Sunday, March 13, 2005


*I've finally started reading عمارة يعقوبيان and I don't get what all the fuss was abou! It reminds me of Najeeb Mahfouz's old novels.. Maybe a bit more daring, and less artistic.

*It's raining. I finished April's issue yesterday, and I'm taking today off as a reward.

*My friend turns 30 today.. didn't get her anything. Happy Birthday H. :)

*Falling in and out of love... What a ride!

Well.. At least I'm still in love with this ^ guy.. and can't believe I haven't seen his "The door in the Floor" yet!


Zaydoun said...

Shurouq... I just borrowed "Door in the Floor" from a friend but haven't seen it yet

Jeff Bridges is great... especially in "Big Lebowski" and "Fabulous Baker Boys" and "Fisher King"..and...

shosho said...

I read 3emarat Ya3qoobian 2 months ago - and thought it was good, especially that the author is a dentist & not someone who studied literature.

But, I am not surprised that you compared it with Nagib Mahfouz's novels, because class transformations over time were a central preoccupation in his work.

But I felt it was kind of a salad to please everybody - terrorism, love, homosexuality, social injustice, crumbling past - all the trappings that would make it an appealing popular read.

Anyways, enjoy :)

Shurouq said...

"Arlington Road", "Fearless"..
Sometimes I think the guy is underrated!

If you get to see it soon, give us your review, will you?

It is quite amusing.. It might as well make a good Arabic movie!

I am enjoying it.. Merci :)

Mohammed said...

mohamed at from cairo with love writes about :"why everybody is reading yacoubian building"...
it might answer ur question..
just note that as mohamed pointed out some of the characters in the novel are carbon copies of real life famous figures...
that's why it was labeled رواية تلسينية

best aspect though is that the building harbors all egyptian classes... and that the author introduced egyptian gay community so openly for the first time..

AyyA said...

Hey, I share your love for the guy, he’s really hot ;)

rayhane najib said...

شروق اسمحي لي ان احييك بكل اجلال لادراجك صورة ممثل كبير مثل دجيف بريدجز
فهو ممثل رائع يفضل الابتعاد عن اضواء هوليوود حيث يفرض نفسه بالادوار الجيدة التي يجسدها بعيدا عن بهجرة الصحافة
تحية لك

Shurouq said...

Thanks for the link :)

I like the fact that he's tackling gay issues.. What I didn't like is this line in particular:
لولا التجاعيد التي تركتها على وجهه الحياة الصاخبة وذلك الاربداد الغامض الكريه البائس الذي يغلف دائما وجه الشواذ
So judgmental, false, and uncalled for.

I knew you had good taste girl :)

شكرا على التحية :)

Tata Botata said...

Oh who desn't like 'the dude'.

"they peed on my fucking rug." LOL