Thursday, January 19, 2006

من صفحة الوطن الأخيرة

ما أدري ليش العلم.. بس من زمان ما شفته


بومريوم said...

يحيى العظام و هى رميم

هذا زمن صحوة المومياءات

Jandeef said...

خوش مقال ، بس الواحد يتوه بين محمد الأول وصباح الرابع وعبدالله الثاني وفهد التاسع وفيصل الخامس :/

jambino said...

All the more reason why we should evolve (and I underline evolve) into a true constitutional monarchy where the sovereign's role is largely ceremonial.

Eventually, we need a setup similar to Britain's. Kuwait is fit for this because our ruling family was not imposed on the people and they are by and large well liked by the populace.

Shurouq said...

بو مريوم.. ما أدري فهمت تعليقك والا لأ :)

Lol Jandeef
هذا تقريبا تعليقي وآنا أقرا المقال حق الوالد

Amen to that..

توني حطيت خبر مبايعة الشيخ صباح ومسحته لأني مو متأكدة من المصادر.. قد يكون الخبر صحيحا وقد تكون إشاعة

Jewaira said...

Shurouq you got us worked up for a while :)

Shurouq said...

Hehe Sorry, Jewaira

I guess nothing's confirmed till Saturday..

طائر بلا وطن said...

وصلني مسج .. و يا كثرهم

بس والله هذا المسج من واحد ثقة

صباح الأحمد أمير
محمد صباح السالم ولي عهد
نواف الأحمد رئيس مجلس الوزراء
مشعل الأحمد الوزير الداخلية

و العلم عند الله

Jewaira said...

Just saw an announcement on LBC news that pronounced Sheikh Sabah as new Emir and that Sheikh Saad will step down. There was an Egyptian correspondent Al-Seesi reporting it from Kuwait

A3sab said...

shurouq ana sima3t nafs il7'abar.

bo_ghazi said...

Just saw this on Elaph....
Still, its not yet confirmed.

DareDevil said...


White Wings said...

I don't know if such a ruling system can survive today's fast and Practicality-inclined world!!
I'm worried and would like to see this coming to a soon end

ScarlO said...

The article makes perfect sense.
I heard about the news, and that makes sense too. To me, at least. Shaikh sa3ad is too old and ill. Sheikh 9uba7 is old .. and ill .. but ham shay ahwan men shay.

Let's wait and see when the news are confirmed. Did you check alwatan's homepage today? Some sheikh's speech min maseerat ams automatically plays on the main page. Sort of touching (to me, at least..)

ScarlO said...

Sheikh 9uba7 is the new prince.
It was on Arabiya just now ...

ولاّدة said...


جابر أبونا من عمر عرفناه
يا بو فهد عز وفخر وشفناه

غريب حين يتردد شطر من البيت وينسى ويتناسى البعض الشطر الآخر

أنا حزينة لسبب أجهله
ماذا عنك؟

mosan mosan said...

Jewaira you were waiting to watch the prime ?

Alia said...

I second jandeef
I'm totally lost

بس الظاهر راح تصير صكة كبيرة واله يستر من اللي ياي