Friday, January 14, 2005


Staying friends with ex's.
Maturity, or lack of it?


Jewaira said...

Why not stay friends? Maturity I would think, if both can handle it.

بومريوم said...

Staying friends with ex's
Its an urban legend

Purgatory said...

Lack of it.

Eve said...

Friend with an ex?
There is no such thing!!

UzF said...

maturity, definitely.

Sheba said...

its like praying & fasting, you dont pray while fasting it does not mean that your fasting does not count! Surely you dated him because he had good values of a friend & just because you had feelings for each other & you dated does not mean that the qualities you admired in him are gone.

HOWEVER, i must warn you that for a few years (&depending on how serious/long the relationship was & how well you have moved on & how jealous you are) you will be jealous when he starts dating again, but you'll get over it :)

minime said...

A maturity irrelevant case..I think,
If you had to split with your ex(hub/g.f/prtnr) due to reasons beyond the two of you (& there is no shortage of that, believe you me) bass ma fee/feeha 3abe & its a nice person, then why lose the friendship of a good person too? A good heart is not a common occurrence.
On the other hand if it was someone who'd done something wrong or nasty enough to be given the kick up the butt then why keep'em? They'll only take forgiveness as weakness...they abused it first time round, did they not?
A note though: Bridges with ex's should not jeopardize "running relations", he/she should be made aware of it & approve. Best never to hide.

Shurouq said...

That's what I want to believe.

Thanks for the tip, I tend to think so too.

How come you sound positive about everything? (Penguins are not determined creatures you know.. just watch the way they walk)

Isn't that sad?

I hope so :)

Possessiveness is my biggest fear.

Someone should keep reminding me of that last note of yours..

Thank you guys

W. said...

I don't think its possible.. la7tha lemme think....errrr

yep.. its almost impossible

Shurouq said...

Didn't think so either.. :/

Thanks for chipping in
And welcome.. AlJabriya tura7eb bekom :)

practical said...
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W. said...

Merci kteer ya 7lwa

nanonano said...


Shurouq said...

Practical and Nano,
Thanks for visiting

R said...

I think it depends on the stage...

Immediate friendship is so hopeful and definitely not the mature solution; later friendship is a sign of maturity and getting-over thing.

On the other hand, immediate friendship but late animosity is not mature.