Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I slept on it!

It turns out I’m selfish, somewhat indecisive, and emotionally demanding.
وما أدري على شنو شايفة نفسي


You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination

Posted under: Self-realization of the worst kind.

وغطيني يا صفية


Papillona ® said...

one word


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I second papi, and sometimes it's just good to be selfish

Purgatory said...

i do not think you are selfish, maybe brainwashed by hooligans, but besides that mafeech shay.

Hanan said...

فريق لحماية الأخلاق ?
what akhlaq? what fareeq? I don't need anyone to ya7mi akhlaqi or akhlaq my kids.
صحيح إنه هايف

إذا إنتي ماتشوفين نفسك منو يشوف نفسه عيل؟

ValenciaLover said...

هل يقع أفراد الأسرة الحاكمة وهوامير السلطة تحت سيطرة فريق حماية الأخلاق؟

وبعدين منو يقدر يقول ان شروق selfish?

it must be someone who doesn't really know you well, you are the most delicate person ever habeebti

Brava Valentia said...

people talk a lot becuase they have too much free time , who cares what they think?

Shurouq said...

من يشهد للمقرودة غير بنت عمة زوجة اخوها

Shopaholic q8eya :*
It's good untill someone decides to punish you for it.

Thank you, and yooz 3an my hooligan friend. She's away and I miss her.

تخيلي قاعدين بمطعم نسولف ونضحك ييلنا واحد من جنود هايف "ينصحنا" نقصر حسنا وما نضحك بصوت عالي


عاد آنا شرانية وودي واحد يسويها

ليس من الأخلاق الإسلامية "مناطحة" أولي الأمر. والله أعلم

And no one is saying it. I am. :)

But when it's someone you care for you gotta care what they say/think.

I just checked your blog out, and I like your template :)

White Wings said...

من قرأت الخبر صباحاً وأنا معاي حارج
and selfish, indecisive and emotionally demanding, you are only human, and we all have the right to be so, so and so every now and then..go easy on yourself and allow her (your self) to be selfish, to hesitate and to crave's ok, get it out of your system
chin up :)

Anonymous said...

اذا إنتي ماتشوفين نفسك منو يشوف نفسه عيل؟


وحده تكتب و اختها ترد عليها تشايخ لها
و باقي العايلة تطبل

كلش ما تبين ريل..مسكينة

Proletarian said...

Let them do what ever they want… this is democracy. However, we can counter attack… and attack not in a defensive shy manner that works with these people… it is your call guys. Do you want some *&^%*$*^ with a beard to control you?

kila ma6goog said...

انونمس الي فوقي

صدقني عندي اربعة ناطرين منها الموافقة بس شروطها تعجيزية

تبي معضل و ذكي


Arfana said...

"If you can't love yourself, you can't love others"

selfish is a good thing maythir :-p

رشيد الخطار said...

Arent we all selfish and indecisive sometimes. And always emotionally demanding?

I disagree on the شايفة نفسي part. Kelesh la'a.

Papillona ® said...

lol @ kila ma6goog

معضل و ذكي؟


واحد من الأثنين, يا معضل, يا ذكي
نادر ما تجتمع الصفتان معاً

خليك قنوعة

Shurouq said...

White Wings
آنا بس ودي أشوف ردة فعلك لما واحد يي ويقول لك: اختي جزاك الله خير تنورتك يا ريت تطولينها

منايا أشوف اليوم ده


You mentioned kalasnikovs on Kila Ma6goog's, right?
Chinna ya wagt'hom

Kila Ma6goog
عمرك طويل، توني بطاريك :P

آنا ما أحب المعضلين. قلت لك أبيه ذكي وأسمر.. وبتنته

Yeah, but ba3th ennas won't let you get away with selfishness.

رشيد الخطار
انت شعرفك؟

آنا كنت قنوعة، شفت محد يمي جان أقلب

Proletarian said...

Dragunov Sniper Rifle is different than Kalashnikov… it is MUCH Better for the job to be done… :)))
Ana min safart Lebanon wa ana sayer 3aneef … shakhli basawi mishkillah

Warda said...

you dont seem selfish ....from what I read in your blog :)

anyways I dedicated my last post to 7amda (mosalsal al ferya) check it out
I know you like the mosalsal oo shaklich me7tara 3alaiha kethri :)

A3sab said...

I got indigestion when I read that in the paper yesterday and decided to migrate.

Hon if you're shayfah roo7ik
3ayal i7na ishni6la3.

AyyA said...

What control? Where is States’ laws to hinder these threats? It’s not a joke guys, these guys are jima3at elamr bilna3roof, and if they start with advising and weren’t stopped they’ll eventually use force. Wain ga3deen?
And about being selfish, no no no
It’s called knowing one’s worth, this leads to appreciating who we are and being proud of ourselves. It’s the first step to know and appreciate others, for without that first step, how on earth can be appreciate others?

Get to know yourself and accept it, and btw, I’m also related to Sharooqa and very proud to say so, 3indik mani3?

You decided to migrate, and I already booked my ticket

Anonymous said...

لا يوبا شحقه زواج؟ انت عارفه انج نوت ذ ماريج تايب

Spontaneousnessity said...

going down the drain I tell ya.

o kel 3am o entay eb khair =}

bo_sale7 said...

عيدج مبارك وايامك سعيدة

شرقاوي said...

بس حبيت أعيد عليك يا شروق...

و كل عام وأنتي و من تحبين بخير...

dilli o milli said...

عيدك مبارك عزيزتي..وتعودينه أنت والأهل كل سنه بالصحه والعافيه

UmmEl3yal said...

Be yourself and eli mo 3ajba yeshtiki 3ind ellajna ;)

Happy Eid to you and all your readers :*