Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Today's theme is Van Gogh.. My favorite artist of all times!


Jelly Belly said...

Shurouq...when I saw google today I smiled...I too love starry nights by Van Gogh...I spent a long time at MoMA enjoying his art and Picasso another favorite of mine :)

AyyA said...

What a coincidence, I was just admiring that before getting to your blog.

shosho said...

Thanks for inspiring today's post :D

Hanan said...

I live at a place called Auvers Village (after Gogh's painting) and the street right next to us is called Van Gogh Avenu. Apparently the star formation from where I live used to resemble his starry nights, or so the rumors go, to attract tourists maybe :)

But yes, I love his work too.

1814 said...

And I thought they were just trying to be fabulous.

Zaydoun said...

Is it his birthday today or something?

Shurouq said...

Jelly Belly,
The word MoMa makes my heart beats fast :)

Isn't it beautiful? :)

I'm flattered, dear :D I'll check it out now.

You gotta love his work.. or else!
And that 'attracting tourists' trick didn't work with me, did it?:)

How are you, babe? :)

Yep.. It is his birthday.

Q said...

Shurouq, when i googled earlier today, just seeing that made my day! Good post :)

wa7ed mn masr said...

enjoy Van Gough collection in
and when you are in paris don't miss it,a lifetime memory....

Tata Botata said...

Van Gogh is the shizzle However I don't dig what he did for his love.

True love is so over-rated.

Shurouq said...

It kinda made my morning too :)

Wa7ed mn Masr,
Thanks for the link.. And can you believe I've never been to Paris?

Some say it was Gauguin who cut off Gogh's ear over a "little" dispute.
But I guess we'll never know for sure, will we? :)

Judy Abbott said...

oh he is something to art i like his work his style hes the master blaster of art

Q80-Chill Girl said...

I loved it :}

& I love VVG's art, I loved that simple yet touching touch by google

Emirienne said...

have you been to the Van -Gogh museum in Amsterdam? A Van-Gogh fan must see!!! I have a poster of his 'bedroom' painting behind my door, and its kinda like i'm looking into another room...I love it, its my favourite...