Monday, September 18, 2006

جاء حتى بابنا قمرٌ يعتذرُ

What makes you call a certain place home?

Our family's first owned house.

An old friend is considering taking a job in Australia.

Born in New York to Lebanese parents, growing up in Kuwait, going to college in I-don't-recall-where!, working in Kuwait, Dubai, and now in London.. He never felt at home no matter where he lived.

Sometimes I wish I was more like him.. I wish I wasn't so attached to "here".

Souad Massi again.. Dar Dgedi

It's always good to put a face to a name. Even better when it's someone you truly admire.
Last night I met my favorite blogger.. My source of information and inspiration :)

I leave you to attach myself to bed now.
Sweet dreams, everyone.


3AJEL said...

تصبحين على خير

البيت ذكرني ببيت من ذيك الايام لعبت لما قلت بس

3AJEL said...

وانت من اهله

جحا said...

Nice blog

Tell your friend

ليس الغريب غريب الشام واليمن
ان الغريب غريب اللحد والكفن

"زين العابدين"

error said...

so,!! what else??

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

The question is who is your favorite blogger?

error said...

approval!! are you serious!! no!!!!
enough ya Kharafi!! kafi mo kafi

Purgatory said...

Traitor, someone else inspires you!

White Wings said...

first comment
that house, mine and my hubby's volleyball arena :)
today Sofi told me that she feels/felt more at home in the States, I don't understand this particularly because of her young age. Moi, attached and want to always be attached to here, although I feel out of place at many times :)
Y saw her kitty in your window and she's been crying about it, give the kid her kitty :)

snookie said...

thats strange.. but i didnt see you! ;P

maleeqa sa7?

Papillona ® said...

Are you referring to moi? La belle

I'm up feeling sick :(

Erzulie said...

Oooh! I'm curious to know who the blogger is!

For me, what makes our house in Kuwait HOME is simply love. It's like a whole lotta love under one roof.

It's where you can be yourself to the max. And where that "you" is loved, imperfections and all :)

Shurouq said...

قبال بيتنا كان في براحة يتجمع فيها ماي المطر وتصير منطقة بحيرات
كنا نسوي مراكب ورق ونلعب احنا ويهال الجيران

هذي كانت لعبتي المفضلة

داخل البيت كنا نلعب مخابرات وجاسوسية، حبر سري.. وسفينة القراصنة

Thank you
أحاول أوصل له بيت زين العابدين بس أشك يفهمه

انت شخبارك؟ وشلون العيال؟

Shopaholic Q8eya
Take a guess

Sorry.. I had to :/

I ask your forgiveness, your majesty.

White Wings
I gave her the kitty.. And oh my God the volleyball days! Heheh

Comments are being moderated, yours wasn't the first. Sorry :)

7abibti, if anyone is maleeq it's Papillona mo intai..

We should meet one day :)

Do not read previous reply.

Thanks for the laughs last night. Much needed.

:* Feel better

Loved your comment :)
To me it's the love and the food.. And mom and dad playing their music loud all day long

{ 13 } said...

SO.? gO"there".

Kuwaiti said...

Home Sweet Home

jashanmal said...

من فات دارو قل مقدارو

The thing that I miss the most is Grandma's Saloon where all the old women used to gather by the dozens and indulge themselves in Oud and Bukhoor which made me suffocate. Though they were ill educated, they had a very interesting perspective on things ranging from politics to hoochie mamas and were very outspoken about things deemed today as taboos.

kwtia said...

I am pretty sure the blogger is damn lucky to have you around as inspiration..
Everywhere I go is home until I leave it..but like some weird homing pigeon, I always end up in kwt, no matter how much I fly away...attachment is a funny thing.

Purgatory said...

You are forgiven, 7-up?

Spontaneousnessity said...

where's home, that was a question I asked when I was 16, ten years later now I still don't know.

maybe home is where you feel.. like home?

am too hungry to think, enjoy life.

Om Jaber said...

The place where u find ur friends are more than ur enemies is called "HOME".

Jandeef said...

I can't view the pic, again, at work. :P

Our house has been our home since 6 years before I was born. Never lived else where, so I never another "home."

I second Erzulie too. It's the amount of warmth and love in a place.

O ba3dain ana mo gayel lich don't tell anyone we met?

let them eat cake! said...

home- where you feel most comfortable, where you are surrounded either by great memories, or those that you love.. corny i know..

Arfana said...

home is where the heart is.

where you wake up and smile.

where you leave it, you think of going back to it.

I love my home...
in Egypt :-)

dilli o milli said...

Home is where I can be safe, warm and with my family, a place to live not just to exist but to be proud of, and gives me a sense of belonging.

"Wishing to be like ur friend"...Do u think he's Happy?

Brava Valentia said...

home is where the heart is

your house looks very cozy !! i like it ! 3sa ma bi3tooh? ;-p

kila ma6goog said...

أقدر أتفلسف؟.

أعتقد ان المعنى الحقيقي للهوم أو البيت او الوطن هو نابع من داخل الانسان

بالنسبة لي كل مكان مر في حياتي و عندي فيه ذكريات حلوة او مرة يكون هوم

بيت يدي
بيت الجابرية
شقة بنسلفانيا
شقة اريزونا
غرفة نيويورك
شقتي بالروضة الحين

كل هالاماكن اعتبرها هوم, ارتاح بمكان و اشتاق للمكان الثاني و لمن اروحله اشتاق للمكان الثالث و هلم جر

love nature said...

Home Sweet Home ....allaa thakarteeny ib ayam 7ilwa ...i miss those days and that big house ..

Hanan said...

Shuroq, this picture brings out loads of memory. And what you call the toy room (picture in flickr) is what used to also be our stage. I think الكويت سنة 2000 was our favorite play to act out.

I miss our old home :(

3asal said...

Any place is home when it has the warmth of love an care, even if that was in the ghettoes. And although I am very much attached to this place, I would flee as soon as I get the chance. And the reason is the mentality that I’ve been struggling to deal with for years but wasn’t able to.


جحا said...

Then tell him to find someone to love so he can feel at home,they use to say

ألا يا بيت في العلياء بيت
ولولا حب أهلك ما أتيت

bo_sale7 said...

هذي مشكلة انا اعاني منها بعد ...
نشأت باكثر من مكان ودرست بأكثر من مكان
كل مكان له ذكرياته وله حنينه...حاليا اشوف المكان اللي احن له اكثر واعده منزل هو اللي فيه ناس احبهم واعيش معاهم يوميا واذا فارقتهم مدة احس بوحشة ... وصلنا لعمر الذكريات ما تمثل شيء مقابل العيشة براحة بال وامان


shosho said...

كم من منزل يألفه الفتى
وحنينه أبدا لأول منزل

I always feel restless wherever I go; restlessness is my home.

Fuzzy said...

without family & friends, i wont call any place home !

extra cheese please

A3sab said...

Home is where the loved ones are.
I feel at home in my current place and i also fel at home when i'm at my parents place. In any case it has to be in Kuwait.

برنسيس إيكاروس said...

ابنتي الغالية شروق
طبعا سيعتذر القمر
كيف له أن ينافس الشروق... خاصة
شروقك أنت أيتها الرائعة
منى الشافعي

Cute-Q8i said...

\\سلام عليهوم اول شي

تجربتي تقول .. ان الوطن ماهو اللي انولدت فيه ولا هو اللي ترعرعت فيه ..

الوطن اهو اللي يعطيني مثل ما انا اعطيه ،، هني عندنا عراقي يقوول شنو عطانا الوطن ؟؟!؟! يقول وطني اهو هولندا اللي جنسني وجنّس اعيالي وكفل لهم التعليم والصحه والمسكن والعيش الرغد

العراق شنطانا غير التشريد ؟؟


Alia said...

Oh I loved that house
& the toy room (غرفة الدرج)where all the barbies where ... والينانوة

O your friend is maskeen ... I bet he never felt like home

& finally ... when i first got married i suddenly felt strange ... like i have no home .. my parents wasn't my home anymore, & didn't used to my husband's .. so it felt really bad

now it feels like home
بس هالإحساس مهدد .. على أساس يا آنا راح أطلع يا راح نطلع كلنا
هيء هيء هيء

Equalizer said...

For me home is where you feel comfortable the most. A place where you are around your family and friends and can identify with the culture, food and music and your most beloved memories. I think right now for many people alot of that is changing and you are only left with family and friends. Kuwait is begginng to look a bit strange to me, I don't remember it being that way. I just go to a place called shalaih over the weekends just feel that I am close to home.

This is some of how Kuwait has changed:

Major Traffic problems
Major Corruption
Downfall of performing arts (I miss the old Kuwaiti plays and tv series and operettes)
Rising materialism
Saving to Spending Culture (From Hala hala zaina bi7sab iltawfeer lay Yabeela Lamborghini! )
Falling morality (Every other person ebezzles)
Lack of productivity and openness to bribary

Shall I go on?

Anyways mbarak 3alaikom ilshahar

{ 13 } said...

ياترى ..ياترى .. قاعده ترسم ايششش؟؟هممممم؟؟ فيل ؟؟ عصفورة؟؟..حجيه قمرك صار هلال رمضان ..

شرقاوي said...


كل رمضان وانتي بخير...

Proletarian said...

from wher you get these songs???
i really need to know.

I just had my morning coffee is it Ramadan!!

Proletarian said...

Seriously, from where you get your music?

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