Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Another weekend goes down the drain!

I'm in a bad mood today, and I suppose it shows..

Our office is turning into a little "diwaniya".. It's like the whole management decided our room is their "gahwa sha3biya".
Now don't get me wrong, I like em all.. Ok I like most of them.. Really. They're nice, friendly people and we do get along. I'm usually fine with reading, writing, talking on the phone while overhearing them talk about their spouses, their stocks, their kids, their latest jokes, their new mobiles, Sabah al Ahmed.. or whatever. In fact I enjoy it.

It's just that on days like this, when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and when I have around 400 pages to proofread, I expect to come here to an empty, quiet, colleagues-free office, sit on my pink desk, have only my manuscripts, my blue pen, my PC, my music, and my apple.
Is that too much to ask, people?

I'm still at the office.. And look at me.. Instead of finishing chapter 2, here I am.. blogging.
Shame on me!

I'm starved.


nazzal said...

يا عَيب الشوم ... أكل ومرعى وإلِت صنعه

وشو كمِان ... طأ حنك !!! يييي عليّنا

رشيد الخطار said...

Wallah I've been there.. Just got out of this phase a couple of hours ago,,
Qarart a7yi bloggi il mayit!
mabi a7irich.. bs the sense of accomplishment is amazing!:P

You should force urself away from distracting stuff.. I forced myself away from blogging.. It didn't help that much, but I eventually did.. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense..
Its 9:50 AM, and I still didn't sleep..
Sara7a.. u made my day with posting.. I enjoy ur blog WAYID..

chini wayid akharbi6 wana dayikh..
G'Night :)

wafaa said...

مشكوره ، وانشاء الله انا اكون من الناس الي تحبينهم،واذا وجودي يضايقج انا من باجر انتقل او تدرين شلون اخذ اجازه طويلة الامد .... :("""

اليوم اكلمج ما تعطيني وجه اقولج تعالي قوليلي شلون اسوي بعض الاشياء جني ما اكلمج ... بس ما اقول الا الله يسامحج شفتي شلون انا زينه ومتسامحه ... :(

Judy Abbott said...

shem na6rich law ana mokanich a7thefhoum bil kleenex o ashterey mokhad afajerha feehoum

Hanan said...

aawww poor baby. kesarti 5a6ri

so 3:20 and you're still at work. would i be safe to assume you only arrived to work at probably 12 anyway. so stop complaining and finish those damned papers :P

and rashid and nooni. don't let her trap you in her innocent whining. her colleagues chatting didn't seem to prevent her from blogging so do you actually thing thats the thing that kept her from editing.

hey girl. miss ya :*

nazzal said...

R U able to get through to freebrain1 ?!!
i get a "not found" message ...

Tata Botata said...

Pink desk ... LOL

Grow up, girl. or you know what? stay like that, don't change.

1814 said...

wish I had a pink desk!!

Tell them to shut up, bitchily. That's what I'd do.

Zaydoun said...

Well I know one of your colleagues wasn't there on Wednesday so it can't be her! ;-)

Secret Chicken said...

have some lunch. is your desk really pink??

Ms.Baker said...

LOL.. how I remember things like these...Allah i3eenich! Just stay away from the fatayir or you will live to rue the day!

WOW a pink desk?????

Shurouq said...

شو قصتك؟ عينك عالجنسيي اللبنانيي شي؟

خربط على كيفك.. البيت بيتك :)

عسى راضية عني الحين؟

I'm a pacifist :)

Miss you too

I even tried brainfree2 and 3.. mako fayda!

I won't if you don't

Wish you were there :/

Walla mukanha khali.. And damn it I envy her!

Secret chicken,
Welcome :) All the way from LA to Jabriya??
And no, It's not that pink :/

Ms Baker,
Stay away from the fatayer?? but.. WHY?