Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sarrayat Fling

But Eric Bana is too cute for an assassin.

How many failed attempts does it take for one to give up on.. hmm.. let's say cooking?

I am mentally exhausted.
And I worry.


nazzal said...

welcome to the club
keep trying ! :)

7asoon said...

it took me dozens of trials (and equal amounts of errors) plus the loads of un pleasent comments to get things right in the kitchen ;P it was either that or eating pizza for the rest of my student life

good luck.. keep tryin'

Bu 6ubar said...

sabba7ch allah belkhair

can't imagine you trying anything
la cooking wala knitting wala 7etta dialing a busy number twice

you, my lady, are a giverupper

Broke said...

Cooking ?

Let's say 5 ..

تضامنا مع الدوائر

* شكو *

La , seriously >>
I have something 2 dedicate , hoping it shuts down ur exhaustion .. :

عندما يحين الوقت
ذات جنون
سأصطاد الفضاء وأصافح الغيمة
سأستعير الزوبعة
فأترك الدموع الطافرة ورائي
دموعاً طافرة

عندما يحين الوقت
ذات فراشة ليلية
سأخلع وداعتي التي سئمت
سأخلع ثوبي المستنفر عبثاً
وأضرم الأمس
فأعود ملساء كالأرض من بعيد
وأدور على نفسي
حول القمر.

عندما يحين الوقت
ذات فجر بلا ندى
سأجهر بوجهي المتلبّد
وأدفن وجوهي الصافية.
مسكونةً بعنادي سأكون
معجونةً كخبز الزمن
لا يهمني جمع فُتاتي
سأوزع ظلال ضوئي على ذاتي

علها تقطر مثل عسل اللذة
نقطةً نقطة
قبلةً قبلة
كي تطفو على وجه النهر
تلك المرأة التي أدخرها

جمانة حداد

googoosh said...

You have something other than cooking in your mind ;p but I tell you about cooking, am good cook if it didnt work for the first time I do it again after few weeks if didnt work I give up because I know there is something wronng about the recipe and look for another recipe.

لمياء الحالمة said...


الحال من بعضه

هل هو الجو العام, أقصد بذلك السرايات, وليس اي شيئ آخر, لا دوائر ولا حتى مربعات


خارج الموضوع, كل يوم, وانا رادة من الدوام, وبس نوصل لمستشفى هادي, اتذكرج وابتسم, زوجي يقول لي أكيد تذكرتي شروق

bunaz said...


If u're isngle, no problem.

If not, alla yekoun fi 3ona :)

It was such a pleasanet surprise seeing you today.

iDip said...

مو عاجبتج السرايات!!! ;p

الا ترين فيها لوحة سريالية للوضع الحالي في بلدنا المصون
الا تقدرين تفنن الطبيعة في التنفيس عما يثير الشجون
الا هل بلغت، الا فاشهدونِ

"مش مقدورك الا تسبي كلمة بتبدا بحرف السين؟"


Alia said...

tell me how many failed attempts you had & i'll give you a number

If you say 4 I'll say then it's 4 we're done ... khalas already

kila ma6goog said...

يا سلام

Shurouq said...

I'll order Chinese..
وايد أسهل

Hehe 7asoon
But I wouldn't mind living on pizza

Bu 6ubar
And I can't imagine you not criticizing.

خمسة خميسة

Thanks for the lovely dedication :*

You're right.. And 'Cooking' here is a metaphor for applying eye makeup :P

لمياء الحالمة
يعني أقدر اقول اني الحين معلم من معالم الجابرية؟ مثل المحول اللي يم بيتنا؟

المرة الياية حياكم انت وزوجك واللي تحبونهم

It was very nice seeing you :)

بس آنا والفن السيريالي مش أصحاب

والله يساعد الله يعين

Too many I stopped counting.
Point noted :*


بعدك مسافر والا رديت؟
ناطرين بقية موضوعك

Erzulie said...

-Eric Bana is not cute. He's manly and handsome. Cute is for babies and puppies :P
-Cooking: Athker awal sena bil jam3a, wa7id sa'alni "Erzulie, ti6bikheen?" and my friend suddenly said "Ha! Erzulie ti6bakh?! Hahaha!" Every since then, I mastered machabees, 7iloo, sala6at, you name it. It's not easy, it takes practice and patience and you have to enjoy it also. It's fun and it feels so good lama tathbi6een the dish :)) Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Here's something to make you laugh, or maybe gasp in disbelief.

Once I decided to be creative & made one helluva italian dish (cant pronounce it anyway). I found myself a few hours later with a bunch of tubes hooked into my arms & gay nurses twittering all around me.

Moral of the story: Follow your cookbook to the L-E-T-T-E-R ;)

Nice blog by the way :)

Shurouq said...

In my book, Eric is cute o bes.
'Manly and handsome' would go for someone like Steve Mcqueen or Gregory Peck. :)

And about cooking.. Mechabees?!! 3ashat Erzulie :) Ana ma agayesh.

Mini Я.
Slamat.. ma tshoof shar

And welcome to my blog :)

And here's Ziad Rahbani's Ana mosh kafer for BuNaz, whose comment has magically disappeared!

bunaz said...

" Esherrayee 3al biya3een.."

Love this guy's work.

Momken tet7efeenna with his 'Ana Mosh Kafer" here so we can enjoy with our chai and sheesha?

bunaz said...

thankx Mini R,

sorry couldn't revers the R

Halla2 badna wehdee tanyee 3a zoaak


bunaz said...

I gooffed again.

Thanx shorouq.

ScarlO said...

Mental exhaustion, that's so ugly .. I know the feeling.

And cooking, erm, I don't know. I do it for fun, and I don't necessarily eat it. And it's fun to see people's reaction when you 'cook'

Pizza is always good.