Saturday, April 09, 2005


So I did it. I took a break from the cyber world and it went well.
No surfing the net, no e-mail, no MSN, no blogging... nothing.
All it took was
Rasheed's advice and a few tips from PSS. Thank you guys.

I finished the book I was working on.. sending it to the printhouse first thing tomorrow.
Here's a picture of my "Pink" office to mark this glorious day.

The Thursday news from Khan al Khalili took me back to the nineties.
Who's behind it?
This can't be happening to Egypt again!


shosho said...

so you work for 3alam el ma3rifah? (hope i got it write!)

Tata Botata said...

Sweeeet, OMG I love that series ... I remember reading their translation of florian coulmas' "Language and Economy" ... also another book called, "emotional intelligence".

Tata Botata said...

Shurouq, you are every stalker's dream.
give it some thinking.

BloBoz said...

So2al , where do u got el korya el arthya from , i have one on my desk and i saw it everywhere , :S ,, and by the way , ur work seems to be intresting ,, all the bebst .

W. said...


Ethosystem to be exact!!


If your company ever considers changing their design, Suggest The Re:solve System by Herman Miller..


Tata Botata said...

W. Sij architectah :p

Herman Miller is the shizzle, wish I can afford it.

رشيد الخطار said...

Glad I could help!
It kept u away for a while though, 3ayazt wana a6ig refresh :P
Welcome back..

Madre laish i have a feeling that what happened in egypt wont happen again..

Shurouq said...

Yes, Shosho darling
You got it right :)

Emotional Intelligence is one of our best sellers.
And we've already covered the stalker's dream part, right? :)

Got it from a small shop in Piazza san Lorenzo

Etho if you say so babe :)
I like that Resolve System design.

Thanks again, Rasheed :)
And I hope you're right about Egypt.

shosho said...

It seems i got it right, but not the spelling of "right"!!! LOL

W. said...

La I am obsessed with herman miller furniture foog ma tet9awwar.. I think I'll ask my siblings to get me the miraa task chair for my birthday! its so unbelievably comfy

and thank you for the mad7ah :p bs to be completely honest, I'm an Interior Architect.. which is basically an Interior Designer (decorating) + technical stuff (lighting, HVAC, Electricity, among other things)

Shrouq, the amazing thing about the resolve system is that the design or the idea of it stemmed from the bee hive, and how office systems should encourage teamwork to increase productivity in less time (when you look at the floor plan ull see what I mean) moreover, the system itself is very lightweight, ya3ni in other words adjusting, readjusting, moving, replacing etc is ultra easy, you have special tubes for cables which go all the way up (to avoid people tripping over them + office would look neater) AAAAAAND guess what, you get to have your picture on the cubicle (that is if you have a cool manager who wouldnt mind you doing so - or any other phone, could be company logo, or a plain white board etc)

this office system is absolutely amazing.. i just admire how westerners work hard on perfecting the work environment (ergonomically most importantly because it will reduce work related injury - ma a3teqd inna fel 3alam il3arabi we ever heard of wrist strains; which can have serious complications on the long run)

aaaahhhhhhhhhhh... what more can I say..

Should I seek a job with Herman Miller? LOL

Jewaira said...

What a neat cubicle and I must commend you on your resolve and self-control.

Your job is great mashallah- wishing you all the best.

Shurouq said...

Heheh.. No spelling police at my blog.

I wish more people are as "obsessed" with what they do/study as you are.
Good luck babe.. And no, You shouldn't seek a job with Herman Miller, You should be our new Herman Miller or Arabia :)

Thanks, dear. And it's not that great walla :)

illusion said...

Mashalla you are so tidy & neat

Shurouq said...

I am? :)
Welcome to my blog, Illusion.

AyyA said...

What book Shurouq, and I thought you liked your apples green ;)

Shurouq said...

The book I was working on? "A Social History of the Media" - A. Briggs & P. Burke..

And.. Ahem.. I'm no racist.. I like apples of all colors :)

shady q80 said...


you transilate?

Shurouq said...

Shady Q80,
I don't translate, I edit translations.

shady q80 said...

my condolences.

Shurouq said...

lol Shady
You crack me up!

shady q80 said...

Oh stop it!

Muhammad Aladdin said...

so what are you working, Shorouq? Writing? Editing? designing?
I just LOVED yr office! :P


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