Thursday, June 08, 2006

Brainwashed by American Pop Culture

Tagged by The Demon

Coz it seems to me she lived her life like a candle in the wind


If you think this phone has too many scratches, you haven't seen my iPod.

And I don't tag. It's against my religion.


Not to waste this post without a political statement, here's Jasper Johns' Flag on Orange Field


طاح الغدا.. ميد.. حياكم


MiYaFuSHi said...

Ooh I like!

NuNu™ said...

WOW!! Hotty

And no thanks.. Me no likey sea food, 3alaikom bil 3afia ;*

q80_demon said...

Oh, MM! Sweet. You should see my office, maybe I should start a new tag: "whats hanging on your office wall" ... Wait, maybe not :-/

Hands down: I have the scratchiest set of iPods, ever.

And whats that about tagging and religion? I didn’t realize tagging is a vice or a sin :-o

والله أنا أحب الميد، بس أحد زملاء التدوين سوّالي عقده مع أسماك الكويت والخليج والملوثات والسرطانيات ... إلخ، فبالعافية والهناء والشفاء

Papillona ® said...

tawwich tgouleeeeen????

mashi ya shurouq

Papillona ® said...

*Papillona titmalak a3sab-ha*

I loved the drawing. it is beyoooooti-full. and I dunno why I had the feeling you were going to say this: If you think this phone has too many scratches, you haven't seen my Heart

adri "Drama queen"

Jacqui said...

Hands down I have one of the CLEANIST if not the CLEANIST Ipod around, I still have the sticker on the front of my new ipod video which I got earlier this year in January. And which I stuck into a silicon cover 3 days after I got it.

Seriously you can still see yourself in it, and so is my ipod nano :/

I curse my clean gadgets :P

Delicately Realistic said...

Bil 3afya ya Shrouq.
I was wondering.....can i be on ur maid calling list? :P

Bu 6ubar said...

Laish moo 9oorti?

Did you go to NAibari's last night?

BuJwais said...

You haven't seen the scratches on my phone Shurouq! I "drop" it all the time!, and have been doing so for about a year and a half. Butter-fingers is an understatement.

PerseusQ8 said...

Hi Shurouq,

Speaking of Jasper Jones.. Michael Crichton wrote an entire book on his flag series (his first non-fic), really cool stuff, you should check it out.

kila ma6goog said...

أقول شفيها نبيها تحالف ما تطلع؟

bo_sale7 said...

السلام عليكم .....

الاخت الفاضلة شروق
عندي سؤال تولد من ملاحظة ....ليش محد اعلن عن ندوة الصقر وافتتاح مقره النسائي ؟ وليش محد حضر من نساء وبنات نبيها خمسة ؟؟
السؤال الاهم : هل نشركم اعلانات عن ندوات لمرشحين من قائمة ال 29 يتم عن طريق دعم المرشح الاقل حظا ؟ لان الوضع بالنسبة للصقر محسوم فمافي داعي للدعاية والحضور ؟؟
سؤالي نبع من متابعتي للبلوجات وملاحطتي هالشي ولا اناموقفي واضح وهو من معارضي ترشح الصقر والخرافي وانشالله بحط ورقة بيضاء في صندوق الانتخاب لان الدائرة الثالثة لا يوجد فيهل تمثيل شعبي حقيقي


Shurouq said...

All yours :)

Alla y3afeech :* and good luck on your exams

My one commandment religion says "Thou shall not tag"

ملوثات وسرطانيات؟
يا حسرتنا

The scratches on my heart are insignificant compared to the two major deep wounds!

Drama Queen part deux.

lol Jacqui
You're one gadget-obsessed freak and we love you :P

Delicately Realistic
I'd be honored, dear :)

Bu 6ubar
9oortik would give me nightmares.

And yes I went.
Where were you?

All devices should come with unscratchable body and screen, moo?

Your recommendations never fail me :) I'll check it out.

I still haven't checked it out, I don't have Hotbird in my room :/

Bo Sale7
عدم الإعلان عن ندوة الصقر لم يكن متعمدا
وآنا ما أتكلم بلسان البقية، ولكني أنشر إعلانات المرشحين الأكثر توافقا معي واللي أتمنى لهم النجاح

ما أتكلم عن بقية الشباب والشابات، بس آنا من مؤيدي الصقر حتى لو غفلت عن نشر إعلان ندوته

Alia said...

توت توت
هذا مال مامي

My ipod is fine, i cover it with a silicon cover too, but u should see my Laptop which i bought 1 year after or even more

قلبي يعورني عليه بس شسوي دفشة

ZORT said...

Brainwashed by American Pop Culture: .طاح الغدا، ميد..حيّام


Shurouq said...

Adri dafsha :P, but I've seen your laptop, it's not that bad.

طوّف هذي
Sloppy Joe?

Anonymous said...

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