Monday, March 21, 2005

Happy Mother's Day, Moms

I can tell this will be one of those days..!
I'm chatting with coworkers.. Putting work off..

Listening to Cheb Mami & Susheela Raman's Nagumomo.

Sketching the Kleenex box on my desk..
Thinking whether Sis had had that talk with her son..
Whether I should let what's-his-name know why I've been avoiding him..
Whether I'd get along with the new employee I interviewed last week..
Whether K. is still in London!
Whether I should skip work tomorrow..
Whether Amina Wadud made a difference..

I'll celebrate my birthday at the National Democratic Alliance's third convention tomorrow (for lack of other celebratory plans).
Maybe go to Chocolate Bar later and have a fondue..
"Will you still need me.. Will you still feed me.. When I'm "29"?

I have a bad feeling about today!


Ms.Baker said...

Shurouq! Happy Birthday! Have more than a fondue at Chocolate Bar, celebrate :) !
You have a wonderful blog, I am enjoying reading some of your old posts that I missed. But what the heck happened with the comments section of your last post? It looked liked it exploded with controversy ;) And all you made was a little old observation about the signs at the mamsha, which we all have made to ourselves! Speaking of which, I have stopped going there because its too crowded and distracting, plus the diwaniya guys on the side think its their God given right to consider the physical attributes of every female (and male probably) that walks by.
All I wanna do is speedwalk in my favorite old beat-up Kennedy Space center T shirt, no makeup, no hairdo, no ogling of my ASSets!

Glad to see you at my blog, 7ayyach :)

SheWrites said...

If you come out to the Naibari diwaniya and help out, I promise you chocoate cake better than that which you can get at Chocolate Bar!

.. oh, alright, alright. Everyone deserves a day off, especially on their birthday.

And I hope you have a superfantasticmagnificent one, at that!

I find that whenever I get that "Uh oh, it's gonna be one of those days" feeling, it's best to just put my head back on the pillow and shut my eyes tight till the day passes. Denial is my saving grace!

Much love,

Zaydoun said...

Get yourself a Rocky Road from Chocolate Bar وادعي بسلامتي

nazzal said...

ya 7ilwich baby not yet 30
happy birthday
I'll feed u Zaydoun's rocky road till u get 29x10

Zaydoun shrayik we take tomorrow off ... and we spend the time deiting on fondue and rocky road in chocolate bar from 10a to 10p ...
I gues it would be nice if we bring along SA7IR for those kids who would be around with birthdays

nazzal said...

by the way zaydoun what kind of liquor would go with it ???? its 12 hours !! no ?

Zaydoun said...

Nazzal.. she won't be in the mood for Chocolate Bar after the meeting, which is in Sheraton by the way

As for the right liquor for Rocky Road... how about Baileys or Kahlua 3alashan sa7nat chabd 3adla?

SheWrites said...

Oh, Shurouq! I meant to tell you earlier... my father will be at the meeting as well, filming. It's not for his documentary, but for the ta7aluf people.

Do say hi!


مبتدئ said...

كل عام وأنت بخير وصحة وسلامة وعافية

oo hope u find whatever ur searching for..

nazzal said...

أدري وراح أكون هناك
مع أنا الأمور بارده وبطيئه ومحبطه
وكل شيء حولنا وايد سريع

then the bar is a must coz chocolates are antidepressant ... willa shloan
chocolate with Irish coffee will definitly will
change the mood ... comprendere

ولاّدة said...


كل عام وأنتِ كما تتمنين أن تكوني
وعساها سنة مفرطة الكرم تحول كل أحلامك إلى واقع

تمتعي بكل لجظاتك ...واحتفلي بقدومك إلى هذا العالم ..فأنا على يقين أنه يوم جعل الكثير ممكن حولك أسعد..وجعل الحياة للكثيرين أجمل

wafaa said...

كل عام وانتي بالف خير يا بعد جبدي... صج انه باجر عيد ميلادج بس .. انشاء الله ما تيين الدوام ..

AyyA said...

May your coming years be filled with life, joy and love
Happy sweet twenty nine
Skip work tomorrow ;)

Shurouq said...


Mrs Baker 3indana?
Ya mara7aba ya mar7aba
I don't know what happened with the previous post.. I had one thing on my mind when I wrote it.. MY PIZZA.. and look where it got us!

Inshalla.. I will say Hi to your dad. I'll introduce myself as "your daughter N's fellow blogger & fan".

Ad3i bsalamtek with or without the Rocky Roads.

Nazzal (and Zaydoun),
Did I just see the word "liquor" on my blog??

If you see me at the convention tomorrow, Do say hi! (à la N.) I'll be the girl sitting next to the girl!

That was the loveliest birthday wish ever.. Thanks.

كلامك عسل

آنا أقدر ما أداوم وانتي وراي؟
وانتي بخير يا بعد طوايفي

Thank you thank you thank you :)

nazzal said...

I surly would come forward & say hello ...
am sure i could pick up easily
a luminous face with brilliant radiant eyes ,
flashing ONLY 29 .....

now is already your birthday so have a blast
and all the best .... u have a great left , so
show your punch off , no reservation .
And draw yourself a drawing on my account :)

Hanan said...

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday to you.

Give yourself a big kiss and a long hug from me.

See you soon.

29 :) one more year to a wonderful 20,10 Yippeeee

rayhane najib said...

عيد ميلاد سيعد
جميل ان تحتفلي بعيد ميلادك مع قدوم الربيع ففي ذلك اشارات جميلة عديدة

Jelly Belly said...

Happy Birthday sweetie...many happy more inshallah :)

La De Da said...

JaZzY FuNkY BiRtHdAy ShurouQ BabY!


Shurouq said...

Good morning

See you there :)

I'm carrying your gift today :D

جميل أن أحتفل بعيد ميلادي بوجودكم

Jelly Belly Babe,
Thank you :*

Welcome to my blog and thanks :)

Zaydoun said...

Happy Birthday Shurouq!

What time is this meeting anyway? Cos I made a committment last week for tonight, and I want to squeeze it in if I can

Shurouq said...

Thanks Zaydoun :)
Meeting at 6

nazzal said...

cant make it
Zaydoun , if u do go say hello 4 me to the birthday girl :)

Eve said...

ينعاد عليك شروق. شو طلعلك هدايا؟ اسمعي مني، بكره لمّا تصيري أم انشالله، طالبي بهديتين بهاليوم، مش واحدة. :-)
ريحان ما قلّك، بس كان عيده كمان بنفس اليوم.

Zaydoun said...

Nazzal.. 6pm is going to be tough for me too.

Shurouq.. I just got a SMS reminding me of the meeting and the number that sent it was a UK mobile. What is this شحاطة?

wa7ed mn masr said...

happy birthday Shorouq , what do you feel being 29 , i'm about to be..

Shurouq said...

Wa7ed mn Masr,
It feels like any other birthday.. Nothing special.

Have a wonderful year :)