Friday, May 19, 2006

"أجمل الأشعار ما يحفظه عن ظهر قلب.. كلّ قارئ"

Update: 17 pictures from Friday night added to Flickr
عندي غيرهم بس فليكر مو راضي يضيفهم، قال لي: بس عاد مصختيها
البرتقال يضيء غربتنا
البرتقال يضيء
والياسمين يثير عزلتنا
والياسمين بريء
محمود درويش معانا عالخط
This sketch was inspired by pictures on
My pictures turned out bad as usual, but you can find them here anyway.
See you tonight, cupcakes :*


BuJwais said...

Your pictures are nice Shurouq and there's nothing wrong with them :)! And I found that I myself was in one of them, bas ashwa kinda hidden 3an al anthaaar :D. Keep up the good work :).

Papillona ® said...

See you :*

Q8Maverick said...

Very nice pictures shurouq.. looking for more from tonight, our hearts and soul are with you

kwtia said...

Nice photos lady, take more tonight..on my way out the door, see ya there..

kila ma6goog said...

pics on my site

nice meeting u :)

Mini Я. said...

Gorgeous pics actually I liked them. Tonight was pretty nice, I was surprised at the turn out!

Good to see everyone there :)

iDip said...

البرتقال عنوان حملتنا
البرتقال محبة
والياسمين عدو الجراد
الذي على الغدر تربى

شوي محتر من السالفة "إياها" وأقول لهم:
ومن ينقلب على عقبيه فلن يضر مع الله شيئا

المهم... الصور جميلة وأجملها صورة الزعابي

ZORT said...
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ZORT said...

Beautiful sketch :-)

صدق كله مطقوق


Alia said...

The picture that inspired you is my favourite one ..

go go superman

رسميلي بيدو وعمر بما إنج في أجازة وفاضية وعشان آنا أبي

BuJwais said...

Another successfull event! But this time I was really unlucky and unsuccessfull with the camera. I was there around 7:40 yet still couldn't find a spot at front to sit at to take nice photos/clips. I will see if I shot anything decent to upload today when I get back home.

Shurouq, did we meet by any chance? I talked briefly to a lady that might have been you. She was handing out ornage ribbons, and I asked her if it's ok to get one even for those wearing orange. She said it's ok to get the shorter one to tie on one's hand. It may have been you? If it was, then nice meeting you :).

neelaah said...

الصورة حلوووووووووه
و محمود درويش احلى

اختيار جدا راقي و موفق

Shurouq said...

على قولة المصريين
الله يجبر بخاطرك

And yes I was handing out flags too but I don't remember having that conversation, so it must be someone else.

See you next time inshalla..
I'll be the shortest girl there hopping on chairs to take pictures :)

Saw you :*

Q8Maverick and Kwtia
Your wish is my command :)
last night's pics just added.

Kila Ma6goog
Nice meeting you too :)

Mini Я.
Zain aren't you gonna reveal the reversed R secret already?

Hehe yeah, Za'abi and I are friends now.

وعن الموضوع الثاني.. آنا ساكتة لأني ما ودي أغلط في هالشهر البرتقالي الفضيل

Thanks :)

صدق في شنو؟

عاد كنت ناوية أرسم صورة عمر وليالي

كم تدفعين؟

أسفرت وأنورت :*

kwtia said...

Excellent! Now can we ask for more beautiful paintings...

Mini Я. said...

shurouq: *looks around carefully* i accept bribes in order to reveal the secret :P

some nice home-made cookies would be enough payment ;)

BuJwais said...

الظاهر ما كانت انتي. عموما نلتقي مرات قادمة إن شاء الله :). ه

أقول، ترى بو نبيل و بو قتادة زايريننا في المدونة. حياكم. ه

Baroque said...

can't help but comment on the pictures.. loved the picture with the father and his two daughters (they look like twins)!

totally cute!

AyyA said...

You have some pics of me under the umbrella at the parliament front gate, can you send the originals to me please, thanks sweetie.

BaLqEeS said...


Shurouq said...

Glad you liked em :)

Mini R

الله يحييك :)

Yes.. It's one cute family :)


عسى دوم :)

Alia said...


Muffins or Falafel?

A3sab said...

khos 9iwar!

Spontaneousnessity said...

ghoregat 3yoni lama sheft leswar, why wasn't I there huh! WHY!

NuNu™ said...

WOW!! Amazing sketch mashallah

Anonymous said...

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