Monday, January 02, 2006


How fashla is it to take my roasted chestnuts to Chocolate Bar?

وليش مقال الربعي نازل بعنوان ملطّف في جريدة الشرق الأوسط؟


Brava Valentia said...

hehe esh halesh.hawah shurouq ?
i think u can take it and say " how about we try to make our local marron glace?"

awal marrah 1st comment , what do i get ? ;-p

Luckybellybuddha said...

not a bit provided they allow it. Its your taste buds & keeping taste buddies happy is something one owes :-)
Its very much possible that the editor took the liberty of tal6eefing the baloo3a as they often do so should they deem it fit, plus upsetting Syrians locally is 9ar'7a thay3ah whereas doing so internationally could backfire, for one, you don't get to comment on the articles here but you do in sharq alawsa6.
Btw, I honestly think that someone who's been in power in that Syria for 3 decades is no white dove.
I honestly think that he is promoting himself for the trio (US, UK, France) that I am here in case you want someone credible to do deals with, not to mention the ba3thi "duhness" he demonstrated, something all ignorantly arrogant ba3theyeen seem quite capable of doing :-/
Allah ye3een Lebanon.

Alia said...

not fashla at all

i'll help you out, just take me there

Alia said...

Another thing:

يصير ينزل نفس المقال في صحيفتين مختلفتين في نفس الوقت؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

بعدين تغيير العنوان هذا ما عجبني

بومريوم said...

يعتمد شلون موديه الكستن
بطاسه و لا بكيس تاناغرا

Papillona ® said...

hahahaha zoughaaa! ana wainy 3annich?

White Wings said...

Well, you know I take my own food every where, this would not be the least embarrasing for me :)
Does Al-Rubee publish exact same article in both newspapers?
بالوعةis not very attractive I guess, it brings about a mental smell that might get associated with the newspaper :)
ويييه، سويتها قصة :)

Shurouq said...

Mother Courage,
You get roasted chestnusts dipped in dark chocolate :)

No one's buying Khaddam's white-doviness. His agenda is yet to be questioned. But till then, I'll enjoy the information squeeze-out.

I will as soon as you come back from Liban.
واي يصير.. ما فيها شي :)

بو مريوم
ناوية أخشهم بمخابيي وأشيل طاسة فاضية للتمويه

Da bas min zoughich :*

White Wings,
Tall people might get away with acts of fashla, but it's a different world for people of my height.
And yes, he often does.

White Wings said...

really? I had no idea we get away with embarrasing acts because of our hight (we as in us, tall beautiful people:)
cool then, I've been contemplating doing couple of stupid things..I guess I'll just go for them:)

ولاّدة said...

شهوة فيها العافية ..ما فيها شي...يمكن خاطرك في الشكولات فوندو معاه

أما عن الربعي فواضح غيّر لهم العنوان...وأصلاً آنا زعلانة منه من زمان

Alia said...

شروق الطوال إذا سوو شي يفشل كل الناس تشوفهم، بس القصار ينخشون ومحد يقدر يشوفهم لان على قوله أخوج مو بمستوى النظر

No offence

Яeema said...

first of all , not fashla at all, you just bring a big bag with you and hide it inside a ziplock bags,

i am invited right?

about alrob3i :

their is no copy write for the news paper ?

W. said...


اصلا انا ما اقرا الا لحسين شبكشي و بدريه البشر لانهم هم اللي يفشون خلقي فالحاله الزفت اللي احنا فيها

regarding local problems ofcourse

Happy new year!

AyyA said...

I think because the translation of baloo3a is seera in classical Arabic, no? :p

shosho said...

It's not the first time he does that.

And I thought putting the chestnuts in my pockets and eating them everywhere in the house was fashla :P

Shurouq said...

White Wings,
You wouldn't get away with anything.. not with us around :P

الله لا يجيب الزعل.. قولي لي ليش وآنا أطلع له عذر على طول

B أظن وايت وينغز زعلانة منه بعد لأنه عطاها

نظريات اخوي خليها حقك
أصلا احنا بمستوى النظر لما الناس تكون قاعدة

7ayyach allah :) My Chocolate Bar is your Chocolate Bar

Catch 22,
بدرية البشر تبدع
شبكشي ما أقرا له وايد

منى الطحاوي إز هايلي ريكومندد

lol I'll let that one pass.

Chestnuts in pockets? Have I told you lately that I love you?

White Wings said...

صحيح أنا زعلانة على الدرجة الي ما عرف د.الربعي انه يبررها:) بس أنا زعلانة أكثر على توقيعه الذي وضعه على قانون فصل الاختلاط بدل ما يوضعه على استقالته كما يتوجب في مثل حالة اصدار قانون كهذا،الله يسامحه، هم أحبه