Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bring On The Weekend

Feeling accomplished, starved, waiting for my Subway Tuna sandwich..
How are you fellow bloggers all doing?

الله يسامح اللي حط هالأغنية على لساني


ولاّدة said...


Anonymous said...

يقولون الي طول الغيبة ياب الغنايم

عقب هالنطرة اخر شي هذا بوستج؟
سوري اتغشمر .. بس والله ما فهمت البوست

mantovani said...


Fashionista said...

love the song! :P

can't wait for the weekend too

Shurouq said...

آنا أكثر :*

والله ما تنلام، أو ما تنلامين
غنايمي على قدي، والجود من الماجود

فحوى البوست إن تلفوني فيه كاميرا ومخي ما فيه شي

يعافيك :)

أذا بليتم فاستتروا الله يسلمج

ma6goog said...

حتى انتي عندج بلانكيت؟

مثل سلموه

almaqwa3 alsharqy said...

... enjoy it .. pamper yourself.and keep on smilling... light your candle ... open your heart .. fill it with lots and lots of love ...
deserve it sis
يصير تخلين صوره روما اكبر

Mr. Thouq said...

quite an office you got there! welcome back shurouq :)

Abdullah said...

oh please get something other than tuna :P

Don Juan said...

leash mo 7a6a 9ort Bob Dylan ? :)

Welcome Back :)

AuThoress said...

مشتاقة لدرجة إني خلال دقيقتين سأزورك بـ كوب قهوتي و حبي...فتحوا الباب

Zeecu said...

Be monasabat el weekend, I present The Ting ting's That's not my name (New US Video.

Shurouq said...

سلمى فاهمة الدنيا صح

Almaqwa3 Alsharqy
لا توصي :)

وهذي صور روما

Mr. Thouq
My sanctuary in this worn out building :)

Tuna is nutritious
وآنا أحب الزفر

I was admiring Ron Paul speech the day o thekartek :)

Don Juan
Yestahel Bob! And my wall would be honored!

But I'm more of a Lennon fan.

زرتينا ومشيتي بسرعة.. ما شبعنا

Shurouq said...

Thanks! :)
وعاش من شافك

Nina said...

حمد الله على السلامة ، ماخبرتينا وين هالغيبة ؟ اذا كنت مسافرة خبرينا شلونها السفرة ، انشاءالله استانستي ؟

احمد سالم said...


Anonymous said...

Shakla 7adda 3inda thooq ili gallich 3l ghniyya! It's my all time favorite!

Mostafa Gamar 3inda ghniya thanya, feha ekhet Fahd rayil angham.. you should see it. I'll tell you about qissat angham ma3a om rayilha later :P

Banoota said...

Hi Shurooq,

I saw you yesterday on a Dubai tv program giving a lecture, it was part of a report about a women's conference. Too bad I was only able to catch the last few seconds from it. I *think* that was you (even you were wearing a Khaleeji abaya), but I am not sure so please forgive me if I am wrong. The first time I saw you on Zaven's show I became delighted with your exuberant personality. I have been reading your blog ever since and I'm big fan of yours.

Keep it up!


Alikingkw said...

السود عيونو .. هاذي أغاني محمد أكيد اهو الي زارعها براسج :D

وعاش لينون رحمة الله عليه

The Simper said...

nice cozy looking office..

and hate the song.. not a fan of that style.. shighil LOLAKI o rabi3 hom ;P

have a relaxing nice full of music week end.. :)

The Simper said...

ya i forgot.. one more comment on the fone on the back side.. do u use it??? :P

Anonymous said...

wein 9orat amira :)

notes said...

من كولد بلاي لي مصطفى قمر


أحمد الحيدر said...

الله يهديج البوست يبيله ترجمة ..

فارسي نا بلادي ;p

بانتظار المزيد :)