Sunday, November 01, 2009

قلبي هونيك ضيعتو وبعدو ضايع

I can't begin to describe how grossly angry I am at the Obama administration (as I write this, I can see the administration having sleepless nights worrying about my feelings). Especially because I voted Obama, metaphorically. Why do people push us off the edge of pacifism when we would like nothing more than to remain dreamy and naive for the longest period of time?

Here's my war. I urge you all to go to the Palestinian Cultural Exhibition, which opens tomorrow and lasts till Thursday Nov. 5th.
Seriously, buy anything and everything.
Bad picture because my scanner is off.
Association of Social Workers
رابطة الاجتماعيين
Udailiya, Block 4
منذ الصباح شبه الباكر، الساعة تسع تقريبا، وأنا أفكر في بيروت. شوارع بيروت، تكاسي بيروت، بحر بيروت، ناس بيروت، حر بيروت، بيروت 2001, وبيروت 2003, بيروت بالليل، وبيروت بالنهار.. هفّت علي مصر، بس هفت معاها تصريحات الحزب الوطني، فرجعت بيروت.. أحب فلسطين طبعا، بالمراسلة والصور والأغاني ونشرات الأخبار، ودرسنا اليوم، ولألف سنة قادمة، هو "اشتر كوفية/حرر فلسطين"، بس مشتاقة لبيروت.
شحرورة الوادي - ألو بيروت


Anonymous Farmer said...

It is difficult for me to approach this matter objectively, given my unnecessarily distracting emotions that tie in with such a cause. As is the case when advocating for domestic workers, or anyone whose misfortune it is to be weak and vulnerable.

But it is hard not to drag in emotions upon investigating and following up on the torture and incarceration of many little eleven years old Palestinian boys whose main crimes of stone-throwing legitimizes their torture by big old Israeli police officers in the many police stations of Israel (google B'Tselem).

What I find obscene - or rather filthy - is our consistent stance, as Arabs, on such issues. Our subconsciously intentional choice of turning a blind eye to the atrocities of these happenings is disgusting, weak, and ignorant.

It's funny, this is exactly what happened to the Jews whose burning flesh was met by the filthy attitude that many Europeans had; the attitude of choosing not to acknowledge or see. This is a self-condemning attitude that must be eradicated.

So Kudos, fairy Godmother, for doing your job.


If you would ask this organization to provide contact numbers so as to personally assist in awarding immediate help for those living in the occupied territories, I'd surely appreciate that.

Anonymous Farmer said...

I must, however, remain consistent in regards to my stance on such meetings (actual work rather than mere shows). This gallery falls into the same category in regards to my previous stance on things.

To actualize any theory or good intentions, once must associate it with realization, which may be accomplished through advertising websites that inform people of the current situation within the occupied territories (whether through blogging or distributing materials at such meetings).

These actions would greatly spread awareness, which would award this issue the circulation it rightfully deserves.

هالحـــــزة said...

اهواااااااك واتمني لو انساااك

وانسى روحي وياك وان ضاعت يبئي فداك لو تنساني ..

L said...

7ather. Will go to the exhibition.

DiLLi O MiLLi said...

الله علي بيروت وليالي بيروت ،،، حبي لها ما ينوصف ما أدري ،، يمكن لآني مولودة فيها ،، أو لأني قضيت أحلي أيام طفولتي ومراهقتي فيها
منذ طفولتي تربيت علي سماع صوت فيروز ،، كنا نلعب بحديقة بيتنا في بحمدون وكانت أمي تقعد علي كرسيها وتحط مسجلتها وتسمع فيروز
ومن يوقف المسجل أييها ركض وأقلب الشريط لها

لبنان يا أخضر حلو عتلال
يا حكاية القلب وحنين البال
يا نجوم سهراني و كروم حلياني
يا حقول ملياني ودنية جنا وغلال
والضيعة مزروعة بحنوة رماديي
فيها الفجر بيوعى كل يوم بغنيي
حكايات بهالفيات حكايات
للحب حكايي و للعز حكايي


اجار الدين كشمش said...

ولهالأ بتبحسي عنوه ؟ كل الالوب يالي بتحب بيرووت زنأوها بتهمة العمالي

خليكي مطرحك وحاج تحني علينا عموووو

احنا صفينا سبعطعش قبيله ممزأأ

متحضرين باللبس باس .. ومتخلفين بالعرأييي والطائفييي ...ليش عم تسألي عنا

وانتي بتعرفي اكتر منا

هي انا صاحب التكسي بحكي بالسياسيي

وتارك حكي الرزأ والشغل والسياحيي

شششو بدي اقووول وشو بدي ما اقووول

خليها على ربك


حوار مع راعي التكسي
يمكن راح يصير لج مثلي
وانا اهز راسي له


error said...


i like fresh za3tar.. it tastes better than dried za3tar.. i also have no interest in Obama what so my scale of priorities, za3tar ranks higher than obama.

jazeera airways.. two thumbs up.

t.q8 said...

خلاص عيل اخذي
اجازه وروحي على بيروت
عاد الجو الحين مايتطوف

واذا حابه تسفريني وياج على حسابج ماعندي مشكلة اعرض ويهي

Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised and shocked that there are still educated people blaming "Arabs" for what is happening to Palestine due to their lack of intervention!!!! Who are the Arabs? What are their similatirities and common denominator other than the language?? When were the "Arabs" a force that could stir the world's direction or tilt it?

In my opinion, if we want to defend palestinians, we have to change the way we expect events to take place. No more Arab's crap should be used "sorry for the language". The palestinian situation should be looked upon from a humanatarian standpoint only.

Zalabya said...

eshtahait mana'eesh

المقوع الشرقي said...

وشتا بيروت
ومطر بيروت
ومطاعم الجميزي ومنوو
وقهاوي بيروت
وأحلى أهويي بكافيه نجاار بالاشرفيي
ومكتبة بيسان والشرقية وانطوان
ما حلا تسمعين فيروز
الا ببيروت
صارلي شي مية سنيي مشلوحه باهالدكان
ضجرت مني الحيطان

يا بيروت
يا ست الدنيي يا بيروت
أشاركك ..العشق

روحي يسلمج

Anonymous Farmer said...

Anonymous @ 12:59

Well said. The Palestinian situation should be viewed as a humanitarian cause (and it is so), especially since they are the only people, in the twenty first century, that have to argue that they're human beings. I find that argument alarming, given our evolving efforts in regards to both protecting the environment and animal rights.

My comment was directed at Arabs who - for the sake of comfort - choose to look the other way and ignore the problem. That is a self-condemning attitude that some Arabs hold and it's both negative and shameful.

To choose not to acknowledge is a catastrophe, in every situation. Acknowledging is more painful, yes, but it is the only decent thing to do.

Take a look at how "the concept of intentional unawareness" has done with the case of domestic workers in Kuwait, for example. These groups are hugely dehumanized due to their legitimized abuse by the government, which neglects awarding them the dignity they deserve as human beings.

Many of us, despite our enlightened status, choose not to acknowledge their situation and by that, are allowing their continuing abuse to take place in Kuwait.

So no, unfortunately, Arabs at the moment are not ready to be taken seriously by international governments due to their grotesquely treacherous status as governors. But the public - regardless of who they are - always have a role to play in matters like these.

Anonymous Farmer said...

That's what I love about you folks; you line up with a bunch of scissors only to become brutes who censor comments. Post my comment, sweetheart, I friggin' censored it myself for the readers' sake, and yours.

Anonymous Farmer said...

Point taken. I will rephrase my last "allegedly" unsuitable comment. You're a tough cookie, Shurouq.


Anonymous @ 12:59

Despite agreeing with you on the universality of the Palestinian cause, I disagree when it comes to how Arabs must perceive this situation since it is an Arabic issue, as opposed to your existing belief.

When Israeli soldiers offer Amnesty International testimonies like "It's gotten to the point where it's cool to shoot down Arabs in Gaza", then we are all Arabs in Gaza and it is an Arab issue.

When members of the IDF employ t-shirts with slogans like "1 shot 2 kills", in reference to Palestinian mothers, it is an Arab issue.

And when Internal Security Minister, Yitzhak Aharonovitch, refers to us as "Araboosh" (a term much like the derogatory term nigger), officially and to the entire world, then you know it's an Arab issue.

So just as all Europeans were Jews during the holocaust, we are all Arabs in Gaza, contrary to your existing opinion.




Shurouq said...

Anonymous Farmer. Scroll up please. Not that I don't censor comments, but your comments, all of them, were published :)

Anonymous Farmer said...

No they were not. The comment with the cussing wasn't published, upon where I cleaned it up and re-posted it. Thought you were out to teach me a lesson or something.

Whether you did it or not, I did learn a lesson today. Don't forget to post those contact numbers and/or organization names I asked of you.

Fairy Godmother.

Anonymous said...

@ shorouq

تسمح بالتعليقات الهابطة فقط و المثيرة للفتن

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Farmer,

Thank you for your reply, however I guess we have to agree to disagree!

I acknowledge the brutality of the Zionist regime and unhumane treatment of Palestinians. However, the quotes you have used did not antagonize me nor did it have any effect on me. I look upon myself as human being first and a kuwaiti second. An Arab is not a description I would use for myself.

Please allow me to rephrase your last paragraph :

"So just as all Europeans were Jews during the holocaust, we are all HUMANS in Gaza"

That's a statement I can agree with. As for the European analogy, I try my best to stay away from any ethnic, racist grouping.

Jewaira said...

For heaven's sake Anonymous Farmer don't turn this charitable event into a dire political discussion.

The more concise and succinct one is when commenting the better.

Anonymous Farmer said...

Anonymous @ 9:59

I notice that you did not re-phrase the first part of my phrase "All Euros were Jews in the Holocaust", yet only changed the latter part. Bottom line is that Israel is proclaiming, on a daily basis, that Arab blood and Arab life is worthless; do what you may with this. Ignore it or accept and react to it.

And yes, we should all relate to being human beings first, but that does not subtract our other identities as well. We are all Muslims in Afghanistan, we are all Kurds in Iraq, and we're all Arabs in Gaza.


Turning this charitable event into a political discussion is a tribute that adds to its meaning. Purchasing an item from the gallery is admirable; reading about the issue is even more so.

Anonymous said...


Shurouq said...

anonymous 8:17
I know. I'm sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Farmer,

I never denied nor will ever deny the brutality of the zionist regime, However my disagreement with you stems from the fact that you use different identities that I do not relate to. "Arabs, Moslims, etc"

We are in agreement about the bigger picture, however the disagreement is how we approach the issue. Thus, I would say as long as we beleive in the cause, the means of conveying our support is a minor issue and irrelevant.


Anonymous 8:17 is not me:) I will use a name next time:)

DK said...

توت توت ع بيروت ... ay gaalbyy

Shurouq said...

Anonymous 8:51
I know my anonymouses and I know it wasn't you :)

Anonymous Farmer said...

Anonymous Arab @ 8:51,

You must own your identity and see the strength it that, and that should never prevent you - by the way - from relating to other people and/or other cultures as well. You're Arab; it's printed on your features and integrated into your being.

Zionism is foreign and an anti-Arab regime, whether these Arabs are Jews or Israeli. This is similar to the apartheid in South Africa; the white man's superiority over the black man demanded that all Africans own and reflect on their identity first in order to eradicate this dehumanizing regime.

Same goes for India under British colonization; all Indians - fair and dark, Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist had to own their identity in order to overcome. The issue of identity is huge as it leaves invisible but effectively drastic outcomes on the native.

But if you ain't Arab, then don't speak on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

a3edohom min 7aytho ataw


Anonymous said...

Pwease shosho pwease :(

Anonymous Farmer said...

LoL Anonymous @ 6:41

That was manipulative, creative, and damn cute :-)

What a maneuver.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Farmer,

Its amazing how you extract what you want from my comment! I stated clearly that my identity is Human and Kuwaiti. Dont you classify Kuwaiti as an identity?

Anyway I would highly recommend you read the following book:

الهويات القاتلة (أمين معلوف

I'm surprised that you used the word "don't" in your last sentence. Hmmm at the same time you were blaming Shurouq for not posting your comment which was a false accusation! I believe you don't practice what you preach!

Again I repeat we are in agreement on the cause, but you being a typical Arab you are focused on the minor issue. You should learn from KHaled Al Harban when he said :

إللي تكسب بو إلعب بو

Anonymous Farmer said...

Anonymous @ 8:50

Thanks for the references. Will read them whenever I can get my hands on them.

Fortunately, my comment (which I thought was blocked by the administrator) apparently got lost. Believe me the original version ain't here so I re-posted.

It's good to know you agree in reference to the cause.

Anonymous said...

oooh :(((( leave me alone