq said...

Done :)

Thanks for dropping by :) Don't be a stranger


ولهت عليك العافية