Thursday, January 06, 2005

Promoting Yamagata

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Rachael Yamagata
Who said pretty girls can't sing?
My favorite tracks are "I Want You" and "Be Be Your Love"


The Fantom!!! said...

pretty face. :) Ill search for the tracks on the net today. What kind of music is it? Tell me its not RnB..i've grown disgusted with the whole Black Music scene with eminem doing rehashes with Dre and Girls taunting us with not so subtle songs about milkshake.

I spend my days listening to stuff from the early 90's (old skool still has its vibrancy)

Shurouq said...

The Phantom!!!,
No R&B, I promise. Yamagata is more on the funk/soul side. Enjoy!

o hala bree7at elBahrain :)

minime said...

You wanna check out Joss Stone too shroug.
Not only a gorgeous face, but a very strong & beautiful voice. Certainly a first class star.

Shurouq said...

Hey Brachypelma,
Joss Stone is the "You had me..You lost me..You're wasted..You cost me" girl, right?
I like that song, but haven't heard the whole album. I'll check it out soon.
And your recommendations are always welcome here :)

Do you like Diana Krall? Such a smooth, sexy voice

minime said...

Don't I like Diana just. :-),,but as much as I like her voice, somehow (& don't laugh now please)..I get depressed when I listen to particular her version of "Fly me to the moon" for some strange reason?!? wipe that grin now >:-)
But you know what Shroug, My absolute total disappointment was Amy Lee.:-(
I adored her voice & had this love affair with it. In fact, She performed live in Athens on June 11th & I tried so hard to make it to her concert but couldn't, Wa Alhamd Lilah that I never did.
Last week I watched two videos of her singing live in Australia & her voice absolutely sucks to put it nicely. I was shocked. It was so bad I had to force myself to watch it to the end :-(
You know like when you think soooo highly of something/one & it/they turn out crap?..that was the case. Weak voice, well out of tune & to make matters worse, they kept on playing her "studio recording" in the background in an effort to synch it with her singing..YUKH.
Sorry garagt 3alech wayed, but what I wanted to say is that it seems like very few of them are as good in real life as their studio enhanced recordings are.
El7een askit gabil ma tikisheenee.
byeee :-)

Shurouq said...

A sensitive guy??? I thought your kind is extinct! (Just kidding).
Diana Krall is a bit gloomy, I can see what you're talking about..
I never liked Amy Lee. (and I so can't stand Evanescence's crappy music)..

Amy Winehouse. Now that's my kinda Amy :)

Your "garga" was highly appreciated, 7ayyak alla anytime.

minime said...

Hiya Shoroug,
yes believe it or not, some of us reyayeel can be rather sensitive and please don't be quick to say "yes all of you 3endkom 7ssassiyah".
Despite all, we are your other halves as much as you are ours..Yinyan. :-)
With only one very major difference.. men are made & brought to life by women, so there is a huge advantage point there, I concede.

I just saw the painting of your room. Did you do that shoroug? I like the perspective.

Very mean of you, you know? You're supposed to say, la maykhalif, maybe Amy had a cold that day or a soar throat, moo tgooleen I hate her. I mean I know I said she sucks, but I still think her studio recorded voice is brilliant (& I loooove her make-up too).
Actually, come to think of it, its just like actors & film stars, they are quite well made up in films & not so - drop dead gorgeous - in real life..

Nevertheless, sorry for differing, I love Goth & punk nonsense, So power to your make-up if not your voice my dear Amy lee :-p…& I am sure you must've had onions that day & lost your voice or something.

I think hallmarra 3aad minn sejj ra7 ti6redeenie minn your blog area..hehehee

Byee & God bless :-)

NYchick said...

I will take your words for it. I'll let u know what I think soon

Shurouq said...

Tara walla I have nothing against "reyayeel".. You guys are sweet and sensitive in your own freakish way.
And regarding Ms. Amy Lee, you shouldn't take it personally.. It's not like i said I HATED HER or thought she SUCKED or that her make-up makes me PUKE or anyhting :P

(I'm flattered you liked the painting)

Taw ma nawwarat elJabriya :)

NYchick said...

3ad tadren ana amot fel jabriyah..madre leash bas laha mokana fe galbe.
eljbriyah mnwrah bhalha dear :)

minime said...

Hiya Shourog,

Ya3nee you had to give it a spoiling twist?

Quoting you:
"You guys are sweet and sensitive" <--This feels like a bonnie peck :-).

"in your own freakish way" <-- & this feels like a 6rag resulting in a sore <:-)

& Shourog, I was at zaydoun's site this morning & read your comment about the mon7ah... I Nearly Fell Of My Chaiiiir laughing, Specially the (Ambeih) bit where you stuck it to your boss quickly... I was in fits, in fact I can't stop chuckling while writing this...lololol

Byeee :-)

Shurouq said...

I give you reason to "fall of your chair laughing", and what do I get in retutn? Criticism!

How typically 'manly' of you :P

minime said...

ooooooooooo,, now you're really begining to sound a real "dear darling"
El7een I am not going to remind someone that her page starts with "welcome, feel free to bitch & moan.." :-)

hmmmm, woba3dane law sama7tay dear Shoroug, check the "caps" key on your keyboard. I think it kind of "pushed in" while you were typing & made you look like you MEANT to say the words (HATE, SUCKED, PUKE)in caps. I know for certain that you NEVER did push that damn key down while typing, but its the keyboard, it happens sometimes, they say modern hi-tech gadgets think for themselves.
byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)

Shurouq said...

lol Dearest Brachypelma,

Your critisims is always welcome here.. Do feel free to bitch & moan. Throw them rotten tomatoes at me if you wish too.

Caps problem solved.

Zaydoun said...

Shurouq.. What a coincidence! I have Yamagata lined up for next week's playlist

1814 said...

I got the album a while back and I couldn't get used to it. She just seems like a b-rated version of Fiona Apple, don't your think?

Shurouq said...

Nawwart elJabriya ya beih

True.. only I never liked Ms. Fiona.. she's too edgy and angry for my taste.