Tuesday, March 22, 2005

THe Best Birthday Gift Ever!


And he reads my blog!


Zaydoun said...


Just left him a note there

Anonymous said...

I hate you i simply hate you
i know who you are in the real life but you don't know me
I hate your blog and what it stands for
You come from a good family although they're shi3a
everyone thing you're cute and nice but you are Kafra and proud of it. Sorry i say this on your birthday
but you disgust me


Anonymous said...

i mean everyone thinks

The Don ® said...

I love you, I simply love you
I don't know who you are in real life, and you don't know me
I love your blog and what it stands for.
you come from a good family that raised a well balance person, and uses her head..

& if it was your Birthday.. I wish you a very great Birthday, and many many years of happiness.. :)

Congratulations, you just got your first hate mail.. isn’t it fun !! LOLOL :P

Zaydoun said...

You come from a good family although they're shi3a??

What's that supposed to mean?

Zaydoun said...

Shurouq we love you and we love that you got hate mail from ignorant fools like Anon, who will someday realize that they are real Kuffar and not you!

AyyA said...

Although it takes me ages to write Arabic I will do that for you as a present for your birthday:

واذا اتتك مذمتي من ناقص
فهي الشهادة لي باني كامل

nazzal said...

في ناس متسامحه وتحب والله يهنيهم

وفي ناس عايشه على الكره وتجتر كره وتوزع كره

ويا عساهم على هالحال وأرده
ويبعد شرهم وينقطع ورده
وتبقين ياشروق بيننا ورده

all the best and much more Lady 29

غسان said...

تكلم المُفتي عن الكُفر والايمان

shosho said...

Shurooq 7abeebti happy b-day , o ma3alaich min hal habla.

You know for sure we all love you, and we love your blog. We love your family because of the way they raised you properly. You are a lovely and wonderful person qasib 3an elly mayabee, besides those who send anonymous hate mail are the disgusting ones.

5alleeha etmoot qahar el7een :P

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Happy Birthday Shurouq! 3o2bal miyat alf sana! You're a wonderfuly unique woman and I cherish your friendship and hope you'll continue being my friend :) Have a good one, sweets :*

Anonymous - Go to hell, really.

Anonymous said...

shurouq, i love you, i really love you, i have been following your blog for quite sometime now (six months maybe), i love what you stand for, i love your values i love your opinions, i love your writing style, i love your taste, i love your mind and your blog is my home page.

happy b-day and god bless

Jewaira said...

Happy Birthday, Shurouq :)
No doubt this will be a memorable one with all the discussion going on here :) Have a lovely year ahead.

Mohammed said...

مظاهرة حب يا شروق :)
I wanted to do what the don did, but as I came late it's no good being a copycat :)

UzF said...

Happy Birthday Shurouq,

annonymous (and non-annonymous) hate mails are fun to read, give a twist of flavour to the day..
c-phone and enjoy the day ;)

مبتدئ said...

يحيا الشروق

ويسقط الغروب

وعاش الكفار !ـ
ذخر لهذه الأمة

Hanan said...

Congrats. In a twisted world, hate posts are quite positive.

Keep it up

Hanan said...

Damn it. I'm not done yet. I don't know what I hit but it got published 3ala kaifa.

the don said it best.

Now you have to tell me that this beats knowing that Alduaij reads ur blog. I mean admiration is something you're used to, but when it comes to someone actually hating you, WOW. A huge congrats is in order.

Purgatory said...

hmm is it your bday or are you saying enna that him reading your blog is best bday gift?

Shurouq said...

Oh my god.. What happened here?!


Anonymous S.
"What've I gotta do to make you love me?.. What've I gotta do to make you care?"
I'm really curious! Who are you?

The Don,
You are by far the sweetest guy blogger around (and you know it :)).. I love you too, babe.

Although you're a sunni, I love you too lol

Ayya, :)
I highly appreciate the effort :*

كلامك دايما يرفع معنوياتي

مشكور عالزيارة.. وخلي الهوشة حق الفرصة.. بعد الحصة الثالثة

lol Thanks for the support..
(So you think it's a girl too? hmmm)


Thanks a million. And i'd love to know your name.. :)

Jewaira dear,
Memorable is an understatement :)

لم أتوقع كل هالاهتمام
أحبكم كلكم

Done ;)

كلامك يخجلني :)

I'm quite taken by this I swear!
And thanks for the call and the SMS earlier :)

I was refering to BuRakan reading my blog... Who would've thought..!

Thank you guys.. Coming home to this was a perfect birthday gift.. You totally made my day!
Love you.

Oh and Zaydoun.. I finally had that Rocky Road.. Killer!

shady q80 said...

Happy birthday, and no you don't have to please everyone.


Jelly Belly said...

Birthday girl we all wuv you...so enjoy your day...and people like anonymous are just jealous! mesakeen...they have issues...
o 3ala 6aree Bu Rakan I saw his comment in Sa7at Al9efat...I think it's cool that he gets the chance to read the views of young Kuwaitis and share his comments.

Purgatory said...

Yeah I read your blog too, yet I do not a gift!

Q said...

Shurouq....we all love u!!

Happy Birthday!

R u sure ur not this anon?? Its good publicity, u got everyone to tell they love u, AND u told everyone its ur bday! ;P

Also, the signature, S.! hmmmmm!!

wafaa said...

شروق حبيبتي بعد عمري انتي... كل عام وانتي بالف خير.. واحب اقولج شي في واحد يقول.. ان بتليت بجاهل فتجاهله...

احبج وايد وايد... :*

kuwaitigirl said...

كل عام وانتى ابخير شروق وعقبال 100 سنه

Zaydoun said...

Shurouq... I was quoting that anonymous idiot with the Shi3a thing.

You do know that, right? Just checking!

nazzal said...

No need for checking , dear friend ......
Yet i told u :( that we should of taken the day off and go to the choco bar ... :))

Shurouq said...

Shady Q80,
Thank you, You're right :)

Jely Belly Baby,
Luv you too dear

Ok ok.. You reading my blog is also one priceless gift. :)

Walla if I had known I'd be getting all this love, I would've done it myself a long time.

وانا كمان بحبك أوي أوي

وايد 100.. آنا راضية بخمسين
مشكورة حبيبتي

Shda3wa Zaydoun
I was only mocking Mr. or Ms. Anonymous.

I was at Chocolate Bar form 5 to 8.. Weather was amazing, and I had as much chocolate as i could.
Mukanik Khali walla!

Zaydoun said...

Shurouq.. you mean you skipped the meeting at Sheraton?!

Glad you liked the Rocky Road, even when I'm having dinner elsewhere at Marina I always have my "rocky road to go" for dessert!

Next week inshallah at Chocolate Bar again.

Purgatory said...

Good good, my presence brings luck to blogs and puts a curse on others, so consider your blog blessed my child.

Anonymous said...


Although i dont know you nor ever met you, I loved you and loved the way you write and express your feelings. You shouldn't worry about anon. I think she is a jealous bitch With an attitude and a blog that nobody checks.

Happy birthday
love you

An outsider

Anonymous said...


Although i dont know you nor ever met you, I loved you and loved the way you write and express your feelings. You shouldn't worry about anon. I think she is a jealous bitch With an attitude and a blog that nobody checks.

Happy birthday
love you

An outsider

Shurouq said...

I skipped the Ta7alof and the Ali al Rashed thing in Qadsiya.. And I'm totally guilt-free.

We're on for next week :)

Father Purg,
Thank you.

Welcome to my shell, and thank you :)

NYchick said...

Hello Shrouq
Happy B-day dear.
Love and hate are very strong words/feelings, and since I don't know u in real life I can't use either to describe my feelings towards you. I can only say in a very balanced statement that : I like you dear.
take care

Shurouq said...

No one's talking love (or hate) in the absolute here..

It's good to see your name again.. Leeky wa7sha :)

We miss you and we Love you.

NYchick said...

shrouq thnx for the wa7sha thing dear
o men kether ma elnas used the 2 words( love / heat) ma 3ad lohom 6a3am.
I am for "tgneen" est3mlahom, so they keep their real meaning.
That's just my opinion...
Good night

Sheba said...


Now my birthday gift is a bit of tabreed chabd:

WAI3AH! Intai wa7da me7tara la2an Shurouq a7la o ath3af minich. I suggest you go to International Clinic to remove some of your facial hair, perhaps you will feel less bitter about gorgeous girls!

And what the hell was the Shi3a comment! BIGOTRY AS WELL!? Hairy face AND a shitty character? Allah i3eenich!

Last but not least, TAKFEER? ikmalat wil kamil Allah.

Oh & please pass by the British Council for English 101.

Mad M2000 مــادم الكويت said...

Happy B-day fellow freedom fighter

I see that you've got your own cute hateful fans....welcome to the club dear


We know the battle ground in Jabriya is secure as long as you blog

Shurouq said...

I'm 100% for the "tqneen" of the word "hate" :)

Sheba lol
Thanks, babe

Your visit means alot :) Thank you.

Ms.Baker said...

Happy BDay ya Shurouq! I really hope you had a great day in spite of the nasty comment :) as I am sure you did!