Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Too much attention is suffocating.
I understand that now.
People need their space or else they'll go crazy on you.
At least I'm learning something.

Background music: Madonna's Borderline
(I don't have to link you to that, right? Have to go back to work)


ValenciaLover said...

shurouq, check
Algeria's TV

klgln said...

dunno about you shurouq
i luv attention
the more the better :)

klgln said...

n if you're crazy for them, you wouldnt go crazy on them

my two cents

Anonymous said...


MiYaFuSHi said...

That is very correct.

Spontaneousnessity said...

I gave too much space, I went crazy

Judy Abbott said...

i dont mind extra attention at alll... wanasa :)

Bu 6ubar said...


You don't like them. You tell them off loud n clear. Don't play with people's hearts ya bint.

And don't shoot the messanger

nazzal said...

men need space ... period ... full stop .

women need attention even if they ask for space ,
coz if men give space , it has to be mixed with
attention .... coz if they really dare and give space,
their own space will be squeezed so tight , that their
life needs attention :)

so dear man keep squeezing attention towards your
lady's space .

Ms.Baker said...


Yes, that is too true my dear. Only too true.

MsB, who needs her own space as much as she needs to give it to those she loves..

Alia said...

don't know what you're talking about really, bas don't you need your space?

Shurouq said...


Regarding your second comment, truer words were never spoken

and welcome to my blog :)


I know :)

Moderation is the answer

Hehehe Judy,
Are you positive?

BU 6UBAR??!!
ما أفول إلا: الروس نامت والعصاعص قامت

Maybe we're not as blunt about it as you guys are, but we need our space too, believe me

Plus, this isn't necessarily a man vs. woman issue. Friends can be over-attentive at times :)

Ms Baker,
We learn our lessons, but don't always apply them, do we? :)

I'm talking about pushiness
Of course I need my space :'(