Saturday, March 04, 2006

A one-liner and a couple of songs..

It's a thin (or not so?) line between being judgmental and being true to one's self.
We give rise to ego by being insecure
The advice that we go desperatly searching for
The subconscious effort to support our paramour
To engage in denial, to admit we're immature
Validating lies, Mr. Intentional
Open up your eyes, Mr. Intentional

وتنذكر ما تنعاد


W. said...

is there? wouldn't it have to do with the intention? but how would we know whats in anyones heart?

my solution: not give a damn.. willi mo 3ajba b salamtah

Anonymous said...

تعمر وتجيب ولاد بس انساني

Anonymous said...

Did I hit a nerve ….. am sorry …… dame am being nice for the second day :^(

nice said...

شهالعذاب ييله نظاريتين ومكبرين يالله اشوف الكلام
طاف ني كل شي الا الخيط الرفيع اول السطر وهذا اوافق عليه الباجي اسمحولي :)

NuNu™ said...

Is there a thin line between being judgmental and being true to one's self?!

Cause, I can see difference! =/

kila ma6goog said...

i second nice....i cant read

but hell with it, nice post shroooq:)

Alia said...

both hearts so bad if the thing you're saying is indeed true

Bu 6ubar said...

dun know what ur talking about
ur anything bt judgmental

and ps. u'll be amazied at who's pc i'm using to leave u this comment

AyyA said...

Being judgmental is the result of man striving for identity; we all are judgmental to some degrees and the ones who are not judgmental are the ones who worked strenuously to rid themselves of it for the sake of humanity and they are very rare. So I agree, it is true

Shurouq said...

sa7.. it's all about intentions. Thank you.

اي والله اي والله

ولا يهمك

نعتذر على رداءة الصورة

You can't see it coz it is thin :*

Kila Ma6goog,
I appreciate your support.

Nothing I say is true

Bu 6ubar,
Believe it or not.. I kinda missed you the other day.