Saturday, February 19, 2005

No one's love is better than chocolate, Ms. Mclachlan

I can't seem to get enough of chocolate these days.. The darker, the better.
What's your favorite chocolate?


Purgatory said...


Eva said...

lol purg !

shoroq elyom kint agol the same eb chocolate bar !
ma kint chthee :x ...

i love Ferrero Rocher.
i love plain chocolate from Alhallab- yess from lebanon.
i love SNEAKERS.

and any MELTED Choco....mmmm tasty post;p

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Hershey's Cookies'n'Cream chocolate bars are divine! By the by, have you seen Johnny Depp's movie (well there were other actors and actresses but naturally I wasn't interested) "Chocolat"? If you ever do get a chance to see it, have chocolates nearby, just a tip :P Shurouq! I'm on a diet. I shouldn't even be thinking about chocolates lol speaking of which, have you tried S'more (marshmellows and chocolate) flavored poptarts. Now those are amazing. I totally recommend them. Talk to you later, dear :)

minime said...

Chocolate falls in 3 and a half categories:
1. Luxurious stuff (Belgian, Swiss, French. Examples: Natalie, Godiva..etc.). These are made with fresh milk. (dark excluded). & some of them even have a validity date of 5 days, but of course they never make it to expiry date.:-P
Pretty pricey stuff.
2. Junky stuff (Cadbury, Kitkat.ect) made with condensed milk.
3. Cooking chocolate.. (never eat this in any form it comes).
1/2. White chocolate (it is not chocolate really).

Each has its moments.
The first is best consumed as is. Its too good to mess about with.
I'll just talk about the second (as did with my choco-mate nooni :-P)

Toast a slice of brown bread (mal elma6a7en zeyn, ellie fee 7boob).
Then cut a strip of it & lay a kitkat bar on that (for wafer & hazelnut).
On the kitkat put a milkyway (with brown nougat filling, not white).
On the milkyway put a galaxy caramel (for the caramel layer).
Now you'll have something that feels like sin when consumed. Melita coffee should go well with it.
Cut in strips unless you have a big mouth or are eating alone & there is no one to worry about the mess you'll get yourself in.
I am working on improving this with some homemade allspice truffle. Will let you know if it turns out good :-P
P.S. nooni (being the creative person she is), has changed things with this fatal combination, please check her site.

بومريوم said...

أعترف انى مدمن كاكاو...
جوديف..جلاجكسى..و المفضل لجميع الاجيال كاراميل لوج
سابقا طبعا:) اللحين بالحسره...كل شهر او اكثر..

اهم شى حاولى تحرقين السعرات قد ما تقدرين

Jewaira said...

Cadbury Dairy Milk w/ nuts. Mmmmm

Sou said...

OOOO!!! I bought this chocolate bar from Sultan Centre yesterday, i can't remember it's name, bas it's bittersweet chocolate, yum yum!! I'll find out the name when i get baq home and tell you :D

Ciao :D

Bo Jaij said...

Anything half melted and soft but not dripping wet ( too messy ) - pure chocolate no wafers , caramel , or nogat junk please

Shurouq said...

Mister horny,
Dark or white?

I think it was chocolate bar that started the whole thing for me. Alla ysame7hom :)

Long time no see.. 3asa ma shar?
I like S'mores poptarts too, although I'm not big on marshmallows.
As for "Chocolat", the movie, I think Johnny Depp & chocolate is one deadly combination.

Your recipe looks dangerous, but I'll check nooni's for further info.

بو مريوم
I didn't know Caramel Log is still available!

Cadbury never does it for me.. I might have a Flake every once in awhile though, for old times' sake.

I'll be waiting :)

That was very classy (and conservative)
الله يكثر من أمثالك

nazzal said...

small shop in swiss. they have this awsome roasted almonds dipped in honey then covered with best balanced chocolate ever, in the end sprinkled with choco-powder .

Shurouq said...

I'm drooling...

Zaydoun said...

Go to Chocolate Bar, ask for one (or more) Rocky Road chocolate/biscuit... PURE BLISS!

I don't go for fancy chocolate.. give me a Mars or KitKat any day

Zaydoun said...

بو مريوم... مو قلت بتسافر وماكو انتنرت؟

Shurouq said...

It's time I cut down on my Chocolate Bar visits, but since I've never had rockey Roads before, I might go and check it out today.

بو مريوم
اي والله.. وين اللي بيعتكف للعبادة؟

Purgatory said...

I forgot that I commented on this post :) I meant what I said, so i like chocolate women.

tarzanq8ty said...

kit kat for me is the best....

JK said...

Marabou chocolate from Sweden! It's so yummy! *sigh*

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Shar Ma Yeech sweetie, I'm just lazy. I just need a push. Push me :P