Monday, November 24, 2008

Schedule Conflict

Lecture at Dar al Athar
"Made for Maharajas: Jewellery commissioned by Indian princes from the West"
ندوة "الكويت إلى أين" في مقر التحالف الوطني الديمقراطي
عبد الله النيباري، محمد الصقر، مشاري العصيمي، خالد هلال، وأسيل العوضي
"Edward Said: On Orientalism"
Directed by Sut Jhally
Khaldiya Campus, Kuwait university
All three events start at 7 pm tonight (not to mention the ongoing German Photography exhibition "Die Ganze Stadt" at the old American Hospital, REUSE exhibition at Bait Lothan, The book fair, and Michael Cassidy's works at Dar El Cid).

Where would you go?



Zaydoun said...

The Tahalof thing will be the usual suspects with their magnificent oratory skills. I say skip it

Edward Said... see if you can find the DVD somewhere

The German photography exhibit is ongoing till Dec 14. Go anytime

So that leaves you with the Maharajas, even though I would rather see actual gems than be lectured about them

And people say Kuwait is boring!!

راعيها said...

I would listen to abdulhaleem :)

Abeer said...

what a dilemma !

ya3ni either mako shay at all !! or kelishay at once.. when it rains it pours my love ;)

I would go home and watch a nice moive :P but that's just me ;)


Bad-Ran said...

الكويت إلى أين

Manal said...

الكويت الى اين؟؟؟

الى الخصخصة
الكل يبي قطعة من هالديرة

الله يرحمنا برحمتة

kwtia said...

When faced with too many choices, I pick none and hide under the covers.
where did you end up going?

Q said...

7 pm tonight (2 hours ago), in bed, mitla77if, brain switched off.


Ms. Baker said...

6afich! I went to the DAI Maharaja jewel lecture and nurtured my Indian jewelry obsession. It was GREAT.

Some of those stunning jewels are all I can think about right now (and how a solid gold tongue scraper commissioned by Van Cleef or Boucheron could fit into my life ;p ...). I am sadly quite shameless about my love for jewelry...

It is indeed an entirely different experience to see the jewels in person in an exhibit rather than a lecture. One of the most priceless collections that is still mostly intact today (whose pieces have not been ripped apart and reset or their stones pawned off like many other famous Indian pieces of jewelry ) is that of the Nizams of Hyderabad. There are pieces in that astounding collection which make me want to weep at their ridiculous beauty. That is an exhibit that is more than worth any effort it takes to see it, even if you have to get on a plane and fly to New Delhi to do so.

The Simper said...

i went to starbucks :D

Nina said...

حياج الله شروق ، وين هالغيبة ؟عسى ماشر ؟ عساج بخير وعسى الناس يحضرون للندوة

Fashionista said...

so what was the verdict?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

I faced the same :D decided to sleep and rest my bones!

today will resume my outdoor activities

حمودي said...

انا كنت نايم

Shurouq said...

Kuwait is frustrating, not boring.
لك خلق انتخابات؟ :(

انت رومانسي :)

Zain when do we get to see you? It's been long..

إلى انتخابات شتوية كما يبدو

عليهم بالعافية.. آنا أبي القطعة اللي عليها كاكاو

NBK Jabriya then Tahalof.. And both were unproductive. Hiding under the covers would've been a smarter choice.

نوم العوافي

Mr. Baker
I heard! :( Too bad I missed it.
They're very punctual at Dar al Athar and by 6:54 I was still arguing with Nayrouz in NBK Jabriya.

Would love to visit India one day :)

The Simper
I prefer our homemade chai 7aleeb.

الانتخابات قادمة والناس راح تشبع ندوات

آنا بخير.. كنت مشغولة بمحاولة إقناع ناصر المحمد بصعود منصة الاستجواب

Tahalof... Aristotle was right. We are political animals.

Q80 Chill Girl & حمودي
شالسالفة؟ ليش الكل نايم مبجر؟

Anonymous said...

تليق بك جواهر الهند وتركيا ومصر وروما فلا تدعي السياسة تفسد أيامك

anamethystworld said...

Said was great. Too bad you missed it.

bora bora said...

طافج قفص الضفادع المذهب

Fankooshy said...

ماني شايف اي عرض فيهم مغري
لاندوة ولا محاضرة ولا معرض
....ارجوا اضافة اي مطعم اكله وقعدته حلوه كاختيار اخير
نبي نريح شوي :)

Dalal Arch said...

It was a perfect lecture on the most amazing jewelry that ever existed :)

Anonymous said...

in that case i'd stay home