Monday, March 28, 2005

From Today's Al-Qabas

Dedicated to Noony


Eva said...

allah wanasa :D !
from 80 .. y3nee more than 20 years...
Wallah Good Idea eLMeeting ! Jam3at L-Kuwait Did Something Like that gabil cham sena... For Def3at My mom ;p ... and now every month haa mom wain rai7a ? .. majmo3at eljoghrafia mtyam3en:p ...

Judy Abbott said...

حد الوناسه :) ليتني من ذاك الوقت عشا ايي :)

Hanan said...

Oh my god eva did you have to specify how many years? damn suddenly I feel soooo old. I'm class of 1980 and when I occasionaly mention to my students that most of my research papers during college and highschool were handwritten they give me a very i-cant-believe-it look. But yup. Computers were a work of fiction back in the old days and i was thrilled (was it high school or university? I don't remember) when I got my first electronic typewriter (brand was Brother if I remember correctly) where you can actually see the sentence before it's printed on paper. WOW the advances of technology.

nooni. I am min thak elwaqt but unfortunately I'm stuck in Orlando :(

I miss Kuwait even more now :(

The Don ® said...

noony.. stuck!!!!!!!!!! all I can say is "yu36ee el 7ala'a lelle bala wdan" :P, I'll give my arm to go back to Orlando this second.. I'll give my leg too if you press alittle more for it.. aaaahh ya Orlando.. o 3ala ayyam Orlando.. I need to stop before my eyes start tearing.. :`(

Ms.Baker said...

A reunion! How lovely :). I have never gone to any of mine, sadly.

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Ack! Sorry Shurouq! I meant to wish you a Happy Birthday sooner! Happy Belated Birthday sweetie! Hope you had a good one :)

Again sorry for being late :P

Zaydoun said...

ينتابني الفضول لرؤية ما وصلت اليه خريجات المنصورية

Jelly Belly said...

let us know how the reunion will go...I have always wanted to see whatever happened to my highschool friends...all I know is 90% of them are married with kids! wow I guess I'm the odd man(woman) out! :)

bora bora said...

hi shurouq :)

I always run into my school mates in jam3eya and its always the same question: TIZAWAJTAY ?? and when i say no they get embarrassed madri lesh.
the worst response was : WEEEE LEEEEISH !!

Q said...

shurouq, would they be suspicious if a guy went? u know what? if u know the ppl there, just tell me who each one is and their history, and then i'd go in and say im flaana (someone who didnt show up and everyone lost contact with), and that i did a sex change operation!

shall we?

Blossom said...

Hmmmm , That's nice but not so Kuwaiti... if you know what i mean ... it's a students reunion

It is like ... let them shock for the extreme makeover ;)... some got married , others didn't, some got even fatter , others had nose job....etc . 20 years can make a difference , which is very intersting

Ms.Baker said...

Bora Bora: Hahahaahahhahaha... you have got to be kidding me :) :)

Zaydoun said...

اللي تحجبت واللي تنقبت واللي تطلقت واللي ماتت... كم كان بودي أقول اللي صارت نائبة واللي صارت وزيرة واللي صارت سفيرة

Hanan said...

the don. i agree with you. once i'm back home i'll be all tears too missing orlando. but for now. i miss my family and friends.

zaydoun. your wish might need another 20 years to be fulfilled, unfortunately. but hey, i think we're at a stage in life now that we would be asking what we do rather than what's our social status. but then again, i might be purely optimistic :(

Shurouq said...

Yes baby.. that's before you were born.. But don't rub it in just because you're still young and cute :P

اي والله وناسة :)

Kuwait misses you too.
(I remember that typewriter!)

The Don,
You're ticket's on me, darling.

Ms Baker,
I didn't attend my graduation ceremony, but a reunion is something I might consider :)

Thanks babe :*

:)الدفعات الأولى من نظام المقررات تستحق الدراسة والمتابعة

Jelly Belly,
I'm not a Mansouriya class of 80 graduate, But I'd love to see how it goes :)

lol Bora bora,
One of the SMS birthday greetings I got said "Happy 29th birthday, Shurouq.. It's too late to get married.. Consider cats and charity"..

Ukh.. if only I can help you on this!
You should give it a shot anyways :D

Welcome to Blogland :)

Purgatory said...

how come I am the only one who notices things!! are you people blind :P fine, maybe I am kinky, that is why.

The best part of the post was the "wedi" part, ya3ni are they telling people we do not want fighting or do they have experiences of fighting in prev. meetings from other schools ?

Shurouq said...

lol Purgy,
Here's your reply: Give your twisted mind a break.

Purgatory said...

it is not twisted I just straightend it today with an iron :P

Bloo said...

oh my god zaydon.. i couldnt but reply on ur comment!! are you always that negative?? *and i thought im the one who's super negative of all*

i tracked a few of my highschool friends,

1. died car accident: shabab ta7resho feha and led the car she's in straight to deathland.

2. at least 5
that i know got married,

3. one became the first camera photographer something in ktv,

4. my self engineer.

5. lawyers, dr's ..

6. there is this girl she later became a lezbo and i for once had a temporary lezbo crush on her..

what ever.. ok thats it,

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