Friday, October 07, 2005


Cleopatra ruled Egypt at the age of 17. She didn’t even have a laptop.
Look at me, I'm 29 and totally lost!
Isn’t it funny how you get yourself into something, and then half way there, you simply forget what it was about?

Wanna hear/read something personal?

Till very recently, I never felt comfortable with my body touching the bathtub. Whenever I took a bath, I’d put a big towel underneath me.
That proved to be a curable personality disorder. I’m taking towelless baths now.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was the only accomplishment to declare tonight.

Thank you and good night.

Some are easier than others, but breakups always hurt.


Purgatory said...

odd woman :P

Delicately Realistic said...

That towel story is really odd. I feel that way if its not my own bath tub, but I never thought of putting a towel. Glad your over that anyhow.

don_veto said...

Well Cleo did have all of Egypt and the important bits of the Roman Empire to help her out. So don't feel so helpless.

Flamingoliya said...

الزمن يتقارب مع مرور السنين، أيامهم كانت أطول من أيامنا، صحيح أن عمرها كان 17 ولكن ستكون عجوزة لو حسبتيها في حساب زمننا هذا والعكس صحيح، فلا تقلقي :)

use rubber mat and air pillow makes the tub more comfy, you can find good ones at A2Z

AyyA said...

LOL, don’t feel bad, I don’t do baths period, I shower :)

Q said...

Bathtub phobia gone, now lets just work on those food ones....

.....let go, live ur life! eat an animal! ;P

shosho said...

Maybe if you took milk baths like Cleopatra you will end up having an empire :P

I shower but never bath, can't see the point of it....

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you got over it!

la teglebeen elmuwaje3

Gigi said...

Hahaha tha7akteeni Shurouq :D

I'm sure that overcoming your personality disorder is just as spectacular an accomplishment as Cleopatra's seduction of two of the greatest men in the Roman Empire, keeping Rome at bay, and speaking about 23838032 languages.

Cuz dude.. those bathtubs are somethin' else ;D

heeheehehe Anyway, for that I will confess one of my own little bathroom quirks...

I can't swallow (my saliva, you perverts ;P) in the shower!! :|
(so instead I spit...)

Gigi, oddly

Papillona ® said...

Sun Shine,
It's totally normal (not really) but I do that too lol.

Shurouq said...

You think I'm odd?
Scroll down and read Gigi's comment.

Delicately Realistic,
I wouldn't even consider a bath in someone else's tub. :)

:) Don Veto,
Thanks for the pep talk.

حسبت ان ارتفاع معدلات العمر ميزة.. بس الظاهر ما فرقت. يعني إذا كان ما نحققه في 70 سنة يعادل ما حققه أجداد أجداد أجداد أجدادنا في 30 سنة، شالفايدة؟

Rubber mats didn't do the trick. But that's all behind me now :D

I'm not big on baths either.

Yooz 3anni

Euww.. milk baths are disgusting!

Catch 22,
Ana asfa :*

Lol Gigi
Come again?
Well, as long as you don't spit while bathing, you're safe sister

Could this be in the genes too?

LiL Alien said...

باث ؟؟ احنا الحين في عصر الجاكوزي .. شخباري الباث

الباث تحت ضوء الشموع يمكن

Shurouq said...

Lil Alien,
آنا من الطبقة الكادحة.. ما عندي جاكوزي

Devilish said...

u reminded me of Alexander who ruled half of the world when he was only in his mid 20s. ahhhhhhhhh! ppl used to have a life back then !!!!

SheWrites said...

Okay, Gigi creeped me out. I can't swallow in the shower either.


Shurouq, I just came by for one of these: :***

Be well, lovely.

Spontaneousnessity said...

whatever makes you happy hehe =}

Anonymous said...

I suggest getting one of those oriental bathtubs.. they're vertical and have a seat.. i think theyre made out of brass too

MissCosmoKuwait said...

I love taking baths...and the trick is to fill it up with bubbles so you don't get to see what's in the water!..:)...It's very theraputical and I think Cleopatra really had it together for a while..but we shouldn't set her as an example when you think about it...she did commit suicide you know!

kwtia said...

Interesting Shurouq..and welcome to the world of towel free baths..
I can't seem to enjoy baths here because I can't stop thinking of all the pollution and chemicals and whatever else might be in the water that I will soak in for way too long..that is very annoying and paranoid.

Shurouq said...

They didn't have chocolate filled Oreos back then. We win :)

:D N,
Ya bakhti

Hehe.. right, Sponty

Catch 22,
Your oriental bathtubs sound interesting.Where can I check them out?

Come on.. Why bring up the water thing? I was just starting to enjoy my baths!

Anonymous said...

Shurouq and Kwtia

I suggest getting filters for your water tanks. Not only do they help sanitize it, also it frees it from free radicals and make it even healthier for you to bathe in. They make the water less acidic and more alkaline. I suggest you search for suppliers in kuwait. It really helps.. even your skin and hair will feel and look so much better

Jewaira said...

Breakups always hurt- and it feels so hard to go on, always. But you do eventually get over it and what a relief that feeling is :)

About the towels, well there is a reason behind every "disorder". Invest in a jacuzzi and spend hours luxuriating in it and pampering yourself. Then, even Cleo will loook down and envy you!

Caesar and Marc Anthony as lovers - power is sexy isn't it?

Jazz Central said...

29 and lost? Towelless showers? Breakups? Interesting day you had. I'm glad you got over your shower delimma. Good for you. I know how hard it is is get rid of a disorder (i hate that word). But how do u feel about swimming pools?

samboose said...

I think every person has their quirky paranoia. I hate wearing open toe shoes whithout painted toenails. It disgusts me and I hate it if someone else does the same!! One of my quirks I guess!!!

Eve said...

Okay, that's the first time I hear about a towelholic, how did you get rid of that addiction? :p

+ oh yes, damn those breakups!

Shurouq said...

Thanks for the tip, Catch22 :)

Power is sexy indeed. Sexy and intimidating.

I kinda feel the same about pools, but I'd take a dip every now and then anyway.
So, what was your "disorder"? :)

Any specific color? :)

I had other things on my mind I forgot about the towel.. and it turned out ok :)
That's how.

Hisham said...

using a towel in your own bathtub? what about a hotel's tub while traveling?
2 towels??

Shurouq said...

I wouldn't take a bath in a hotel, thank you :)

And welcome to my blog

William said...

That's strange... I don't like the feeling of being wet and having clothes rub against me, so if I had a towel under me IN the bathtub, I would freak out.

Shurouq said...

Welcome here, William,
And what can I say.. Different strokes for different folks :)

samboose said...

Any color, even if it's a clear coat with a hint of pearliness, just not plain nail....ugh!!

Anonymous said...

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