Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Cow Chicken Grass

If you were to place two objects together, which would they be?

Oh, and my trip to Bahrain is cancelled :(
حوبة بعض الناس؟
I need a long vacation soon!


Jewaira said...

well, is this an intelligence test? I would think the cow and the green grass.
Try to arrange another trip in place of the one cancelled. It can do wonders to take a vacation :)

NYchick said...

7obat mno? ;)

Purgatory said...

Cow and chicken :)

Shurouq said...

Jewaira and Purg,
Thanks for contributing :)
Result will be out when I get a few more answers.. hopefully that is :S

What would you pick?

Dunes said...

I'd pick what no one else chose yet:

Chicken and grass!

nazzal said...

grass fed chicken

AyyA said...

Since no one else chose it; I’d say chicken and cow, they both start with a “C” :)
Nice blog

Chanad said...

Hey if you do come to Bahrain, then maybe try to join us for one of our meetups ( Would be good to have visitors from afar!

nazzal said...


stop being a tease
"أنا في إنتزارك ملييت"

Shurouq said...

Thanks babe :)

I would be honored.

أدري للصبر حدود
but bear with me, please :)
Tomorrow inshalla

merci, dear.

Dunes said...

Aww I am disappointed now. Having my nickname misspelt, and being the last to mention on that list of replies, have mercy! ;)

Hehe nvm my silliness. What's the answer then? :P

Purgatory said...

Yeah wat is het antwoord???

Anonymous said...

Me sorry :) never again.

Eva said...

grass & Chicken (_'')