Monday, February 28, 2005

Dear friend, You're anything but Happy

I know he's abusive
I know he fools around
I know he hit you
I know he lies
I know his family keeps putting you down
I know you want to get your own house
I know he's not that smart
I know he's not that happy
I know he's not getting a job
I know he's rich
I know you're used to it
I know your family hates him
I know you're not in love with him anymore
I know he never cooks for you
I know he wants a baby
I know you don't..
I know his sister is a witch
I know your sister is a witch

I know your anniversary is sometime next week..
I'll send you flowers, I might even show up.. But please, spare me the act.


AyyA said...

Do I by any chance know you? you sound familiar :)

Shurouq said...

:) No, babe
I don't believe we've met.. I have a terrible memory, but I'm sure someone like you would've made an impression on me.

What's with the new nickname?

AyyA said...

A friend of mine gave me this nick, he was away for a long time and now he is back so I’m celebrating his return :)
And thanks for the compliment sweetie

Shurouq said...

garrat 3ainich :)

Zaydoun said...

She should ditch that loser pronto!

Shurouq said...

It will happen eventually.. I hope