Thursday, May 11, 2006

Status: Up In Arms

This constituencies’ battle has been a true eye-opener. A chance for every Kuwaiti to know how this country is being run.. For whose benefit, and at whose expense.

I’m not good at giving motivational speeches, but guys, do not give up on us now. The fight has only started. Disappointment might’ve reached its highest levels in the last few days, but the fat lady has not yet sung.
Keep on pushing for reform and keep that spirit high.

See you Sunday night..

I'm skipping a Fuad Salem gig and instead staying home listening to Bill Withers.

This lovely Fuad Salem song should go out to our lovelier Prime Minister:

ردتك تمر ضيف، وتسكت اليحجون

حجيك مطر صيف، ما بلل اليمشون

I would also dedicate this song to His Highness the Emir.. bes chinna fashla!
"Who Is
He And What Is He To You?"

يقولون السنعوسي قبل حقيبة وزراة الإعلام.. ما أدري أدز له بوكيه ورد برتقالي يمكن يستوعب؟ *


Anonymous said...

we need a song a nasheed to chant it out there..anyone got anything yet?

chanad said...

best of luck to you all in your campaign. im glad you haven't given up so easily.

Purgatory said...

what do you have aganist fat women?

3afoor said...

i totally agree with Mini R ( how can you type flipped R?) we should have to have nasheed..

jashanmal said...

il san3oosi eyjabel sleel iljahra wila showbiz wila il i3lam? mskeen :P

ohwa qabil gabul maten3ereth 3laih ilwizara :P

oo shurouq there is one word that I truly need to get it out of my system!



BuJwais said...

No need for a new nasheed in my opinion, just bring a medium-sized portable stereo and play some of the songs of the golden era of national singing of Shadi Al-Khaleej and Sanaa2 Al-Kharraz etc. You're actually already in the mood as you've used some of the lyrics in the main message of this post :D. And some was used in the Kuwait 5 banners as well.

"و نحن أبناء الكويت الرائدة....(صوت هتافات الجمهور هيييييه)
أجيالنا بكل خير واعدة تن تتن"

This way you hit 2 birds with one stone; you're using established national songs that everyone knows and loves and that are very relevant here, and you will prevent them from describing the Kuwaiti youth, as they are portrayed in the song, as "yahalooh ow may3arfoon shay".

Heck if this goes through I'm willing to provide tapes (or even attempt to make mp3s out of them) since I have most of those songs on tapes in my car :).

kila ma6goog said...

احسن شي ألحين تييبين حلقة الراي المكشوف مالت أحمد اليوسف و عبدالله معيوف

و تحطينه و هو يقول

وسع سدرك وسع سدرك

وسعي سدرج وسعي سدرج

العن خيره سدرك, عندنا صدرر , طقق صدررر ,, الامام الصدرررر مو سدر

Anonymous said...

so guyz can u just clear this up for me... so now we have tajamo3 on saturday in sa7at il 3alam at 6:30 and a tajamo3 on sunday at 6:00 jidam majlis il omma as well? correct?


bo bader said...

يا شباب
والله رجعتوني لذاك الزمان الحلو على كل ما كان فيه من آلام
لكن بقول لكم بعض النقاط يا شباب:
1- ترى هذي أول مرة أشارك في بلوغ - ويمكن الأخيرة
مو علشان شي بس لأتي أنا من جيل الكبار في السن شوية لكن هذي الأيام رجعتونا شباب بكل هذه المواقف المبدئية علشان ديرتنتا
2- لا تفترون ولا تتنازلون عن مبادئكم
ترا احنا كبرنا والبركة فيكم الحين
احنا ناس اعيالنا بعمركم والله في الثانوية والجامعة
3- الخطيب والسعدون والنيباري وغيرهم مو دايمين
لازم انتوا تكملون المشوار والأرض اللي طلعتهم مي عاجزة تطلع غيرهم
عسى الله يقويكم وكملوا المسيرة ترى الكويت أمانة بيدينكم

Doctor said...

thank you for this lovely word :
احنا مو عبيد شيوخ
I hope you won't give up and support your believe becuase this is will happen enshallah sooner or later and i really wish to be with you to say to our government that we are here.
Missing Home
Oxford university

ZORT said...

They're Pinky and The Brain
Yes, Pinky and The Brain
One is a genius
The other's insane.
They're laboratory mice
Their genes have been spliced
They're dinky
They're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

Before each night is done
Their plan will be unfurled
By the dawning of the sun
They'll take over the world.

They're Pinky and The Brain
Yes, Pinky and The Brain
Their twilight campaign
Is easy to explain.
To prove their mousey worth
They'll overthrow the Earth
They're dinky
They're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

Alia said...

للأسف وايد ناس طخوا .. ويقولون ان شفايدة التجمع الحين بعد ما حسم مجلس الوزراء الموضوع .. وياريت هذا الشي ما يخليهم يكشتون فينا في ليلة الإرادة .. محتاجين اكبر عدد ممكن من الجمهور

see u all there
be there

لنا نكون صف واحد عشان الكويت

Anonymous said...

they're pinky and the brain
and they're kinky and stinky
stinky stinky stinky
and there plan is exposed
and it's filthy filthy filthy

wa shukran

Soulwater said...

all the mails bounce, mind putting ur security a bit lower?

Soulwater said...

try "we will we will Rock U!" for a chant Mini<-R :)

HUG said...

See you Sunday night..
OK snail , I will be there too .
Q : Since It,s going to be the longest night to stay awake then who is going to provide us with meals , drinks & the W C services .

Shurouq said...

Mini Я.
I'm sure we'll come up with something :)

Check BuJwais' comment and Sa7at al Safat's latest post

The neighboring Bahraini experience is finally rubbing off :)

Thanks for passing by.

Why do birds.. suddenly appear
Everytime you are near..?

We will inshalla.. Just be there

I'm flattered I guess

بس شدراك اني فدعة؟
يمكن حولة وأمشي على عكاز

Khalas.. You be our song provider :)

Kila Ma6goog
طقه صدر.. تكسب أجر

Saturday's rally is cancelled.
We're on for Sunday and we will show them hell

Bo Bader
مشكور على الزيارة

وانتو الخير والبركة والماضي لا ما نتركه

We're not giving up for a very simple reason: We have no other option if we intend to live the rest of our lives on this land.

lol Zort
الله يغربل ابليسك

Very fitting and to the point!

محد بيطخ انشالله، وكلنا بنكون متواجدين أمام مجلس الأمة مساء الأحد 14 مايو

It's always a pleasure to join Zort's choir, no? :D

wa 3afwan

I got your e-mail and not sure how to reply to it.

Hehe Hug
Not sure where the nearest clean utility is, but we'll manage :)
And food shouldn't be a problem.

صج كويتي.. همك على بطنك

AyyA said...

They're Pinky and The Brain
Yes, Pinky and The Brain
Is Itsy tipsy
, teeny weenie
Surpassing insane

They have to understand that it’s not about 5, 10 or 25, it’s about a principle, and it’s about people being sick and tiered of corruption.

Soud said...

i didn't give up

we will be there


Spontaneousnessity said...

yay ya3ni ba3ad 3eed melaady! inshalla 3eed melady yekon fal khair 3alaihom =}

Good luck!

Bu 6ubar said...

كم تعطيني علشان أوصل هالاهداءات والرسايل حق بو ناصر؟

BuJwais said...


Are we really going to play those songs or just sing them? :)

I don't have a stereo unfortunately but I have tapes like I said. Is this agreed on yet?

If it's set, should I attempt to make some mp3s or something? (It may not be perfect quality since we're going from tape but who knows), or are tapes just fine? Of course having them on digital form would make them easier to use and navigate through but I'd just have to spend some time and work on the conversion.

Also if this is really going to happen (about the songs I mean) we have to find a way to not make it look like people are just going there to hang out and have fun! It has to serve just as a catalyst that stirs up enthusiasm and patriotism :).

Anyways, let me know what's decided and on what format and I shall start working on it tomorrow. Otherwise I'll just write some of the lyrics and we'll sing 'em loud or something hehehe :D.

BuJwais said...

Or we could probably just park one of the cars near the center of the gathering and use it as a movable stereo lol.

HUG said...

دام اللون البرتقالي تم اختياره للحملة
اشرايكم بأغنية البرتقالة المشهورة

jashanmal said...

ana knt asm3 mn il bloggers on ur post bs I never imgained u to be stunningly beautiful mashalah....... shiftech ib blog bunaz allah yijzah alf khair, 3ad mushkelty enna el spontaneuose element will disappear 3gb masheft what you look like bag3ad a99afef bel7achy ! :)

Zaydoun said...

فؤاد سالم

No Comment

Anonymous said...

Shurouq: you figured out the reversed R secret eh? or copy/paste? :P

Everyone else, fine by me whatever songs u want to sing or do. I'm going to be there alone so y'all better show yerselves to me...c'mon don't be shy, I don't bite.

3afoor: ser ilmehna ;)

Shurouq said...

How entertaining!

That's good to hear :)
الله يكثر من أمثالك

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday to you

Bu 6ubar
اللي يسمع يقول الذات الأميرية مطيحة بديوانيتكم

Don't bother with the stereo
I prefer live performance :)

على بالك ما غنوها المرة اللي فاتت؟
بس ماني قايلة منو

Cyber flirting?
Another reason to sue BuNaz

You flatter me, monsieur

La please do.. What did I miss?

Mini Я.
Copy/paste Alla wakeelik

bunaz said...

if any of this cyber stuff materialize into something, you'll be owing me 25% of the dowry.
seriously, that's peanuts!

Zeecu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zeecu said...

Ta3athar eb beshtah :D

shady q80 said...

You must own a lot of orange t-shirts.

kila ma6goog said...

صور ندوة النيباري حاطهم عندي جان لكم خلق تجيكونها

ZORT said...

لعنة الله على الدجاج

cosimfree911 said...

malaa da3ee etdezain alward alsan3oose ansab wa7ed 7ag alwezaraa oo ra7 yoogf m3 al nas ;)

ولاّدة said...


جاء صوت المعلم
عبر شلال المعاناة
جاء ليلة الامتحان
يذاكر لنا دروسنا
يتأكد من استيعابنا
للمعاني الكبيرة
يؤكدالجسد مجرد اداة
وحدها الروح هي الأهم
كم نفتقده
نُداري أرواحنا المعتلة
وحين يغلبنا الحزن
ترن ضحكته المشمسة
تملأ الأجواء
نسرع نراجع الدرس
الكويت ما تزال جميلة

neelaah said...


وايد عجبتني ردتك تمر طيف

و انا من صوبي تذكرت مظفر النواب
و اقولج

حن وا نا احن
ونحبس ونه و نمتحن
جفنك جنح فراشة غض
وحجارة جفني و ماغمض

Shurouq said...

Greed is one of seven deadly sins, my friend

You made my day :D

Shady Q80

Done, sir.


الاعتراض مو عليه.. بس التوقيت أقل ما يقال عنه انه مشبوه

ليش يقبل وزارة باقيلها سنة وبهالوقت تحديدا

الديرة جميلة بأمثالك :*

هالأغنية ما أشبع منها

Hanan said...

Leaving soon. My orange T isn't too orange. I'm either confiscating my son's real orange T (he tells me the one I just showed him is not the kuwait5 orange) or I'm wearing a Disney character :)

See you all there.

BuJwais said...

What an excellent night!

Owr hearts are with the people who are spending the night there. It was/is a really fantastic event and things are looking to be bright.

I will try to upload some low quality clips if I can. I hope people don't mind, since the whole thing was covered by the media anyways.

kila ma6goog said...

pics on my spot

kila ma6goog said...

morning pics are on my spot


BuJwais said...

Ok I'm adding more short videos to the album here for anyone who wants to check:

I'm adding them now so check back to see more. There are 6 videos currently.

kila ma6goog said...

صور الجلسة بعد قليل في مدونتي