Monday, July 09, 2007

A Dozen Problems In The Theory Of Mind. Half A Dozen Problems In My Head.

.. And then the three jumped out of the pink couch and into bed, leaving no trace of the cookies (قرص عقيلي to be precise) they've been munching on. At 3 in th morning, tip-toeing, it searched its friend's pockets for candy and took all it could find. Following its steps, he reached for his friend's purse, grabbed her wallet, and took all the cash. There was around 37 Kuwaiti Dinars and a few coupons. No. She didn't care much for money and candy, it's the thought of being robbed by the two creatures she loved that broke her heart and made her take a final decision: From now on she will not share anything with them. They are no longer welcome on her pink couch.
A friend is researching the state of Kuwait University and would appreciate any informative sources you have on the subject. Please feel free to suggest sites.
Battle Of The Sexes
Why do they act as if their time is more precious than ours?
Omm Omm Omm!
I like our office's friendly environment. (I hate Descartes)
H's song collection along with her amusing Yoga poses make my working/reading hours bearable.
Lately, I've been getting very generous, musical e-mail from readers (ّI assume). One of them linked me to this YouTube page. Let me share this video with you
سليمة مراد تغني الصوت الكويتي
سقى الله أيام التعاون الفني بين الجارتين
يقيم التحالف الوطني الديمقراطي في الثامنة من مساء اليوم ندوة لتقييم الأداء النيابي في دور الانعقاد الحالي.. ضيوف التحالف: علي الراشد ومحمد جاسم الصقر
ماني رايحة.. ومع اعترافي بدوركم الجليل في إحياء قضية الناقلات فإن تقييمي لأدائكم هو التالي: سواد وجه


حمودي said...

انا اول كومنت وناسه :)

صراحه يعطيج العافيه على البوست المنوع وانا مئيدج بشأن سواد الويه :)

shosho said...

Because they know that we know that they are acting as if their time is more precious than ours and it isn't, but they need to save their faces anyhow and since we are always kind to them we let them :)

Anonymous said...

Ommm Omm


HussahT said...

Wai33. Hathi H shloon she takes her shoes off at work? makoo atekat 3amel. But I heard her music collection is fantastic!

HussahT said...

P.S. Descartes is just as confusing and annoying as the State of Kuwait at this moment.

Anonymous said...


and today

You realy like Salima Murad Shurouq :)

zeecu said...

elsager welrashid.. didn't they vote 'for' the 8-pm law then apologized and 'vowed' to retract it? or is my memory amiss? :{

I distinctly remember elsager + 2 more MPs apologizing in some newspaper mini statement of sorts, though.

I find that your workplace contains way too many females. I also find that my workplace is insanely deprived of females. Pls lend us some yin to counterbalance the yang, kthx :{

Judy Abbott said...

politis eeh !?

ya 3amy be3ay 3oodich o eshteray eshwayat 7alawa..if you know what i mean.

LOVe about Kuniv, how about more info.. and if you need to .. i'm here to be contact, i just finished doing a full directory to KUniv.
let me know :)

Alia said...

hmmm .. I hate to share too .. would that be me? يمكن هذي آنا في حياة سابقة

You forgot to mention her sketches (Miteen w Imsashwir), the way she dances with music in her head only, how she laughs (wah wah wah) & of course lamma t3ayyib 3ala elawadim .. LOL


على طاري الجارتين .. كان ودي أشوف حدائق بابل المعلقة


والتحالف مللوني من كثر ما يدزون مسجات ... ما يدرون ان كثر الدق يفك اللحام

& Finally .. there you go:

kila ma6goog said...

ما طافج شي من الندوة

بلا بلا بلا انا بلا بلا بلا انا بلا بلا بلا انا

ButterFlier said...

لا طافج مالج شغل بمطقوق

كافي أنا حاظر


بيت القرين said...

dam t7ebbeen saleema morad aby ya nab3at el rei7an shloon?

Shurouq said...

الله يعافيك :)، وانشالله دايما الأول

But I'm anything but 'kind'


E walla.. The girl needs to brush up on her office etiquette. And you should see the way she dresses.. No fashion sense what so ever. Talbes juti akhthar, nafnoof azrag, o tsheel jan6a thahabiya.

You're keeping track!
Yes. I like her a lot :)

You remember right.
We can use some balance too
عندكم شباب حلوين؟

Judy Abbott
عندي عود بس ماني بايعته


Kila ma6goog
أصلا آنا محاربتهم

آنا الخسرانة

بيت القرين
انتي طلباتك أوامر

هذي يا نبعة الريحانبصوت سليمة مراد
وهذي بصوت سعد البياتي

EXzombie said...

انا محارب السياسة شوي هاليومين و ممنوع اتكلم بهالمواضيع .....!!!؟

انتي شلونج و شخبارج......!!!؟

AuThoress said...

شروق :
عطفا على تعليقك حول الموظفة الزميلة H

ترى تستغرب من أن عندنا "بشر" ما يحترمون "آداب الطابور" وكانت ممتعضة جداً من هكذا سلوك "قير" حضاري ، و"قباء" مجتمعي... تهقين شنو نقدر نسوي لها يرجّع لها الثقة بالبلد؟

بس ترى ، انا احب اللاتناسق في ملابسها، ع الاقل ما تشغل بالها شنو تلبس، انت شايفة الســــواد اللي عندنا بالشغل؟؟؟ حاجة تــِكسف، خليها تلون الوضع معانا

ووووو احبكم، مكتبكم يشرح القلب لولا شيء واحد وكبير ، النية موجودة لاستخدام "الشبل" لإنهائه

بيت القرين said...

thanx wayed
bass aby a3aref y9eer ahdy :p

ناصر الكويت said...

منو يتبرع يصور التحالف الوطني الديمقراطي ألخ

ابي جم صورة حلوه استخدمها بمدونتي

KuwaitVoice said...

شكلي بقاطع الإنتخابات القادمة ..

صراحة ماقمت اثق بأحد .. لا تحالف ولا كتلة وطنية ولا بطيخيه ..

الهجره هي الحل

Anonymous said...

Would your friend accept anonymous but informative revelations and information on the state of KU and it's eclectic but creative fathayi7 a la "The Insider"? ;P (just kidding - but only kind of...)

...And with regard to Kuwaiti politics... Weeeelllll, I am far more interested in Barack Obama vs. Hilary Clinton's campaign war treasure chest funds. Which should say a lot about what I think of the scarily pathetic significance of the current state of Kuwaiti politics.

Nice to see you Shurouq :** How have you been?

Hanan said...

shmi3na 37 exactly?
H's is wasting precious government doing Yoga? may9eer. lazim t7allil ma3ash-ha :P

Sheba said...

hmm is there anything we can do to make this place a better place, or to at least stop it from getting worse?

Anonymous said...

thanks ;)

Soud said...

علي الراشد ومحمد جاسم الصقر

على قوله اللبنانيين

فخار يكسر بعضه :)