Wednesday, February 16, 2005

يا حسين

My fellow shiite coworker says I should take Saturday off.
How thoughtful! How unnecessary!

Can't remember the last time I've been to a "7seiniyya"..
Was it 1985?.. 86?

Picking up my laundry earlier today, a bunch of kids offered me Vimto at the door..
Sweet little kids of Jabriya.

And manic depression is touching my soul..
Do I talk about it, or do I let it go?



Purgatory said...

hahahaha, they now go door to door giving vimto :)?

Gigi said...

Do both.
Talk about it to let it go.

Gigi, therapeutically

Jewaira said...

Why not go to 7useinya? It might help relieve the depression :)

And if it doesn't, then follow Gigi's advice

Eva said...

I Quit Ro7at el7seneya from 2 years , but realy wddi aro7 this year bil 3ashir , hmm i just don't wana be so far of being a she3eya

Shurouq said...

Eva dear,
Are you into sci-fi? :)

Seriously, I don't go coz I'd feel like an intruder. If you don't have the same problem, then by all means, go and have a blast. 3anni o 3annich!

Shurouq said...

I took Gigi's advice, and it's going well.

Thanks :)

Eva said...

intruder hmmm maybe , and if i'll go ,but am not going to 7seneyat el7areem " 7ag el9oda3:s"

about the Sci fi , No , not even buffy the vampire slayer :p , y?

Zaydoun said...

Then you'll love this...

Shurouq said...

I've been there.. That's one scary blogger if you ask me.
Which reminds me of another lovely blog from Jabriya:

Mohammed said...

conservative kuwaiti is such a lovely blog...

he introduces himself to us with these adorable words:
"Liberty, equality - bad principles! The only true principle for humanity is justice; and justice to the feeble is protection and kindness"

Patriarchy at its best...

Shurouq said...

Yes Mohammed..
Patriarchy and self-righeousness at their best