Saturday, February 16, 2008


Kite Runner (the movie) is a beautiful adaptation of the novel.. Highly recommended for the likes of Tabtabai and his supporters. Thank you, Bu Rakan.

ونَحنُ في بغداد من طينٍ
يعجُنُه الخزافُ تمثالا
دنيا كأحلامِ المجانينَ
ونَحنُ ألوانٌ على لُجِّها المُرتَجِّ
أشلاءً وأوصالا
بدر شاكر السياب

نزيهة سليم
1927 - 2008
مع الاعتذار من جمعية الإصلاح على مظاهر الحب والحميمية والهمس واللمس والشاي المخدّر والاختلاط السافر في اللوحة الثانية
Thursday was a busy day I didn't get a chance to post my video.
Simple ideas appeal to my simple mind.
I was introduced to this blog last week and thought the videos were interesting. The copycat I am, I shot a similar video on my way to office Thursday. Here it goes
See how Valentine's is just another ordinary, lame, eventless day?
Hope yours was full of roses and candy.

Would I be pelted with rotten tomatoes if I asked my fellow bloggers to share their rides to work, school, or jam3iya?
An anonymous who might be taking this blog way more seriously than s/he should demands I comment on Mughniyeh's alleged assassination. My “obligatory” comment would be something along the lines of Good riddance.
No song today because trying to upload Lila Downs La Llorona failed and I couldn't find another decent file sharing site.
That's all folks. Our dinner is here.


Hasan.B said...

Good Riddance, Hathaila mo rock band? And this is dangerous! Were you holding the camera/mobile or just placing it somewhere. You should get a ticket! bes derat ba6ekh fa no ticket!:(

Purgatory said...

I say finish before end of feb.

shosho said...




shosho said...

Shfeeni confused, it's Hafez not Farid. I guess my hearing is deteriorating.

الكبر شين

kila ma6goog said...

khooosh flem kita runner

neskha a9leia?

Ameen said...

oh god, miss kuwait!

عوعو said...

يا لذيذ يا رايق

Flamingoliya said...

will do the video thing :P

Anonymous said...

الكويت ويع ويع وييع
اتفه ناس واتفه ديره بالخليج
انحدار مستمر
الهجره منها رحمه

Anonymous said...

I like ur video

Anonymous said...

I personally sent greetings to the ones I want to conjugate with.

Jokes aside, I sent Saint Valentine emails to the following (I wish we could spam them with it next year):

نبيل العوضي

وليد الطبطبائي

علي العمير

علي الدقباسي

جمعان الحربش

عبدالله عكّاش

and so many more.. I bid you to do the same. It is not late. Make sure it is in Arabic, and make sure you mention Saint Valentine and write the name in these Latin letters!

All the love and red roses. :-)

Perhaps next year we'll piss them off more!

P.S. I got a reply from one MP whom I know has sexually harassed my own cousin!!

Name (I will not withhold the bastard's name):

علي الدقباسي


♀ L's brain ♀ said...

Were you holding the camera all the time?

A.H said...

Love the video idea, I am away for what I beleive is a long while and it makes me miss home even more.
7ilwa safeeni marrah!
keep it up.

شرقاوي said...

السماور ليش سفور، ما هو محجب؟

في العصر الفيكتوري، كانت أرجل الطاولات و أرجل آلة البيانو تغطى بقماش، مثل التنورة، لأنها كانت تثير غرائز البعض الحيوانية. بالأخص رجال الكنيسة.

كما أن أجزاء الدجاجة المطبوخة لا تسمى الصدر و الفخذ، بل الشريحة العليا و الشريحة السفلى.

talking about sick imagination!

نرجع إلى السماور، لازم نلبسه فوطة.

Judy Abbott said...

I highly recomend watching these movies after kite runner

this: Charlie Wilson's War
and this: persepolis

and all are true stories... it changed all the definitions in my head.

Anonymous said...

LOL and 7ather on the video :) ...Bes sij it might be a fathee7a as I think I will have to censor out my rather loud and obnoxious singing along with Neil Young's "You are Like a Hurricane"... as well as the few choice indelicate exclamations that burst from my mouth, unheard and ignored at the various drivers trying to take my life along the way...hehe.

On the film version of Khaled Hosseini's "Kite Runner": In my imaginary mental collection of books I will one day give to you is the book of this as well as Hosseini's equally amazing "A Thousand Splendid Suns". Much trouble surrounded the making of the film adaptation of the Kite Runner for the little boys who played the lead roles in the film. They had to be relocated along with their families out of Afghanistan (to the Emirates - Dubai I think) because of the outrage and threat to their safety surrounding the child rape scene in the film. I haven't seen the film yet, but as it is supposed to be faithful to the book version and Khaled Hosseini himself was involved in it's production, I am sure it is great.

Shurouq said...

Hassan. B :)
Yeah.. Rock madri Punk..
And to avoid prosecution I'll say I had it 'placed' somewhere.. Taped to the steering wheel maybe.. or my forehead :P

Also. Check the officer on min 4:30. He saw me and didn't seem to mind.

Walla I feel bad :(

فريد وحافظ عيال عم وبعدج صغيرة :*

Kila Ma6goog
النسخة اللي عندي خاصة لعروض المهرجانات، أو هكذا تقول

Inshalla you'll visit soon :)

مين ده؟

That's the spirit :D

أفا! ليش؟

Yalla make your own and share it :)

I applaud you! Love shall conquer all.

L's Brain
Ahem. read my reply to Hasan. B

Thank you :) Safini marra wayed 7ilwa

والله معاهم حق.. السماور به من الانحناءات ما قد يغري ضعاف النفوس. الاحتياط واجب

How are you? :) Long time

Judy Abbott
I loved Charlie Wilson's War and though the performance was superb! Especially Hoffman's

And I can't wait to see Persepolis. The reviews are great.

Ms. Baker
The rape scene was very true to the book.. I totally understand the families concerns.

Amethyst said...

I have to read the book before I watch the movie.

I like the second painting a lot more than the first.

Valentine's is an ordinary day because we're single;p

Why is watching people's rides to work or jam3iya entertaining?

The Simper said...

nice video :)

lovely music ;)

tres bien ;)

Angelo said...

I have seen The Kite Runner as soon it was released in the states. It was a nice adaptation but the novel was slightly better in my opinion. The stadium scene (both when I read it and watched it) was so surreal...

Make sure to watch an Iranian movie called Offside.It's really good and has a nice mix of comedy and drama.

LiL ALiEN said...

ويقولوووون ليش حوادثنا وايد .. والداخليه تحط ستين قانون وسبعين مخالفة .. والناس تدفع .. وآخرتها شروق هانم قاعد تصور فلم بو 10 دقايق بتحطه بالبلوق

والمشكله اللي اكبر من هذا كله اني طالع بالتصوير

خافي الله .. ارواح الناس مو لعبه

اجار الدين كشمش said...


لاخواني الاحبه المدونين

تم سرقة اسمي

اجار الدين كشمش

من احد الحراميه ويبدو

من لهجته انه غير كويتي

ويدور بين المدونات

لاشعال الفتنه بيننا

وخااااصة اخواني الاحبه
في البلوغات
اللذين اختلف معهم

بالراي واللذي لايفسد لمحبتنا للكويت وودها

اهيب بمن يريد ان يطفأ

الفتنه ...ان ينشر

وشكرا للاخ مطقوق الشاب في عمره والرائع في عقله

وشكرا ل احلى مهندسه
ولجميع من كشف اللص


ونقول للص وايد عليك
اجار سطوح الكويت المتماسكه ..بحب الكويت
من اراد التأكد بروفايلي

غير بروفايله

Alia said...

chinna 6afni wayed hni ..

anyways.. I'd like to see the movie, could u please deliver it to the 2nd floor, & in return i'll lend u some of my new movies (brouhgt from UAE) .. shqiltay?

شنو يسوي الاعتذار؟ وين ينصرف؟
هههه ... ضربني بوشه على إيدي

no rotten tomatoes needed .. how 'bout rotten eggs??
I LOVED the idea of the vidoes
will shower u with mine asap.
p.s: الفيديو ذكرني بالدوام .. وآنا كلش مو مهيأة انني أداوم
وبعدين كأنه الطريق صاير وايد زحمه
مااااالي خلق
يصير أستقيل؟ واتستت واقعد بالبيت

hmmmmm .. لا تقلبين المواجع
mine was "amazing"
beach, sun, nice & fresh breeze & a wonderful group .. i can easily cry now ... I WANNA GO BACK!!

DiLLi O MiLLi said...

اللوحه الثانية وااايد حلوة
أشحلات سماور الجاي
والأستكانة من غير يده .. تذكرني بيدي الله يرحمة
والحصير المعلق وراهم
وسراي الزهيوي

ومثل ماهو مذكور
خدري الجاي خدريه

أشلوون مااااسكه الموبايل اتصورين وانتي تسوقين ؟
بايعه عمرج ؟
خوووش طريج للشغل سااالك
ووصلتي بعشر دقايق


Ali Abdulemam said...

i just want to say you have a nice blog i will keep it in my fav to visited

thanks for paying me visit

karma said...

أول مرة أمر مدونتك...

اللوحات جدا جميلة.
الله يرحمها
ويرحم السياب

واحنا ومعاهم!..

as to valentines day, i was listening that morning to radio monte carlo, they were talking about how allegidly red flowers are a big no no that day in Saudi.. and it occured to me that hmmm i really haven't a clue. I hear ppl go on and on AND on about it but did I SEE, well no...
كفى بالمرء كذبا أن يحدث بما سمع.
just so happens i passed a flower shop that night and was surprised to see red bouquets were everywhere...
i half felt like looking around to make sure no ones gonna start shouting take em down!

what the times have come to!....
ورد أحمر بالسوق؟
يا كبرها عند ربي.

Hanan said...

I tried to 'share' my ride too but I had to stop at the gas station so was interrupted :)

Holding a camera while driving and watching 'stolen' movies and to top it all, announcing it all out to the public. No wonder you have hate mail :P

حمودي said...

ذاك الوم شفتج وبغيت الم عليج بس خفت ينقض وضوئي

مــعـــارض said...

آن الأوان لنهضة "كويتية" صادقة وأصيلة لردع زمن القردة الذين غزوا الكويت الجميلة بثقافتها وفنها ورياضتها وتعليمها واقتصادها وعاداتها وتقاليدها ودينها وشعبها... وريادتها

خارج الموضوع:

لا يطوفكم موقع !لكلمة
بس يشتغل على
Internet Explorer

Anonymous said...

نقطة بوضحها عالسريع .. الشيخ أحمد الفهد يطلب بتحويله إلى محكمة الوزراء وطبعا السبب هو لكي تتم تبرئتة من التهم .. وبعدها يعود للوزارة في التشكيل القادم .. عدل؟

بالنسبة للأخ الي مو عاجبته الكويت .. أقول له .. يامعوعو



Shurouq said...

Movie or no movie, you have to read the book :)

You're right, we're single.. Everyday is Valentines ;)

The Simper
Merci monsieur :)

The book is almost always better than the movie.

And about Offside, I've seen The Circle for the same director, Jafar Panahi, and it was amazing. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out.

And welcome to my blog :)

أجار الدين كشمش
آنا أراقب التعليقات وأعرف أن المنتحلين كثروا :) لا توصي

قعدي بالبيت تستتي وزيادة المية وعشرين هدية مني لج.. بس على شرط تسوينلي بيكان باي وتطقين بيدو كل يوم

Dilli o Milli
هالاستكانات تذكرني بيدتي الله يرحمها
ودي أشوفها، ساعة وأرجع :)

Ali Abdulemam
Thank you for returning the visit and apologies if I sounded harsh.

نورتي الجابرية :)
Don't be a stranger

المرة الياية شيل معاك منديل

ما عندي انترنت اكسبلورر، وسنتحقق من الموقع لاحقا

لأ لأ لأ .. مو عدل

Papillona ® said...


I feel like vomiting

Anonymous said...

عن أحمد الفهد

وتأتيك بالأخبار مالم تزود



الحزين لهموم مصر said...

ولا أروع

Mok said...

الاخت شروق :)

صباح الخير

كتبي عن السياسه اشفيج وقفتي :)

خبري فيج بطلة :)

Anonymous said...

سلمي لي على الوالد وقولي له ترى بوناز رد يدوّن

Anonymous said...

مطوله ؟

Anonymous said...

عظم الله اجركم جميعاً

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry for your loss dr. Ahmed al-rubaie died :(

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!