Sunday, February 06, 2005

Plato vs. Confucius?

So.. The latter "cow-chicken-grass" test was part of a study trying to figure out how Westerners an Asians think differently, and why.
Americans, for example, preferred to group objects belonging to the same category (cow& chicken). While Chinese preferred to group objects on the basis or relationship (cow & grass or chicken & grass), because.. well.. cow eats grass.

I'm always skeptic when it comes to that kind of research, but found it interesting nevertheless.

I tried to apply that same little test on my Kuwaiti/Arab friends and I loved how their answers varied.

Where's the line between East and West anyway?

(Dear friend, I am so ashamed of my bluntness. Sam7ini)


Purgatory said...

Ok what if I was African?

Anonymous said...

Then you would be uncategorizable, unpredictable..
Oh wait, that is the case already.

Purgatory said...

I know anonymous, but I know who you are, so why hide :P

nazzal said...

intrestingly intriguing .... always been .
its a pleasure to meet you ONE DAY .
i think i will .. i hope i will !

enchante :)

AyyA said...

The world is becoming so small that no line can be drawn between east and west; each culture is affected by the ideologies of the other. As we all saw in the last test five people gave their answers and the results were three to two. If these tests were given years back I think the answers would have differed.

Shurouq said...

I wasn't intentionally hiding, and you know it. :P

Sheno hatha? cyber-flirting? :)

It saddens me how some people are willing to kill & die defending that artificial line.

nazzal said...

La wallah its not ...

"I'm always skeptic when it comes to that kind of research,"
"Where's the line between East and West anyway?"
and some other comments you posted here and there ,
specially at zaydoun's ..
not everything typed is true , is true ..
the sober and crisp clear approach on issues
made me say what i said

Then , since you mentioned it , ill get so cyber high ..
then ill start flirting virtually :))

Shurouq said...

Ya bakhti :)