Tuesday, September 07, 2010

When it comes to charity, 1. where do you want your money to go? 2. who do you trust?


Deema said...

it is really hard to think of ..

i will start thinking with you now..

i think it is better to spend money for a motivated person..

and I think it is really good to sit with whomever will recieve the money to put with him/her a financial plan, otherwise why should I give the money to those who will just spend it on necessities, coz they must at the end find their own sustained source of income..

I think a constant review over the situation I am trying to aid is important..

Basees said...

People donate in order to help others in dire need, therefore its crucial to insure that the money reaches its intended target and is not wasted or abused.

The ONLY trusted charities would be those which have trasparent practices and whose accounts are open to public scrutiny. this confines the choice to international ones ONLY.

Anonymous said...

While there are moochers and crocks everywhere there are genuinely needy people , therefore, unless you can actually go and check someone's background and situation yourself ''I'd honestly suggest going to Africa'' OR, trust a specific foundation, then you can't really be sure or trust anything/anyone , so I guess the question is whether or not the will to make a change triumphs all suspicions .


Anonymous said...


SHOOSH said...


بس انا افرض حسن النيه

أطلع الفلوس من ذمتي واعطي اللي اشوفه او احسه محتاج

عاد طلع نصاب حيال مليونير كيفه


عيدكم مبارك

Anonymous said...

I prefer giving money to those who clean the streets. But when it comes to "kafalat alyateem" I go to the nearest lajna. ma yhimni etha n9abeen aw la2 l2an aham shay enniyya :)

weiss said...

I feel the need to clarify and point out that in my previous comment the " will to make a change " doesn't mean " neyaa " , because for me the neya stops being a neya once u think of it that way , and it turns more into a contract u r supposed to abide by in which it says u r getting something out of it either ways , so its like u r doing good deed not for the pure purpose of doing good deed but rather getting something out of it , and this takes the edge off the whole doing good deed and making a change idea , it becomes more like a business deal, and this leaves no room for pure intentions because its one thing to do something knowing it might not happen but do it anyways for the sake of the little possibilities u have and its another thing to do something knowing it might not happen yet still feel relieved by the assertion that it doesn't matter and you won . I think, just my opinion ofcourse .

illusionist said...

kuwait red crescent society

BuzFairy said...

Atsawar malat el-sumai6

Elmaskeen dayman eb afreiqiya... For me that is total dedication.

I Have a couple of friends who have volunteered to build schools for poor kids in Kenya. And they HAD to live in secluded old age village for the whole duration, without electricity or bathrooms.

And El-Sumai6 does that all the time. I would think your money goes to a good cause if you donate to him.

I hope I'm not too late for your Zakat.

ستوي ورفيجه من ايام حلاق سنفور ودبدوب said...

يا جماعه تفكه تفكه نبي مساعدتكم :(

جم رقم الشيخ نبيل العوضي؟ موبايله الخاص؟

الشيخ ستوي said...

رفيجي يقول واحد اسمه الشيخ نبيل العوضي طلع في برنامج يقول في شقق اتأجرهم بالنص ساعه ٥ دنانير فقطططط

تكفون وين عنوان هل شقق؟ بنحاش من ابوي :(

هذيل الناس الي يعطونك افكار حلوه نسلي نفسنا فيها.. من كثر ما افكاره تونس عطوه اسم الشيخ مع ان مو ولد الصباح :(

مو امي .. كل ما قلت ملل تقول حمدو ربكم وتزف

ومو نفس شوشو كله ما ترد

ديما جربي رد بول مخلوط ويا سفن اب وايسكريم فانيلا وخلطيهم تكفا

Basees @@ تتزوجيني؟ زكيه الذكيه

راح اموت اموت من الملل said...

BuzFairy @@ زكيه التي ليست ذكيه

ستوي said...

شوشو ماكو شي اسويه

Shurouq said...

i'm bored too, Stewie.

أكو شي أسويه بس ما أبي أسويه

DiLLi O MiLLi said...

لووووول تذكرت خالتي تعطي زكاتها لبيت الزكاة
وفي المبني مالهم كله بوسترات معلقه فيها صور مجاعة افريقيا (الله يساعدهم يارب) المهم كل سنة تدخل وهالصور معلقه السنه التفتت علي المسئوله جان تقول لها : ياااحافظ كل سنه انتبرع وهذول للحين مخلصين من الضعف ؟!!! عيل ويييين راحت تبرعاتناااا !!!؟؟؟

شوفي عبدالرحمن السميط ثقه
والتبرعات أتبين من هول المشاريع اللي ينفذها

والله يقدرج علي فعل الخير