Friday, January 06, 2006

باب الشمس

Oufff.. I can't go to tonight's dinner!
What's up with happily married guys hitting on single women?
My long weekend wasn't long enough.. (I skipped Tuesday and Wednesday which I think was a late reaction to the quarrel I had with my boss last week). I'm not ready to go back to work.
The fact that we're moving to another office building isn't helping either.
I know I won't like my new office.
End of rant.
This movie made my Thursday night..

Meet Nahila (Reem Turki)

Younis (Orwa Nerabiyeh)

And Khalil (Basel Khayyat)


Adabted from Elias Khouri's novel, Bab el Shams (2004) covers 50 years of Palestinian History ( from 1943 to 1994). Directed by the very talented cynicist Yousri Nasrallah. Produced by Humbert Balsan.
Highly recommended.

Hope your weekend went well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shurouq
Heard so much praise about this film.I couldn't find it on amazon.
How can I get hold of the DVD?

meWHO! said...

I read half the novel..until I forgot it in my Hotel room last month :( and I cant find a place that sells it here in Kuwait :( I also wanted to see the sister saw it few months back and it3id 3alaih..

Anti_Reason said...

* It is far better to confront your boss, you don’t need to claim victory now, do you?
* I think this is the same movie I saw on Arte almost a year ago – I remember that one mainly because it spanned many decades?

Shurouq said...

Hello, Anonymous
I couldn't find it on line either, I might be getting it from Beirut soon though.
I caught it on TV :)

Did you check Qurtas?
His novel "Yalo" is on my books-to-read shelf, but I haven't read "Bab el Shams".

Awwal shai 3ash min sema3 sotek :)

I did confront my boss. We didn't agree on something so I made it clear to her I won't be working on this particular project.
But I know it's inevitable to get involved once I'm at the office.
3ashan chethi.. :/

And yes, it is an Arte production. Did you like it?

shosho said...

How can you be so sure that they are happy?

Judy Abbott said...

OMG i know ... i hate those married men... also add to it i've been working with a married guy for a while and you can't believe how MARRIED AND SINGLE Women are hitting on him and even wa7da told him to take off his wedding ring because his hand a7la without it. B#%^&.

you can't believe how dirty kuwaitis mind are getting hate it hate it hate it! o ba3deen yegoloon why everyone is being homo! in hal we9akha!

hillz said...

I agree with u about the film. However, i liked the firt part (الرحيل)more than the second part (العودة).. Do U agree??
Just for information this film was shown lately on alshasha channel. and the novel is published by Dar elAdaab..

i_live_in_Q8 said...

I feel sorry for you shrouq!...
Good luck on your new place..

regarding the movie.. never heard of it! which channel was it on?

waterlilie said...

Apparently it is because Nancy 3ajram is attracted to a much older man, which all of a sudden gave happily married older men an even happier image of the possibilities of a young "nancy" falling inlove with them.
And I swear, and I heard this quote over the weekend from a happily married older man "Al7een ilbanat lisghar mayaboon ila shiyab". As if they are the new BLACK.


kwtia said...

Married men assume that 4 wives are they are simply shopping..idiots..
I have to look up that film.

Alia said...

Hey you

missing you so much here, Bierut rocks

so did you move yet
مو تنسون أغراضي بالمكتب .. ترا واي مهمين الورقتين والقلم اللي عندي

did u watch the movie, i'm still looking for it thought, i'm going to virgin Megastore in a bout an hour, hope i'll find it there, & by the way i found "Alexandria-Newyork" i don't know wether it's good or not, but i bought it anyway.

Shurouq said...

I can't :)

I didn't quite get the relation between infidelity and homosexuality :)

Despite the poetry and the beautiful scenery in part one, it was the second part that really got to me..
I related to Khalil's confusions. The violence, and the uncertainties were way more familiar than the somewhat mythological Younis and Nahila.

I Live in Kuwait,I watched it on al Shasha.
And I appreciate your sympathy :)

Lol Waterlilie,
I only hate older married men who think they're the new black

But 4 wives is 7alal
كما يرى جمهور الفقهاء

So is shopping :P

على قولة فيروز.. من قلبي سلام لبيروت

:* Have fun you guys
وضووا لي شمعتين في مخيم الحرية حق سمير قصير وجبران تويني

kwtia said...

:) what to do about willful misreadings of the Book ?...but I'll look into that shopping bit..

Emikweesta said...

Shurouq the movie was beautifuly made though it was too long to watch in the theater so I'm glad u watched it at home. As you said it sums up 50 years in 4 hours in an appealing story written by Elias Khouri.

I liked how the movie portrays many characters living through those 50 years with different stories that lead to the same goal and mission.

I highly recommend the film and I'm looking forward to read the book soon inshala.

Moey said...

easily found on cheap 1.5 kd dvds bel share3

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