Wednesday, January 12, 2005

From today's Herald Tribune

"We must resist the temptation to cure our anxiety by manufacturing new idols to serve".


minime said...

I think man is weak, hence the need for a "better/stronger/wiser…list goes on" entity to adore & worship.
And I know what you are thinking dear, "Man" goes for (male/FEMALE) as I am sure you'd agree... do you?
Ops, my caps button got stuck there;-)

Shurouq said...

Hmmm, Yes, it seems man does need an entity to look up to.. to adore and worship as you put it. But why assume that that entity has to be a god or a religion. Let me point out what Richard Holloway is saying here: ".. we should make alliances with poets and protesters, rarely with priests and politicians".

(Ya3ni, in other words: God is dead. Elvis is alive.) :)

And yea sure, the word "man" applies to male, female, and shemale too.

Have a nice weekend.

minime said...

Shourog budds,
I never meant God by saying entity, though it is grand enough to translate itself into the word God, but I was merely referring to the idols we appoint upon ourselves. masochism?..perhaps!
While I think that the ultimate achievement for mankind would be freedom, self respect & confidence (things that are missing from 3ogoolna at present), & one example is the way teachers talk to kids starting from rawthah elaa ma Allah yefta7,
we are too weak to ever be able to be independent.
Possibly weakened by our strength which is our ability to use & then abuse (or misuse) mukhnah.
Poets… well they have the habit of stretching words beyond their validity & protesters,, it'll be interesting to put them in charge of the problem that they are protesting to it's solution.
P.S… hope ma za3altay when I said (men & women) in my past comment.. plz never tez3aleen minnee, I do talk stupid pretty often :-)
& a lovliest of all weekends to you too :-)

Shurouq said...


I don't take the word "poet" here literally. "Poets and protesters" are those who stimulate your mind, while "priests and politicians" insist on numbing it with their fixed views on life.

o leish az3al? ma za3alt :)

shady q80 said...


shady q80 said...

Oh and read Zarathustra

Anonymous said...

Mariah is my idol, i have fallen victim to the quote.

Shurouq said...

Shady q80,
I remember reading "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" back in college days. Maybe I should get a copy of that book and read it again.

Mariah who??